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First fairy tales The retelling of eight popular fairy tales, with colourful illustrations, including Jack and the Beanstalk, The Princess and the Pea, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Puss in Boots to name just a few. Dracula tooth Ryan likes being called Dracula Tooth especially if it means he can protect himself against the school bully.

He likes it, that is, until he gets a late-night visit from Fangface and his gang. Joke machine. The Jeffrey works in a junk shop on Saturdays. He finds a mysterious machine which, when he figures out how to make it work, turns out to be an hilarious joke-producing machine. Max Champion and the great race car robbery Max lives with his mum and his grandfather, Gus. Once upon a time, Gus had a thriving business, designing and making cars, but nasty Adolphus Grabber robbed him of his business, his designs, and his beloved car, Arabella.

Driven by love and a sense of fairness, Max sets out to prove, to himself and to his grandfather, that cheats never prosper. Precious and the monkeys Well before Precious Ramotswe founded her famous Number One Ladies Detective Agency, she was already solving mysteries as an eight year old. Here, young Precious finds out just who has been stealing her schoolfriends' snacks and we see how, and why, she became a crafty and intuitive private investigator. Sands of shark island, The: A school ship tobermory adventure After successfully thwarting a dastardly plan to steal rare marine animals, from the sea around the Scottish island of Mull, Ben and Fee MacTavish feel they can relax and continue learning all about nautical life on board School Ship Tobermory.

But it is not long before their everyday routine is interrupted by an extraordinary event. Ben, Fee, their fellow students and the crew of the Tobermory find themselves embroiled in another adventure that leads them thousands of miles from Mull to a small island in the Caribbean, where they learn extraordinary details about Captain Macbeth's past and come face to face with modern-day pirates. School ship Tobermory Twins, Ben and Fee MacTavish, are off to boarding school while their marine researcher parents explore the seas in their small submarine. But, it's not a traditional boarding school, it's a training sailing ship off the coast of Scotland.

Like all schools, there are rules to learn, friends to make and bullies to avoid. Even in such small confines, mystery and intrigue find a place with a stowaway, a suspect film crew and rare animal trading. Caroline Chisholm Caroline Chisholm was a woman of incredible spirit, courage and compassion. Despite a privileged upbringing, she had a strong sense of social justice and was directly responsible for improving the lives of young female migrants to Sydney; finding work and housing for women and families; improving the standards on board the migrant ships and reuniting convicts with their wives and children.

Australia illustrated This is a small slice of Australia as you've never seen it before. Spend time looking and find out what makes Australia so great. Australian kids through the years Many thousands of years ago, the first people arrived in Australia and made this land their home. When Europeans arrived in the late s, things changed forever. Now, Australia is home to children of many cultures and backgrounds, whose lives have changed over time.

Enjoy spotting what has stayed the same and what is different in clothing, housing, activities, food and games. Mo Mo is no ordinary mobile phone. She can't do what she should but she can tell the future and there's danger ahead. Mo is on the run from an alien planet.

When Shane offers to mind her while she's on Earth, he gets more than he bargained for. Orchard book of Greek myths, The Lively retellings of sixteen famous myths for young readers. What makes me me Aliko watches a caterpillar on the windowsill going through metamorphoses until it becomes a butterfly. It makes Aliko realise that life's struggles are worthwhile because they can produce something beautiful in the end.

My most excellent pet project Indie Kidd is potty about pets and her school project is crawling with them. Pore over these crazy pages for Indie's animal advice and pet stories. There are freaky facts, too, such as alligators having a food radar in their cheeks and a group of hippos being known as a bloat. The first two verses are beautifully presented. Judy Moody, tooth fairy Judy and her friends are on the playground when Jessica Finch overhears a fifth-grader talking.

There's no such thing as the Tooth Fairy? Can that big kid be right? Luckily, Judy Moody is on the case! All she needs is one loose tooth, a semi-reluctant little brother, a bathtub, a string, a toy motorboat, and. But what if the real Tooth Fairy is a no-show? Judy Moody fans will happily sink their teeth into this cavity-free caper full of surprises - and a little bit of magic. Judy Moody Third-grader Judy Moody returns to school in a bad mood until she gets an assignment to create a collage all about herself.

She begins creating her masterpiece. Judy Moody and the bad luck charm The lucky penny in Judy Moody's pocket sure does seem to be working. She can't stop winning at bowling, spelling, the unbeatable Prize Claw, everything. Judy is positive she'll ride that wave of good fortune all the way to Washington, DC. Watch out, District of Cool, here comes Judy Moody, the luckiest kid ever.

That list leads Judy into an array of outlandish situations, and Judy can't help but wonder what it means that her grandmother's list is nearly complete. Judy Moody and the not bummer summer It's bad enough that her parents are heading to California, leaving Judy and Stink with Aunt Awful, but now two of Judy's friends are going Splitsville too. Summer is going to be so boring but Judy comes up with a thrilling plan. Get ready for tightrope walking, Scream Monster riding, add in a treasure hunt for Judy's teacher, a midnight stakeout and a runaway ice-cream truck.

Judy Moody declares independence Judy Moody knows lots about the American Revolution and is excited when her family takes a trip to Boston to visit the Freedom Trail. Judy makes friends with a girl from England and gets a British perspective as well as a pen-pal. Judy Moody gets famous Judy Moody is a girl with problems and attitude. She is desperately seeking fame and enlists the help of her family, friends and even her fellow third grade rival to achieve her goal. Judy just wants to feel special. Judy Moody goes to college Judy's maths skills need improving, not to mention her attitude, and she gets a private tutor.

But, Judy's tutor, Chloe, is nothing at all like Judy imagines she will be. Judy Moody predicts the future Judy Moody ate one, two, three bowls of cereal. No mystery prize. She poured four, five, six bowls of cereal. Out fell the mystery prize. Judy definitely has a mood for every occasion. And now she has a mood ring to prove it. Judy Moody saves the world Judy Moody might one day see her very own adhesive-bandage design covering the scraped knees of thousands of children.

But when her 'Heal the World' motif merits only an honorable mention, Judy realises it's time to set her sights on something bigger. Judy Moody was in a mood: not a good mood, a bad mood When the new teacher gives the class a 'me' collage project, Judy has so much fun, she nearly forgets to be moody. Judy Moody, girl detective Agent Judy Drewdy sets out to solve the case of the missing puppy when a canine-cop-in-training vanishes into thin air.

Judy Moody, mood martian In honour of Backwards Day, Judy Moody decides to turn that frown upside down, make lemonade out of lemons and be nice to stinky little brothers. In fact, Judy becomes a not moody, cool-as-a-cucumber neat freak for one whole entire day. But, when her combed hair, matching outfits and good moods hang around for days after, her friends begin to worry. Judy Moody, the doctor is in Judy Moody has got the Moody Monday blues, until she finds out that her class's new project is on the amazing human body.

Judy Moody: around the world in eight and a half days Judy Moody's individuality is threatened when she meets Amy Namey. Not only do they have first and last names that rhyme, but they also idolise pioneering women and have quirky collections. Just when they seem destined to collide, they hit it off. Stink and the attack of the slime mold Glip!

What looks like dog vomit, smells like a corpse flower, and stars in one of the scariest movies Stink Moody has ever seen? Is it the Blob? The Glob? Son of Glob? No, it's Stink may be a super science geek, but even Dr. Stinkelstein is feeling freaked out about having a slime mold living and growing in his very own room.

At Saturday Science Club, Stink learns that these one-celled organisms are smart enough to find their way out of mazes and gang up on food sources -- so who says they aren't smart enough to take over Stink's pets, Stink's room, Stink himself, and Vintage horror flicks meet classic Star Trek episodes as a wary Stink with some help from Dr. Judy Moody comes to know and love an unusual new pet in a hilarious adventure that sneaks in factoids and comics at each chapter's end. Stink and the freaky frog freakout Stink may be super smart, and Stink may be uber clever, but he s been in the Polliwog swim class frog-ever and he still can t bear to put his face in the water.

Why would he want a geyser up his nose, on purpose?

Bella and the Bad Mood Busters: The Bad Mood Blues eBook: Rochelle Rene: Kindle Store

But then something weird happens: Stink starts to see frogs everywhere - in the changing room, in his boot, in the bathtub. And when a freaky blue frog licks his arm, his froggy senses start tingling! He has an urge to slurp up raisins that look like flies. He can t wait to play in the rain and mud. He s a whiz at identifying frog calls. And he has become very interested in the local frog population. Could it be that Stink is turning into Stink and the great guinea pig express When Stink, Sophie and Webster discover that pet-shop owner Mrs Birdwhistle has rescued guinea pigs from a perfume-testing lab, they offer to help her find good homes for the critters.

After persuasion, salesmanship and even a road trip, the friends accomplish their mission. Stink and the incredible super-galactic jawbreaker Stink discovers the power of the pen when he writes a letter of complaint to the manufacturer of a disappointing jawbreaker and receives a huge box of the candies in response. The flurry of correspondence continues with more complaint letters, a thank-you note, and, eventually, a written apology. Stink sports a memorable name and a talent for self-expression.

Stink and the midnight zombie walk Guts! There's only one week before the new book in the Nightmare on Zombie Street series comes out. Until then, Stink and his friends keep busy making ketchup-stained zombie costumes, trying to raise money to buy the book and racking up points for Virginia Dare School's race to one million minutes of reading.

But with all that talk about the undead, Zink - that is, Stink - starts to wonder: is he being hunted by zombies? He does have a very delicious - er, superb - brain, after all. Readers will just have to open ze book and zee! Mwa ha ha ha! Stink and the shark sleepover When Stink's parents win tickets for the whole family to sleep over at the aquarium along with Stink's two best friends , it sounds like a science freak's dream come true.

Stink loves the sea-creature scavenger hunt Bat ray! Brain coral! And of course Stink is nuts about gross stuff - but after some spooky stories around the virtual campfire, can he fall asleep while thinking about the eating habits of the vampire squid? Especially Bloody Mary, the mutant, glowing Frankensquid that's supposed to be on the prowl?

Stink and the ultimate thumb-wrestling smackdown Crackdown! Stink Moody, family brain, brings home a report card that isn't perfect? Time for him to get into fighting shape and beat back that U for Unsatisfactory in gym! A scan of the sports channel leads to a knock-out find: world-class thumb-wrestling, with tricky moves like Snake in the Grass and Santa's Little Helper no equipment needed, save for a tiny terrifying mask to sit on your thumb.

But when Mum and Dad are not wowed, Stink gets another idea: he'll kick and punch his way to a yellow belt with the help of a Dragon Master, a seeing-eye Moose, and a mind as still as a pond. Can you say Crouching Tiger, Hidden Thumb? Stink and the world's worst super-stinky sneakers Stink Moody is sure he can win the Super-Stinky Sneaker Contest with his supersensitive nose. When his class goes to the Gross-Me-Out exhibit at the science museum, Stink's ability to identify every smell in the Everybody Stinks exhibit really impresses his classmates.

When cancellation of the contest is threatened, Stink's teacher comes up with a unique way to save the day. Stink series Humorous series about Stink, who is the shortest in his family and the shortest in Class 2D. Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books.

Go to the Series lists for individual book titles. Stink: Hamlet and cheese It is spring break, and Stink is faced with a difficult choice: hang out at home with his sister, Judy, or become a Shakespeare Sprite with his friend Sophie of the Elves. Hanged be! When Sophie tells Stink that there will be swordplay and cursing at Shakespeare camp, his choice is made. But wait! How now? The eager young thespian had not counted on Riley Rottenberger being a Sprite, too. And he positively had not counted on being the only boy!

Fie upon it! Stink: Solar system superhero Look! Up in the sky! Is it a falling leaf?

Why you wake up in a bad mood (sometimes)

A speck of dust? A speeding mosquito? When Stink learns that Pluto has flunked out of the Milky Way for being too shrimpy, he feels like he might just explode with a Big Bang. He has no choice but to take a stand for the sake of little planets and little people everywhere. Will our humble hero, Stink Moody, be smart enough to defeat a panel of big-shot scientists? Will Stink succeed in rescuing Pluto from a fate worse than being swallowed by a black hole?

Start the countdown for a funny and very informative out-of-this-world adventure - and prepare to have your universe rocked! Stink: the incredible shrinking kid James Moody, also known as Stink, is short. In fact, he's the shortest kid in his second-grade class. Judy is his bossy older sister but he learns to handle her. Judy Moody and the right royal tea party Judy Moody is in a royal purple-mountain-majesties mood.

Make that Majesty with a capital M! With Grandma Lou's help, Judy has dug up proof that some old-timey Moodys aka the brave Mudeyes lived in merry olde England. In fact, if her grandpa's notes are right, Judy might even be related to royal fanfare, please the Queen herself! Should Judy start packing her purple robe for a sleepover at Buckingham Palace? But then Judy's family tree gets a few more shakes thanks to her nemesis, Jessica "Fink" Finch and some more surprises come tumbling out.

These new gems are not nearly as shiny or sparkly as the crown jewels. Now Judy has some right royal family secrets she'd like to keep hidden away in a dungeon somewhere and especially away from Jessica, the princess in pink herself! It has not snowed on Christmas in Virginia in more than a hundred years, however, so what are the chances that that will change? Enter the new mailman, Mr. Jack Frost, who not only looks like a jolly old elf but also seems to know a lot about weather patterns, has a fondness for the cold, and works looooooong hours during the holiday season.

Plus it is the best time of the year, when strange packages and lots of surprises are swirling around, so it might be possible that Stink might get his wish? ISBN EJ girl hero: true light Somewhere, far north in the Arctic Circle, evil agency, Shadow, has set up a money-forging laboratory. It plans to make copies of every currency in the world. Shadow must be stopped but there is no trace of the laboratory. Only when Special Agent EJ12 remembers her first mission in the Arctic Circle will she find the key to unlock the mystery.

Agents have to learn to keep secrets. Sometimes birthday secrets are the hardest ones to keep But, now she is missing and it is up to EJ12 to find her. Christmas can be full of surprises, even at Spy School. Join EJ10 on a special Christmas lesson. It's time for night mission training. But, Emma is a little bit scared of the dark. She goes to Spy School and is learning how to rescue animals. When a puppy goes missing, EJ10 must try to find her. She goes to Spy School and uses special tools so no one will know she is a spy. But, it might be difficult for Emma to keep secrets.

EJ spy school: speedy spy Sometimes and agent needs to move quicly, but things can happen if you go too fast. EJ12 girl hero: big brother A new arrival at the Shine animal training centre and suddenly Shadow seems to know everything they are planning. EJ12 needs to find how they are spying on them and fast.

EJ12 girl hero: choc shock Special Agent EJ12 must get inside the chocolate cake factory to discover and stop Shadow's plan. At the same time, the school fund-raiser is proving to be a huge problem. EJ12 girl hero: Christmas countdown Just days before Christmas, the world's largest diamond collection disappears. Special Agent EJ12 needs to be patient and find the clues to how and when this will occur. That's the easy part. EJ12 girl hero: drama queen Shadow is up to something with the water supply, but what could it have to do with the filming of the new movie. EJ12 girl hero: fashion fraud During Fashion Week, some of the world's most famous paintings have gone missing.

Special Agent EJ12 wonders if there is a connection. She'll need to trust her instincts if she is stop more paintings disappearing. As EJ12, Emma Jacks can do anything. Her first mission is to stop the melting of the polar ice cap in Antarctica and prevent an environmental disaster. EJ12 girl hero: in the dark Shine's solar energy system is under attack. Special Agent EJ12 must crack Shadow's codes and face up to her fears to stop Shine from being plunged into darkness. EJ12 girl hero: jump start Special agent EJ12 is on a new mission to crack evil agency Shadow's codes and save the rainforest.

Her gymnastic training for the state gym competition might be very useful for this dangerous mission. EJ12 girl hero: Kimono code Evil agency Shadow is threatening to sabotage the traditional Japanese cherry blossom festival. Special Agent EJ12 needs to stay calm and keep her mind focused if she is to stop them in time. So why does she find dealing with mean-girl Nema so hard? EJ12 girl hero: making waves Evil agency, Shadow, is really making waves and now the coral reef is in danger. Special Agent EJ12 could be in over her head but she must stop Shadow before it is too late.

As EJ12, Emma Jacks can do anything but, right now, she's really nervous about the school swimming carnival. EJ12 girl hero: on the ball Special Agent EJ12 is worried about trying our for the soccer team but she should really be trying to find the missing invention and the spy at camp. EJ12 girl hero: rocky road Special Agent EJ12 needs to pull the curtain down on Shadow to stop them rocking the Shine network and causing chaos.

She knows she can get it done but she also needs to find a way to perform with her friends at the concert. EJ12 girl hero: secret safari Someone is hunting the rare black rhino for its precious horns. Nothing is as it seems and Special Agent EJ12 will need to look below the surface if she is to stop more animals from being hurt. EJ12 girl hero: spooked In different castles all over England, centuries-old sovereigns have been stolen. All at the stroke of midnight. Special Agent EJ12 will have to fight her fears and lead her team in her scariest night mission yet.

EJ12 girl hero: time to shine Emma Jacks can do anything as EJ12, but what will she do when her best friend moves away. Fairytales for feisty girls Feisty typically describes one who is relatively small, lively, determined and courageous. Girls can rescue themselves - just watch Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Thumbelina use their talents and brains to problem-solve their way out of some tricky situations.

EJ10 must earn her underwater spy badge. But, even spies, can be scared of deep water. EJ spy school: test, The Emma loves school but hates having tests. But this test has a good result, where she becomes EJ10 at spy school. Special Agent EJ12 and the STAR team must work in concert to solve the crime and determine how the thief just walked out without being seen. Australia's most deadly When it comes to deadly animals, Australia hits the jackpot.

You might be surprised to discover that there are three creatures whose danger factor is higher than sharks or the funnel-web spider. The animals have been given a deadly factor out of ten and the higher the score, the more deadly the animal. Happy poems Elma Mitchell warns that poems should come with government warnings because words can seriously affect your heart. This is a collection of poems to make you happy. Poems that can be read aloud. Poems to be read silently. Poems to share with others.

Poems to discover the world and joy others feel too. These poems have been collected and compiled by Roger McGough and feature famous writers from the past and new poets waiting for you to discover. Mr Tripp smells a rat Lily's teacher, Mr Tripp, says everyone is good at something. Lily can hold her breath for ages. Jessie can do a cartwheel with one hand and Jamie is good at drawing frogs.

Mr Tripp is good at two things. He can tell really good jokes and he has a clever nose. But, when Ricky Rider's pet rat escapes from its cage, Mr Tripp must be brave and sniff it out. Hello, Sydney Explore 15 of Sydney's most iconic locations with the help of six cheeky seagulls on this look-and-find adventure.

From Taronga Zoo to Bondi Beach, there are delightful quirks of the city to spot on each page as well as fun facts to discover. Two monsters Two monsters live on either side of a mountain. Sometimes, they talk through the hole in the mountain but they never see each other. One evening, they get into a silly argument about whether day is departing or night is arriving, and this escalates into a rock throwing fight, which eventually destroys the mountain. The monsters finally get to see each other, with surprising results.

Lara of Newtown When Misty's elderly owner can no longer look after her, she is taken to a cat shelter to, hopefully, find a new, loving home. Taken as a Christmas present for two children and renamed Nigella, Misty's wish seems to have been granted but an unfortunate incident with a budgie means another, new home must be found. Maisie Moo and Invisible Lucy Maisie's Dad is a truck driver and Maisie and her invisible friend, Lucy, wait patiently for Dad's return and his amazing stories.

Maisie likes her dog and sleeping in. She helps her mother in their shop but doesn't like being an angel. When it seems that Dad and Christmas will never come, and Mum banishes Lucy, Maisie hides in her bedroom. Scarlett and the scratchy moon Scarlett can't sleep again. Scarlett is also sad because her pet dogs, Holly and Sparky, have died. But then a surprise comes to the door and the world seems new again. Special Kev Kev is so special, his mum planted red roses and rolled out the red carpet when he was born. He is the only one of his eleventy million cousins with red hair and freckles.

When his favourite cousin goes away, Kev is lonely and hasn't a friend who plays football. Grandma's week off Grandma wakes up one Monday morning and decides to do something more exciting than make marmalade. An incredible week of adventure follows, culminating in a trip to the moon. Bella and the wandering house One morning, Bella is very surprised to discover her house has moved in the night. Not a lot, just a little and, every time it stops, it's near water.

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Initially, her parents are too busy to notice until they wake up to find their house on the banks of a lake. Night after night, the house moves and the family wakes to a new location. Bella must try to solve the mystery. Definitely no ducks Max, the class duck, is in trouble. The Antarctica display has been totally destroyed. And everyone knows Max is to blame. Or is he. Abby and Noah are determined to uncover the truth. If they can't, they will have to say goodbye to Max forever. Duck for a day Abby's class has a duck named Max who waddles and quacks and makes your feet all warm with his feathery breathing.

A duck you might get to take home, just overnight, if you can make everything absolutely perfect. Abby can do it. She is sure she can. The problem is, everyone else wants to take Max home, too. Zat cat, a haute couture tail A scruffy stray cat finds his life changed when he disrupts a Paris fashion show and unwittingly creates a new style that makes him the rage of Paris. Fabish, the horse that saved a bushfire Fabish was a handsome, grey racehorse who always tried his hardest.

When he retired, Fabish took care of the flighty yearlings, showing them what was expected of a racehorse. One hot summer day, a wild wind blew up and Fabish smelled smoke. Fire was coming, fast. When the trainer opened the gate, Fabish and the yearlings galloped away. The fire raged through the night as the trainer battled to save the racehorses. The next morning, there were no signs of Fabish or the young horses.

Based on a true story during the Black Saturday fires. Aliens are coming, The They come from planets near and far, some big, some small, some quite bizarre. Moving at the speed of light and looking for a fight, the aliens are coming to Earth to conquer the human race. Captain Abdul's pirate school Adventure story about Maisy Pickles who is sent to pirate school. At the school, she uncovers a sinister plot and uses her pirate skills to try to avoid disaster.

Jolly Roger and the pirates of Captain Abdul Roger is kidnapped by pirates and is very happy about it. The pirates leave the boat to pay Roger's mum an unfriendly visit and when they don't return, it's up to Roger to rescue the pirates from his mum. Once upon an ordinary school day It was an ordinary morning when the ordinary boy woke up for his ordinary journey to school.

But, then Mr Gee bounced into the classroom and everything changed. The dull, grey world had been transformed into one of colour and excitement. No A little boy sets out to deliver a letter, witnessing acts of war on the way. But, when he encounters a bully by the post-box, he decides that enough is enough. Baby pie When three little trolls, Oink, Boink and Moink, go out hunting for a baby for their baby pie, they are in for a big surprise. Amphibians Simple factual information about amphibians.

The book includes beautifully presented photographs and illustrations, a glossary and an index. Ants Simple, factual information about ants, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. A glossary of terms and an index are included. Arctic foxes and red foxes Simple, factual information about arctic foxes and red foxes, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Baboons Simple, factual information about baboons, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations.

Beetles Simple, factual information about beetles, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Brown bears Simple, factual information about brown bears, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Chameleons Simple factual information about chameleons. Cheetahs Simple, factual information about cheetahs, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Constricting snakes Simple factual information about constricting snakes. Elephants Simple, factual information about elephants, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations.

Flies Simple, factual information about flies, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Giraffes Simple, factual information about giraffes, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Gorillas Simple, factual information about gorillas, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Hippos Simple, factual information about hippos, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Introducing arthropods Simple factual information about arthropods, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations.

Introducing invertebrates Simple factual information about invertebrates, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Introducing snakes Simple factual information about snakes. Kangaroos Simple, factual information about kangaroos, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Koalas Simple, factual information about koalas, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Leopards Simple, factual information about leopards, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Lions Simple, factual information about lions, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations.

Lizards Simple factual information about lizards. Longman world of amphibians and reptiles series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Longman world of animals series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Longman world of invertebrates series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Orangutans Simple, factual information about orangutans, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Otters Simple, factual information about otters, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Pandas Simple, factual information about pandas, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Polar bears Simple, factual information about polar bears, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Reptiles Simple factual information about reptiles.

Rhinos Simple factual information about the rhinoceros. Tigers Simple, factual information about tigers, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Wolves Simple, factual information about wolves, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations.

Zebras Simple, factual information about zebras, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. They enjoy looking for heart shapes, and making people happy with their delicious moon-creams. But, a dark feeling is following the cat. Something is wrong. When the ice-cream van enters the forest, Mr Hooper and the cat realise the heart of the world is in danger.

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They must try and save it. What I can learn from the incredible and fantastic life of Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey has inspired millions of people around the world. This illustrated biography about the fantastic life of the Queen of Media, shows a new generation that they can do anything they put their minds to. This new series of illustrated biographies highlights contemporary innovators, leaders and visionaries in order to motivate and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Sisi and the cassowary Sisi slips away from her mother and sisters to catch a tortoise in the waterhole.

She surfaces from a deep dive and realises she is lost. A boy offers to help, then disappears. It is both mysterious and worrying for Sisi who is not sure she'll get back. Secret world of butterflies Butterflies are beautiful but they have some very off habits - welcome to their secret world. Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet, do a dark-red poo when they come out of their chrysalises and that some drink the tears of crocodiles? Night animals A beautifully presented book about nocturnal animals, including simple and interesting facts, an index, a glossary and web links.

Ballet A beautifully presented book for younger readers about ballet, including simple and interesting facts, an index, a glossary and web links. Squidnapped When Holly finds a baby squid at the beach, she calls him Mr Googly Eyes and keeps him in a bucket with other things she has collected from the sea. Holly decides that he will be the star of her Travelling Creatures Show. But, when it's time to leave, Holly begins to think about Mr Googly's home.

Winning the World Cup After school, Marco and his neighbourhood friends, who have all come to Australia from different countries, play the World Cup in the local paddock. Henry, the new boy from Kenya, is too sad to play while his sister is in hospital, but he amazes the children with his knowledge of cows and, when his sister is better, with his ball skills. Fort Island While on a beach holiday, Patrick is delighted when Lou, the girl next door, teaches him to sail. When Lou's brother, stranded on an island, suffers a bad asthma attack, Lou and Patrick must risk sailing in bad weather to save him.

Hide that horse Hiding a horse, even a very small one, isn't easy. Tim and Mr Conroy have to use all their wits to keep little Percy from being caught by horse-hating Ranger Dooley. Roller coaster It's Matt's first time ever at the Fun Park. He loves all the rides except for the roller coaster, it scares him. He tells the family that he's saving it until the last. Thanks to Dad, he might just have a go. Spider A hairy, scary, creepy huntsman spider is in Min's bedroom. Only pony, The Bessie's father has strict rules on what can and can't be done and riding a pony is a definite can't.

However, Bessie finds a way to fulfil her dream and change her father a little in the process. Duck's stuck Greedy duck sticks his head where he shouldn't and it gets stuck. Now his only hope is that rat can get him out. A cautionary tale. No room for a mouse Christopher's mother is so busy working for the pigeon post that she doesn't notice when he invites an amazing variety of people to share their enormous house.

Soon the house begins to feel small, so small that Christopher's mouse, Sneaky, can't even find a spot. Slowcoach turtle Tilda is lonely so decides she wants a pet. When Pop Hooper offers her Hoodini, the monkey, Tilda is delighted. But, Hoodini runs away and Pop asks Tilda to take care of Pickle, the turtle, overnight while he retrieves the monkey.

This slow-moving pet isn't exactly what Tilda had in mind. Bush and beyond: stories from country Grandparents are special. In these four short stories from Western Australia, four Aboriginal Australian writers have crafted stories featuring grandparents with their families. Fun, adventurous tales, featuring Noonga and Wongutha words, illustrations and local knowledge.

Adventures of Miss Petitfour, The Miss Petitfour enjoys having adventures that are just the right size. She's an expert at baking and eating fancy iced cakes, and her favourite mode of travel is par avion. On windy days, she takes her sixteen cats out for an airing. Join Miss Petitfour and her equally eccentric felines on five magical outings. He is really excited when the circus superstar, the Amazing Fleadini, wants to stay at his place. But, his guest isn't quite the fun that Matt expects him to be. Jamie Spy and the great cookie mystery Mrs Spy's freshly baked cookies have gone and only crumbs are left behind.

Secret agent, Jamie, is on a mission to see who has eaten them all. Leeza van Breeza's best idea ever When Miss Cherry tells everyone that their class project is to run a business, in pairs, Leeza is very excited and, immediately, she plans to pair up with her best friend, Teena Rafanella. But, to her horror, Leeza finds that she has to be business buddies with nerdy, hypochondriac Joolie. Leeza Van Breeza's nail-biting idea Leeza van Breeza desperately wants to win a trophy for something. But, there's a problem, she isn't especially good at anything. When her mother asks her if she wants to win the world record for biting her nails, Leeza decides how she can get recognition.

But, this idea gets her into all sorts of trouble. Cats A beautifully presented book about cats, including simple and interesting facts, an index, a glossary and web links. Tadpoles and frogs A beautifully presented book about tadpoles and frogs, including simple facts, an index, a glossary and web links. Horses and ponies If you have always wanted to know what kind of pony lives near the North Pole or why horses wear shoes, read this beautifully presented book about horses, including simple and interesting facts, an index, a glossary and web links.

Book In a world dazzled by the latest gadgets and mesmerized by Internet videos, the humble book seems like the most ordinary thing that could be. And, perhaps it is, until you learn to look closer and closer and closer. Suddenly, you're in a world that only you can imagine. When the angels came When Will's grandpa has a stroke and can no longer live on his beloved farm, it seems as though nothing interests him except causing trouble or planning his escape from the nursing home.

Will is desperate to cheer up his grandpa but doesn't know how. Heart of the tiger A boy inherits a toy tiger who shares his experiences of a different world where there were trees. The boy comes to experience a new and vibrant world and learns about destruction of environments, aging, wisdom and new beginnings. Isabella's Garden From little things big things grow - look what happens to Isabella's garden with just the planting of one seed. Lightning Jack At the muster in the park, Sam Tully eyed the brumbies.

As they galloped by, he saw one that stood apart. A stallion, black as midnight, with a jagged blaze on his brow. Lightning Jack is a gallant horse, a midnight horse, a horse in every dream. Mbobo tree, The In the cleft of a rock, on the crest of a hill, grows a tree that belongs to no-one and to everyone. When a little baby girl in a sling is found swinging in the branches, the villagers name her Tiranamba Adesimbo Mbobo.

They love her as their own but Tiranamba never speaks a word. When the life-saving tree is threatened, Tiranamba finds her voice. Refugees A small swamp past the edge of town is home to two wild blue-billed ducks. One day huge machines come to the swamp and out pours the swamp's precious water. The ducks become refugees. Fart monster and me: The crash landing Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Are those clouds shaped like bottoms?! Nothing exciting has ever happened in Ben Dugan's backyard. That is, until something crash-lands from the biggest and smelliest storm cloud in the sky!

In one split second, Ben's life changes forever. The teachers don't know what they're in for. The students don't know what they'll be smelling. Even Ben is unsure that he'll survive the first day. Anzac puppy, The Freda was the loyal, good-luck mascot of a brave young soldier, battling explosions on the Western Front.

Silly verse for kids One of many Milligan classics, rich with his zany sense of humour and illustrated with his own quirky art. Game day: Patty hits the court Patty expects to be a great basketballer straight away, just like his uncle Danny. But he soon discovers there's a whole lot more to the game than just shooting hoops. He has got a lot to learn, on and off the court. Will he and his school team be good enough to get into the finals? Game day: Patty takes charge Through lots of hard work, Patty's skills have improved out of sight, and he is invited to step it up in a big basketball tournament.

Even though he will miss out on time in his beloved Torres Strait, playing in a major competition in Sydney is an opportunity too exciting to pass up. Patty starts to think he might have a future in basketball. But an injury puts it all at risk. Could his dream be over before it has begun? And sport mad Patty Mills has something to prove.

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Tyson is Patty's arch rival. When he gives Patty a hard time about his people, it really hurts, but it makes Patty more determined than ever. Playing for the shadows, Patty and his friends have a chance to shine and show that indigenous kids can do anything. After a huge improvement, they make the grand final and the result will come down to the final seconds of the game. Naughty nine and the mystery of Benito's treasure, The The naughty nine go in search of the treasure. Dance teacher, The When Isabelle arrives at Miss Sylvie's dance studio to become a ballerina, she is told to be prepared to work hard.

As the other young dancers switch to hip hop or drop out, Isabelle continues to practice, aiming to become a prima ballerina. Eagle, crow and emu Three stories, mostly about about birds. Birds who can't fly and snakes who can. Mistakes to be made and problems to be solved. Great enemies and even greater friends. Great cold, The Moon and Sun are fighting over their position in the sky. The earth is in danger of experiencing a cold so intense, it will kill everything on earth. Magpie is torn. She knows there is a good chance she will perish if she doesn't seek shelter with the other animals.

But, she can't abandon her nest and her egg. Starry starry night When Jeffrey sees a falling star, he scampers out into the dark night in search of it. He's worried that the star may be a lost part of his imagination, tumbled to the ground and forever lost. When he finds the star, he discovers an empty shell, which he takes to stuff with poetry and pictures and secrets he hopes will rekindle the star. But as Jeffrey drifts off to sleep, something magical happens. Kingdom of the sun: a book of the planets A colourful picture book that introduces the world of the planets with a useful facts section at the end of the book.

King Arthur and the mighty contest Crazy Camelot capers A rhyming language book which portrays, in simple terms, the story of King Arthur. Ponyo A modern adaptation of the little mermaid's story translated from the Japanese and beautifully illustrated by award winning animation director, Hayao Miyazaki. Sosuke, a young boy, lives high on a cliff overlooking the sea and rescues a little fish he calls Ponyo. Ponyo becomes a real girl and they are firm friends until her sorcerer father forces her to return to the sea. But, Sosuke's heart is pure and true and brave. Blue hair day Sonya and Margo's grandmother hated her grey hair, but she loved blue.

Sonya and Margo want to solve gran's problem. Box of chicks, A Mervyn is entranced by the chicks as soon as he sees them at school, but he had not realised how many problems a box of chicks could cause. David, the best model maker in the world David was the best model maker in the world.

But one day a strange man sends him a new challenge. He may be the best model maker but he still may not be able to build the strange ball in the picture. How to talk to a frill-neck lizard Tarantula is the fastest lizard that Bern and Cody have ever seen. But, that doesn't mean he can win the big race.

Not without Cody's secret weapon. Buster's naughty tricks Lily's kitten, Buster, is so cute but he claws the furniture and knocks precious things off shelves. Mum and Dad are beginning to lose their patience. Lily makes excuses for Buster but, when he wrecks her costume for the school play, she's really upset. The Kitten Club girls must come up with some ideas to keep the naughty little kitten occupied and out of trouble.

Ginger's new home Amy can hardly believe her luck when her mum and dad finally say she can have a kitten. She falls in love with cute Ginger and can't help spoiling him with cuddles and kitten treats. But, despite all her love and attention, Ginger falls ill. Honey's new friend Ella loves her gorgeous tabby and white kitten, Honey, but Misty, the family's elderly cat, is not so keen.

Honey just wants to play but Misty likes peace and quiet, so the two cats end up scrapping, much like Ella and her twin brother, Finn. The Kitten Club girls come up with ideas to help but nothing seems to help get the two cats to be friends. Kitten club series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Smokey's great escape Mia adores her new kitten but her parents are worried that she's so busy with after school clubs, she won't have time to take care of him.

Mia promises to be organised but, even with her best intentions, she forgets to feed Smokey one morning. When Mia gets home from school, her lovable kitten has disappeared. Truffle's secret hideaway Molly adores her kitten, Truffle, but she's worried that the little kitten is not happy living with her family.

Molly's brothers often upset Truffle with their noisy rough games, and the family dog always steals her food. Molly notices that her kitten has started disappearing for hours at a time until, one day, Truffle doesn't come home at all. Ziggy's big adventure Ruby is thrilled when she and her friends decide to have a Kitten Club sleepover at her house.

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  • The only problem is her lively kitten, Ziggy. The illustrations were colorful and easy for my granddaughters to understand each page. My 7 year old was able to read it to her younger sisters. I just wanted to say this is a very well written book. Great illustrations, as well. This book should make any Bad Mood go away!! Cant wait to see if there are more Bella and the bad mood busters to come. Great job to the author. I purchased three copies of this book for my three great-grandaughters. This book has a wonderful story and illustrations. I enjoyed reading this story to my great-grandchildren and they enjoyed hearing it.

    In fact, they requested that I keep reading it to them over and over again. I highly recommend this book to all parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Length: 24 pages. Word Wise: Enabled. Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Page Flip: Enabled.