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Generally favorable reviews - based on 53 Critics. Generally favorable reviews - based on Ratings. Onimusha 3: Demon Siege PlayStation 2.

Critic score distribution:. Positive: 48 out of Mixed: 5 out of Negative: 0 out of Buy On. Critic score Publication By date. Adrenaline Vault. The graphics are fantastic, the score is excellent and the gameplay offers a great variety of fast-paced combat and brain-teasing puzzles. All this publication's reviews Read full review. PSX Nation.

This is the best in the series and my nomination for action game of the year. I loved every minute of the game including finding all of the secrets in the game. Into Liquid Sky. The perfect sequel. Fast and smooth action, multiple characters, well thought of puzzles, well fleshed out characters, a good story and kickass graphics and sound to boot. The experience that awaits you here transcends such archaic terms. This is an event, an epoch making title that years from now historians will look back upon as a defining moment in the history of video games.

This is not an over exaggeration, nor is it simple hyperbole, this is the cold hard truth. Onimusha3 is the reason why you became a gamer in the first place. Worth Playing. The game keeps the repetition to a minimum, mixing whips, swords, and guns into the Onimusha equation. It provides both a immensely enjoyable movie experience as well as some quite robust game play. Onimusha 3 more accurately represents an action game like "Devil May Cry. Moving the analog stick around will directly move your character, instead of just turning him.

Not mindless fun, but rather fun with a slight level of intelligence. If you enjoy games with a lot of action, a decent story, and massive amounts of monsters, you should definitely pick up Onimusha 3. Computer Games Magazine. On the technical side, an analog control has finally been added, rather than continuing to rely on the directional pad. All this publication's reviews. A soul-sucking, flesh-leeching glove with one creepy, blinking, hollow eye.

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Game Informer. What I really like about this game is that I always felt like I was getting a new weapon, going to a new area, or fighting a new boss most of which are ferociously tough, by the way. GMR Magazine. This is in fact everything you have ever loved about Onimusha buffed out to the max. You will be hard pressed to find a game that controls as nicely as this one. Official U. Playstation Magazine.

Even if the story doesn't do much for you, Demon Siege's production values still might win you over. While the game isn't a construction of godly perfection, it is pure, raw fun that may eclipse the first two, depending on whether you'll miss the adventure elements or the less ostentatious presentation of the first game. I, for one, did not. Weekly Famitsu. PSM Magazine. If you've never plaed the series before, this is the one to try.

If you have played it, you won't want to miss this amazing finale. So while it may be a bit bothersome to weed through the tile-sliding treasure chests and the time travel puzzles don't happen often enough, it's not really what the game is really about anyway -- they're really just supplements to a kick-ass action title with a tremendous presentation and storyline.

Double bastard-woo with hot custard on top and those who allege otherwise are suffering from cranio-rectal inversions. Jacques has the ability to grab his enemies, throw them around and even use his pistol in between to keep the combo rolling. This game is easily a recommendation because it gave me the same feel as I had when I first played "Devil May Cry," a game this one borrows a lot from.

Definitely the best Onimusha title so far, based on a purely aesthetic level. Capcom knows a thing or two about learning curves and each victory is extremely satisfying, even if death scenes last longer than German operas and bosses always do something nasty before they keel over. This time the player primarily controls both Samanosuke and Jacques in separate scenarios. The two are able to exchange items in order to solve puzzles. The development from this game started after the release of the PlayStation 2 which allowed the team to work on a 3D engine to design 3D backgrounds.

In order to appeal to the Western market, the team set this game in Paris and chose French actor Jean Reno to portray Jacques. Onimusha 3 has been generally well received by publications for video games. Most of the writers' praise focused on the improved controls and the use of a 3D engine that allowed better combat and visuals, respectively. The game also generated good sales with over 1.


Onimusha 3 is played in a real-time environment instead of pre-rendered backgrounds, although the camera is still controlled by the computer. Gameplay alternates between Samanosuke fighting in modern-day Paris and Jacques fighting in feudal Japan. Samanosuke fights using close range weapons, while Jacques uses an energy whip, which can also be used at certain points to swing across gaps.

While Samanosuke cannot swing like Jacques he is able to use a bow in order to perform long-range attacks. Both of the characters also have defensive skils known as Issen that allows them to instantly kill an enemy by attacking just before the enemy makes contact with its attack. Samanosuke and Jacques can gain elemental weapons, changing their fighting style and allowing access to magical attacks. Defeating enemies reaps souls, which when absorbed can restore health and magic, be used as currency for purchasing ammunition and health items, and allow Samanosuke or Jacques to enter a more powerful Onimusha state for a short time.

Armors with different properties can be obtained in the game but they require some items in order to work.

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During certain portions of the story, players also get to control Michelle, who relies on firearms. Another minigame gives the players control over the lance fighter Heihachiro.

Unlike Samanosuke and Jacques, Heihachiro and Michelle do not possess upgradeable weapons and cannot enter the Oni mode. New to this game is a focus on time travel when solving puzzles. For example, if Samanosuke comes across a door in the present that has become too withered to open, Jacques will need to open the door in the past so that it will stay open for Samanosuke to progress.

Things Samanosuke does in the present will not affect things in the past. Before the Genma Lord can kill him, he ends up being pulled through a portal that opened below him. Samanosuke awakens in Paris in the year where he aids a man named Jacques Blanc in fighting the Genma army that has begun its invasion near the Arc de Triomphe. The time portal reappears and teleports Jacques to feudal Japan. Samanosuke then meets Michelle, Jacques' girlfriend, near the Arc and makes his way towards the roof. Across his fights, Samanosuke briefly meets an old enemy: The Genma scientist Guildenstern.

Guildenstern recovered a device from Oni ruins that, through experimentation, generated a "time warp" that brought him and a number of Genma soldiers into the future.

Third Epoch

By establishing a base in Mont Saint Michel, he has built a new time warp generator to bring a large Genma army through time and conquer the future. He is also met by an Oni spirit that grants him a gauntlet with Oni powers and entrusts him with a spirit named Ako in order to assist him in his quest. Samanosuke and Jacques must stop the Genma invasion in both the present and the past in order to return to their own time periods and undo the damage to the timeline. In Paris, future Samanosuke teams up with Michelle and Jacques' son Henri to save the city from destruction, while in feudal Japan, Jacques and the past's Samanosuke struggle to fight Nobunaga's forces.

The future Samanosuke also encounters the time displaced Ranmaru who has been infused with Genma blood and is progressively transforming into a Genma warrior. Following several battles, future Samanosuke manages to defeat the Genma forces in by defeating Guildenstern and Genma Ranmaru. Jacques defeats Nobunaga and returns to his time, where Genma Ranmaru kills Henri.

Jacques, after killing Ranmaru a second time, holds Henri's body and his Oni gauntlet transforms into an energy that enters Henri and revives him from death. Back in feudal Japan, Nobunaga recovers and kills the past Samanosuke. However, future Samanosuke returns to his time and absorbs his alternate self to assume his Onimusha form. Following a battle in the Genma Netherworld, Samanosuke defeats Nobunaga's Genma form before sealing the warlord's soul in the Oni Gauntlet. Samanosuke then starts a journey with Ako to seal his Gauntlet to ensure Nobunaga can never return.

In the final scene, it is revealed that Nobunaga's death enables his former vassal Tokichiro to begin his own conquest of Japan as Toyotomi Hideyoshi with the Genma now supporting him. Onimusha 3 was announced in May as the last game within the franchise.

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The two share in common the focus in action as Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny was made by another team that implemented a bigger focus in adventure. As Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny did not sell well in the Western market, Capcom decided to make the next sequel with the idea of appealing Western gamers.

New York was also suggested by members from the staff, but it was eventually decided that city was used in many games. The city was also decided because Onimusha 2 had the worst sales in Europe making them focus on where they "lost the war. However, Infafune was pleased with the final product. In order to fit the game's setting, the staff chose the French actor Jean Reno as a model for the new character of Jacques. Additionally, in order to make sure the game was realistic, Reno worked with the Capcom staff to make Jacques' motion capture and French voice acting.

Inafune compared Reno's role with Takeshi Kaneshiro 's work in the first Onimusha game as both actors are famous. By adding Reno, the team managed to appeal to both Eastern and Western gamers. Over a hundred staff members worked together in the game's opening scene which took two years to complete. As first two Onimusha games were designed with the original PlayStation in mind, they were given 2D backgrounds.

In contrast, Onimusha 3 started development after the PlayStation 2 was released, the team managed to develop 3D backgrounds thanks to a new engine. For the Japanese launch of Onimusha 3 , peripheral manufacturer Hori released a special Onimusha -themed memory card and the "Soul Controller", a inch-long DualShock controller shaped like a tachi sword.

A pachislot machine based on Onimusha 3 was distributed to parlors in Japan in January Onimusha 3 , released on July 14, It was published by Sega. Onimusha 3: Demon Siege debuted at number one on the Japanese sales charts according to Famitsu. The game managed to sell , units in its first week. The game achieved highly positive critical reception with both GameRankings and Metacritic rating it 85 out of The PC port of the game received considerably lower scores than the original PS2 game leading to lower averages in GameRankings and Metacritic.