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Since then I have helped thousands of people learn to love themselves again. I love my work, and I love helping others turn their lives around; there is nothing more rewarding. And they were right - from the first session Desiree was able to identify some very deep seated issues and worked on them quickly - releasing emotions, helping me to feel lighter and give me hope at the end of the tunnel. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to people with a wide range of spiritual, emotional or chronic physical issues".

Blocked emotions and negative thoughts, which are so common in all of us, hold us back from reaching our full potential. They form blockages or damage in our energy pattern and we may feel discomfort, dis-ease and depression, and can even cause addictive tendencies.

I use several intuitive energy clearing and balancing systems that quickly and easily assist people in achieving balance. Intuitive healing releases people from the emotional energy of their past, cleans up their mental states and repairs the entire energy system. Our day-to-day life gets easier and better; we have more joy, a clearer mental state and a stronger spiritual connection.

We gain more power in our life force so we become a powerful instrument in attracting what we want in our lives. Session 2: Thank you so much for yesterday Today i feel drained but a good drained if that makes any sense. Jordan my son has been very cuddly and keeps telling me he loves me and has been outside playing. So thank you so much.

This change in Jordan and me has gotten my best friend wondering if you would be able to help with her daughter. We had an immediate connection.

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I became the family babysitter and even traveled with them. Desiree was and is like a Mom to me, as well as a girlfriend, and confidant. We've shared many stories and tears over McDonalds fries and chik fil a nuggets. If you know Desiree, then you already know she is one of the kindest, funniest, and most caring people who we know and LOVE!!!! Desiree is a dedicated a teacher who selflessly gives to her students each and every day.

We know teachers should be paid their weight in gold, but unfortunately, they are not so Desiree holds several other jobs to make ends meet.

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She has been seen by a number of doctors and oncology specialists both in and outside of the Mayo Clinic. She has endured tests that not only are painful, but emotionally draining, and very expensive. Desiree, however, has continued pushing forward despite the diagnosis in true Desiree fashion with strength, humor and grace. She is now faced with life altering decisions - Cancer changes everything. It plagues you body and soul.

As she prepares for the unknown, we would like to ask for your help.

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Because of her diagnosis and life-saving treatments including surgery and chemo, she is faced with mounting medical bills and the uncertainty as to when she will be able to get back to work again. To help ease the financial burden, we have set up this GoFundMe site where we can accept donations to help her with daily living expenses and medical bills. We want her to be able to focus her energy on staying strong and healthy!

Desiree is a good friend and has always been there for us.

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We are now asking for your support, thoughts, and prayers, and if possible, a financial donation. Whatever you feel comfortable giving WILL make a difference and is gratefully appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your generous support!! Read Latest Update. Update 1.

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Posted by Melissa Hancock. So Desiree is doing fantastic and thankful for each and every text, phone call, message, prayer She is now sleeping a bit more as she continues to heal. I know she would be a lot more comfortable if the drains were out, but unfortunately they have to stay in for a bit longer.

She still has quite the journey, but is embracing each and every moment with her humor and grace. Thank you again for all of the continued support!! Hear more episodes. A modern medicine woman with a creative soul and the gift of clear sight. A wild woman with a tender heart. I see magic everywhere and in everyone. I am an Oracle Witch but I am not a fortune teller. I have a number of psychic gifts including the ability to see, hear and channel messages and communicate with my guides and yours.