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July jumble jumbled jumbo jump jumper jumper cable jump rope jump-start jumpsuit jumpy Jun. McCoy M. It was a toss-up between this and Vincent Black Lightning. Both are perfection. I saw white people at Sears when we shopped, a few at school, and on T. Then I heard this. The song seems unwilling to end about 4 times, and he amps the vocals up a notch with each turn, yet manages to not be over the top.

If ever there was a song as exorcism, this is it. Gone too soon for sure. Brave, crazy, odd, fantastic, collision of worlds. The Al Jarreau tune crossed paths with me in , on college break when my best friend Ken Ellner played this album in his living room. King Of Rome I heard while driving through Boston. I stopped the car entirely on a back street in Jamaica Plain and just cried in awe. Seriously, that night in March changed my life forever. A year and a half later I was opening the whole of her Fat City tour. I occasionally covered this song many moons ago.

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She proclaimed that she could never let her mom hear it, much less anyone else. I was blown away. I even covered this for a while. People often forget Jimi's crucial songwriting when reviewing his incendiary music and stage being. I learned to scat each and every solo by the time I was This album is my jazz roots. Barney Kessel on guitar. But this tune and his singing was so visual, never leaving my minds eye.

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I believe her. At some point on this album you can hear him shift on the stool ala John Mayer before starting to play and sing.

Good God - can a brother get an overdub up in here? Thanks Pete!

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The change in time signature in the chorus was brave stuff for pop radio. That is indeed a young, hungry, and hurt-heart sounding David Sanborn on the alto solo. When I heard this tune and this album, it was December and I actually quit doing music for about 2 weeks just to get my head back on straight. This vocal is pop perfection.

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Damn Black Canadian….. He said it was everything he hated about country music. The story is murderously good, his vocal and guitar so solid. Tony Maidens guitar solo. Her exorcismic yeah, I made that word up vocal. The strings playing like sparrows synchronizedly made up another word following each other in improvised flight.

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The story of being lost. The false ending. Screw pop radio. One was so sad and homeless to me. In the rain. It always broke my heart. The other found joy and love. I believed them both. I also learned that men could sing wonderfully high and low to great effect. It was covered in fur, and they kept it!

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Robert Christgau hated the only album of mine he ever reviewed. I was sitting in the grass and realized by the time the song was done I was in tears had pulled up handfuls of turf. The double tracked Maurice White vocals that i could actually understand. Amazing that he hit those high notes perfectly more than once and matched them. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?