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Pablo Neruda is one of the most widely read poets in the world. A Nobel Prize winner and a man with legions of friends, he loved and wrote about everything is nature as well as objects of all descriptions. In this book, through Neruda's words, his friends' words, and magnificent photographs, we can to know his magical world, and ultimately the man himself. Neruda's elegant and lyrical poetry, presented here bilingually with superb translations by Alastair Reid, reveals a man of great warmth and complex thought.

A passionate acquirer, he collected ships in bottles, shells, postcards, ships' figureheards, sextants, clocks, stones, books, hats, and more. These objects served as extensions of his imagination, the vocabulary of his poems.

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Luis Poirot's evocative photographs of Neruda, his possessions, and his surroundings provide a dramatic, yet intimate narrative alongside his poetry. Neruda's house in Isla Negra, facing the Pacific Ocean he collected houses, too, and made them into original, often whimsical, objects in themselves is where most of Poirot's photographs were taken.

We are witness to the manner in which Neruda imbued this house, and all it contained, with his own vitality, style, and large imagination. A striking portrait by Poirot accompanies each testimony. An aura of Neruda prevails throughout this hypnotic journey of words and photographs.

Even when the words are not his own, even when the camera is not focused on him, Neruda's presence haunts and inspires Surrounded by sea, sun, and Capri's natural splendors, Neruda addressed these poems to his lover Matilde Urrutia before they were married, but didn't publish them publicly until This complete, bilingual collection has become a classic for love-struck readers around the world—passionately sensuous, and exploding with all the erotic energy of a new love. The collection was printed by soldiers on the front lines of the war, and later incorporated into the third volume of Neruda's revolutionary collection, Residence on Earth.

This bilingual New Directions Bibelot edition presents Spain in Our Hearts as a single book as it was first published, a tribute to Neruda's everlasting spirit The Hands of Day -at long last translated into English in its entirety-pronounces Neruda's desire to take part in the great human making of the day.

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Moved by the guilt of never having worked with his hands, Neruda opens with the despairing confession, "Why did I not make a broom? Yes, I am guilty of what I did not do, of what I did not sow, did not cut, did not measure, of never having rallied myself to populate lands, of having sustained myself in the deserts and of my voice speaking with the sand. Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet and diplomat who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in Recognized during his life as "a people's poet," he is considered one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century.

His work as a translator has been featured on The Today Show. This collection of Neruda's most essential poems will prove indispensable. Selected by a team of poets and prominent Neruda scholars in both Chile and the U. An impressive group of translators that includes Alistair Reid, Stephen Mitchell, Robert Haas, Jim Harrison, Stephen Kessler and Jack Hirschman, have come together to revisit or completely retranslate the poems; and a handful of previously untranslated works are included as well. This selection sets the standard for a general, high--quality introduction to Neruda's complete oeuvre.

Some poems incite, others console, as the poet—maestro of his own response and impresario of ours—Looks inward and out. Highly recommended for poetry and Latin American collections. Daly's translation of Pablo Neruda's book-length poem, Fin de mundo , is a veritable poet's companion and guide to the twentieth century.

This is Pablo Neruda at his best and most honest Neruda's poems are a quiet but potent celebration of the resilience of the human spirit. These best-selling books have become perennial favorites of poetry readers, librarians, and teachers.

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My truest vocation was to become a mill: singing in the water, I studied the motives of transparency and learned from the abundant wheat the identity that repeats itself. He served as a Chilean diplomat and won the Nobel Prize in He lives in California.

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Pablo Neruda es sin duda uno de los grandes poetas del siglo XX. An important collection that includes some of the Nobel Prize winner's own favorite poems. A single caress, death or a rose. The sea comes in and puts our lives together and attacks alone and spreads itself and sing sin nights and days and men and living creatures. Its essence-fire and cold; movement, movement. Pablo Neruda himself regarded Fully Empowered -- which first appeared in Spanish in under the title Plenos Poderes -- as a particular favorite, in part because it came out of a most fruitful period in his life.

These thirty-six poems vary from short, intense lyrics to characteristic Neruda odes to magnificent meditations on the office of poet, including poems that would undoubtedly claim a place in any selection of Neruda's greatest work. Chetyre vremeni serdtsa. Pablo Neruda. Against the backdrop of Isla Negra - the sea and wind, the white sand with its scattering of delicate wild flowers, the hot sun and salty smells of the Pacific - Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda sets these joyfully sensual poems in celebration of his love.

The subject of that love: Matilde Urrutia de Neruda, the poet's "beloved wife.

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The reason for this astonishing neglect may lie in the historical circumstances that surrounded Neruda's "discovery " by English-speaking readers. In the United States he came to popularity during the turmoil of the sixties, when Americans needed a politically committed poet, and much of Neruda's canon answered that need. But, in his native Chile and throughout Latin America, Neruda has always been cherished as dearly for the earthly sensuality and eroticism of his love poetry as for his statements of political belief.

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