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Since Saudi-led forces intervened in the conflict between President Hadi and Houthi rebels last March, around 6, Yemenis have been killed, perhaps half of them civilians.

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The risk of famine looms: the UN believes more than 14 million people are food insecure, half of them severely so, while nearly one in 10 have been driven from their homes. Yemen is a human-made disaster, and the fingerprints of the west are all over it.

Yes, all sides have been accused of war crimes. But we surely need to hold our government to account for what it does in our name. Crucially, since the Saudis began their bombing campaign, Britain has signed off more than arms licences.

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The supply of military advisers underlines that this is no passive acquiescence in what the Saudis are doing: our government is directly involved. The Campaign Against the Arms Trade has launched a legal action against the government for breaching international law. Its assault on Yemen is not only killing, maiming and inflicting mass suffering.

It is also building up bitterness. With our government fully behind its Saudi allies, resentment towards Britain is surely growing, resentment that can be all too easily manipulated by extremists. But there are too few voices speaking out.

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Yemen needs a peaceful, negotiated settlement. Premium Digital.

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