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Others include the baobab, strangler fig, mangrove, boojum, and the bristlecone pine. WX paperback Full of tips on how to spot and identify, by sight or sound, animals, insects and plants in various seasons and habitats, as well as how to record observations. A handy guide designed to help all beginning naturalists to get the most from outdoor experiences. Sorry, this item has gone out of print - only 3 copies remaining! A devoted nature lover and animal tracker, Sue Morse shares her knowledge and love of some of the creatures that inhabit America's woodlands.

A compelling look into the vulnerable homes of bear, lynx, deer, bobcat, and all the dwellers of the woods. WX hardcover An introduction to one of the earth's resources - wood.

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Describes different types of wood, how it is processed and used, where various kinds of trees grow, and the need to protect this vital resource. Takes us on an unforgettable journey around the top of the globe, from North American wetlands and mountains, through the Siberian Taiga, to the Old World Forests of Europe. Introduces a region of incredible importance - the "lungs of the earth" that is under siege.

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The book is not only informative and beautiful, but a call to action to anyone who cares about our planet. C hardcover A straightforward primer describing basic facts about trees, their function in a forest, and how they benefit animals, people, and the environment.. Bobbie Kalman, Kathryn Smithyman. Kids will be fascinated by the types of forests, the elements of a forest ecosystem, the range of plants and animals that live there, and the importance of forests to the rest of the Earth.

Up-close photos and illustrations show the animals in their natural habitats. Includes "Fun Facts. M paperback B paperback Includes practical, hands-on projects for kids to explore and learn, like how to follow an ant trail, keep a caterpillar, or invite a moth to dinner. I paperback A spectacular and informative guide to the extraordinary world of insects.

A unique insight into the variety and complexity of insects, their structure, life cycles, and behavior. I hardcover Discover the world of trees — their structure, variety, and life cycles, from tiny seeds to forest giants. A fascinating, visual encyclopedic view of trees, from their leafy boughs to their roots beneath the soil. T hardcover Offers an introduction to all forms of woodland life.

Kids can find out what animals, people and plants live in the woods and how they're affected by the environmental damage that takes place.. Explore the fascinating worlds of these four popular N. Paws, claws, and hoofprints — life-size! Filled with intricately drawn prints from creatures both wild and domestic, as well as large-scale paintings of the animals in their environment. Ideal for a budding naturalist, animal lover, or artist.

A fun way to turn everyday walks into exciting mysteries. Parents Council Ltd. Outstanding Selection. Examines the traits and uses of twenty-six 26 North American trees. Includes facts on natural history, dependent wildlife, distribution and more. Discover the many kinds of trees that live in all parts of Canada. Uses large pictures, hands-on activities and accessible information. Packed with fascinating facts to stimulate the interest of young nature enthusiasts. Helps kids identify 16 common trees by matching leaves, bark, and seeds to color illustrations.

Filled with facts, hints, and activity ideas. Also check out Field Guides. A goldenrod flower is a "minibeast" park, have you noticed? Encourages kids to "take a closer look" and explore the whole plant-and-animal community inhabiting a single flower. O paperback Introduces kids to both diurnal and nocturnal forest animals. Kids can see someone is always awake in the forest - and someone else is always asleep.

What creatures live in a bog-boggy place? Discover a medley of critters that swim, soar or crawl in a wetlands, from zip-zipping dragonflies to hip-hopping frogs. An engaging, educational title. Introduces what a forest is, what it sounds and feels like, what lives there, and much more. A good introduction. In a temperate forest habitat, looks at the plants, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores and how they get food energy through the changing seasons. Shows kids how all living things are connected to each other.

A fact-packed guide to forests. FX hardcover What could be better than a trip to the sugar bush on a fresh springtime day! Kids will learn about collecting sap and making maple syrup. Combines color photos with simple text. D paperback Kids can take a trip from the woods to the sawmill and see how trees, our most important renewable resource, are turned into lumber, sawdust, wood chips, and many other useful materials.

Includes a glossary of timber talk, a page of forest facts, and list of forestry websites for children and teachers. K hardcover An insightful look at forest fires. Kids will learn about how forest fires start, the elements of a forest fire, fighting forest fires, and more. Watch the pages grow as kids discover the amazing life cycle of an apple tree, from seed to sapling to tree. Also follow the tree through the seasons and as all sorts of creatures come and go. Beautiful illustrations combined with simple, informative text.

SX hardcover A wonderful introduction to natural science - with foldout pages to "look-and-learn" about trees, birds, insects, snakes, bears and more wildlife of the forest. Shows all kinds of habitats and the animals that live in them. Find out how animals hide, and see how people are learning to protect the animals' homes. Learn how a tree grows and how it gets food and water.

Reese Halter. Learn with Bruni and his friends about what makes trees tick, different kinds of trees, and their importance to the forest. A good visual storybook primer. A picture book about sugaring time. Kids will learn about the traditional method of making maple syrup.

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Explains where and how maple tree grow, and how we use maple sap to make syrup. Colorful photos and simple text. Looking for some teaching tools for your flower lesson plans? Start with these nonfiction books about flowers for preschoolers! You should be able to find them at your local library or book store. Readers will identify the main parts of a flower and learn about the process of pollination.

Through full-color photos and simple, easy-to-follow text, this nonfiction book introduces emergent readers to the basics of botany, including information on how flowers grow, along with their uses. Packed with information about wild and garden plants, this title gets readers investigating how plants take in water, make food with their leaves, and produce seeds.

Well researched pictures will help your baby to identify flowers, build vocabulary and improve observation skills. Readers will discover how flowers can develop into fruits, vegetables, or seeds for producing more plants. Young readers will be fascinated to find out what flower can be used to make a doll, which flower flavors tea, and which flower farmers feed to chickens. Peanuckle introduces very young children to 26 types of flowers from across the globe. For each one, she offers a single defining characteristic, some of them very surprising. Beautiful flowers from A-Z: a picture of a flower corresponding to the letter of the alphabet.

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