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He needs an excuse, now. Donghyuck is eyeing him again, in utter wonder because he really is dramatic. Jeno scans the area, willing his brain cells to damn move to make a valid alibi. Renjun shrieked at the sudden force. He flexes every face muscle of his trying to not make it look fake. Donghyuck is gasping, both hands coming up clasping just under his chin and there are stars in his eyes that seemed to mock Jeno. He started this, might as well fucking go through it. Really, really bad, because standing there are Chenle, and Jaemin aka his other best friends watching the scene unfold.

It took Jeno a lot of physical force to not let Renjun talk throughout the whole duration of their lunch, which was a mess, by the way, a total disaster. Mark, being the nosy shit he is, kept on asking questions and that meant Jeno had to keep on making up fake answers as well.

Jeno saw how uneasy and uncomfortable he became, also Renjun, and that just hit his guilt bullseye. Because if he did, Donghyuck would find out about his stupid feelings.

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Thankfully, Donghyuck had to run for Mark immediately after the bell rang earlier, as Jeno needed a time to talk to Renjun about it. Jeno takes in a deep breath, his chest puffing out and deflating visibly. At least temporarily. Renjun whips himself completely from a few steps ahead of Jeno. His crossed arms get tighter and the crease in his forehead dissolves as his eyes get wide in utter shock.

Jeno searches his eyes for a response, but he could only grow nervous at what the other boy would think of him. Jeno nods, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

Let's Play Pretend

His forefinger touches the button of his white long-sleeved polo. He bites his lip, the sudden frustration and hurt welling up inside him. He felt so awful. The fact that Hyuck is dating Mark of all people gets into his head. But Jeno is stubborn and desperate. Renjun is difficult, Jeno knows that. But he needs this, because if he took his words back the guys would ask about it and he was not going to reveal his feelings to a certain Lee Donghyuck like that.

So Jeno settles on his only option, and that is to bribe Renjun until he agrees. Renjun doesn't wake up to drawn curtains and sunlight seeping on his windows, or the chirps of birds that perch on his window sill as they knock their beaks into it.

Let’s Play Pretend (We Set Sail)

He doesn't wake up from a sweet ending of his dreams. Renjun wakes up to a screaming phone alarm, to tons of reminders of his unfinished projects. Basically he woke up to deadlines he didn't need to be reminded about. It has always been like this, anyway. Yeah, his alarm did wonders like that.

Let's Play Pretend

His family always complained about it, really—especially his brother Sicheng—but how else was Renjun gonna wake up for shit?! Renjun doesn't want to get up, of course, but he does. He was a lazy high school student, after all. A lazy high school student with a good reputation at school and in his family.

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He's kicking off his blankets, getting up to grab his towel before stumbling into his own small personal bathroom. His mother drops him off at school, just like how their usual routine goes. It feels like the gates of heaven are opened and Jaemin greets Renjun by it. Renjun jolts a little, forcing himself out of his little fantasy. His morning routine to school never involved a Na Jaemin greeting him by the lockers.

Because he has this huge, fat ass crush on non-other than one of his childhood bestfriends Na Jaemin. Guess your morning went well? Renjun blushes at that as they started walking to their assigned rooms. So Jaemin noticed, does that mean he always did? He always did look at Renjun in the eye when they spoke. He makes a sharp turn and was greeted by the same uniform he was wearing, only the person is broader and taller than him.

He almost trips and shrieks a little. You finally made a move, Injunnie? His great morning crashes down in front of his eyes upon the sight of Jeno. The realizations dawn in him in just a matter of seconds, he has now a boyfriend and that boyfriend is his other childhood friend Jeno. Wishing you a happy New Year! Exciting worksheet. Fun for everyone together! Family Sugoroku Game. Dress up and be happy!

Matching earrings Margaret -Winter Color-. Get those Fake Santas! Hit the targets with Snowballs. Now Loading Fold the part of the surface of the mask in half and put the rubber band through it.

Check the how-to video! Exciting worksheet Fun for everyone together! Family Sugoroku Game Dress up and be happy! Matching earrings Margaret -Winter Color- Christmas tree ornaments.