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Since cockroaches are "awesome coping machines" which do not possess significant capacity for angst, despair, or introspection, " Jerry Blatta " as he becomes known quickly learns to walk on two legs instead of six, to recognize himself in a mirror, to dress and feed himself, to ward off predators by constantly showing his teeth , to play chess, and, Chauncey Gardiner -like, [2] to fake his way through conversations. From there, he becomes a mob enforcer , then a mob boss , before venturing into politics. Kit Reed praised Lashner as Knox 's portrayal of the transformed cockroach, but criticized him for having anachronisms in the setting, saying that " p eriod details tend to slide around as though the author has done his homework, just not quite enough of it.

Q Barato: (Ou A Metamorfose) (Portuguese Edition)

Lashner has said that if he were to write a sequel, it would be modeled on Robert Caro 's Master of the Senate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Franz Kafka 's The Metamorphosis.

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Metamorphosis Since , he has been focusing exclusively on his artistic work. Starting out under the full name Add Fuel to the Fire, he first created a dark yet exuberant visual universe populated by a cast of slimy, eccentric and joyful creatures, influenced by a variety of interests ranging from video games to comics, animation, sci-fi, low-budget B films, designer toys, and urban visual culture. In , fascinated with the aesthetic possibilities of symmetrical patterning and tessellations, he shortened his moniker and began redirecting his focus towards working with and reinterpreting the language of traditional tile design, and that of the Portuguese tin-glazed ceramic azulejo in particular.

Effortlessly blending these two seemingly-irreconcilable visual idioms, his current practice seeks to combine traditional decorative elements with contemporary visual referents into new forms that reveal an impressive complexity and a masterful attention to detail.

If, on the face of it, his work in small- and medium-sized tile panels, large-scale stencil-painted murals, and print editions might seem simply a pastiche of classic formalism, a closer inspection rewards the viewer with a chaotic world of unequivocally original motifs and characters brimming with irony and humour.