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Festival produced three sets featuring international jazz artists at the Auditorium di Settimo Milanese: Bioforme is an association whose main purpose is to promote the survival of manual arts and traditional woodworking craftsmanship developing new shapes. Concert with all the teachers and students of the Milan Conservatory of Music. Possono i Millennials salvare il Jazz? Il programma della giornata si articola in momenti distinti per rispondere ai diversi quesiti: Musica per le Mie Orecchie Can Millennials save Jazz?

What is the relationship between jazz and young people? The program of the day is articulated in several points to answer different questions: 3 p. Music to my ear 4. Can Millennials Save Jazz? D-Jazz Marathon 9 p. Live concert. I Crossing Quartet presentano una serie di brani originali che, nati da prove laboratoriali di improvvisazione radicale, hanno acquisito nel tempo una forma. Crossing Quartet will play various original songs that came out from laboratory tests or improvisation and are now formalized. This event consisted in a musical marathon with three distinctly original and innovative projects, each enriched with video projections and other multimedia content.

Join us after 10pm for a free jam session…all night long! A seguire Pietro Monari, geniale ed eclettico chitarrista con i suoi Flown: Andrea Cappi ai synth, Riccardo Vandelli alla batteria, fra jazz europeo e rock progressivo. Ingresso gratuito. This time we are gonna host three young Italian jazz musicians on stage to introduce a night of music, togetherness, food, and fun. Aperta a tutti giovani e vecchi.

It is open to all, young and old. Rounding the evening off with a Jam Session. Ingresso Libero con obbligo di prenotazione tel. Salaria, n. The festival consists of 4 concerts April and is supported by the City Of Monteprandone. The entry is free. Info e biglietti In the beautiful town of Monteggiori Lucca,Tuscany , a non-stop concert from 4 p. Our tribute to the great Jazz history! A day dedicated to jazz live radio, with concerts, interviews, playlists and more. Neapolitan pianist Andrea Rea presents his new project: New Trio. The trio will perform and preview the release of their new album, featuring compositions from Rea, ranging in different atmospheres with a unique sound.

The concert is preceded by a special tour that reconstructs the musical environment of Charles of Bourbon — on the occasion of the Carolino celebrating the tercentenary of the birth of the sovereign Bourbon. Strict but anarchist, popular but educated, modern but with deep roots, jazz is a way of thinking about music that is now part of the blood of our world.

The Young Jazz Bell Orchestra is made up of young musicians who have a deep passion for jazz. With commitment and professionalism, they will pay tribute to two great musicians of The performance is directed by Matteo Franza. Roger Rota puts on stage musics for large ensemble: compositions and arrangements designed for an ensemble with violin, four winds, guitar, bass and drums. Artists in this work are musicians from the new Italian scene belonging to the area of creative and improvised music, which move well within the compositional language and research of this project. The result is fresh and vital music.

Dopo un breve ricordo di Nicola Arigliano a cura del dott. After a brief recollection of Nicola Arigliano by dr. Alfonso Renna president of the Nicola Arigliano Jazz Club, the Tucson Quartet will make a musical tribute by performing some of the most famous successes of the Squinzanese Crooner, following the tribute to the Real Book of Jazz with the execution of standards, among the best known.

Placed in the exceptional location of Tavolara, the event will focus on promoting jazz as significant music, and an instrument to sensitise people to the preservation of the marine environment. The day will alternate outstanding music performances with complementary activities: environmental education workshops, projections of the local ecosystems, hiking.

Casapozzano where a food stand will be set up with typical products of the territory. Sabato 30 Aprile alle It will be a big jam session with friends. April 30 at , Regima Margherita Square. The event will last two days Waiting Jazz Day; Jazz Day , and everyday the programme will involve presentations, workshop, jam sessions and concerts. Every moment will be open to researchers, students, citizens and everyone who wants to experiment jazz, improvisation and communitarian practices. The aim is the jazz spreading and the reflection about its social and educational implications.

All the jazz dimensions and features will be explored from and within the educational perspective using, as daily focuses, some jazz-key words. Schedule of events includes workshop, lessons and concert, all day long. The conference 9. The program proposes a flow of experiences: workshops, discourses, videos, jam sessions. A show where we will share the story of jazz from the past to the present, going through the blues, gospel, spirituals, ragtime, swing, bebop, hard bop, and cool jazz! Exhibition by Filippo Barbaro: Vinility Jazz. Free entry. A show that combines reading, slide show, piano performances and dialogues with a musical quintet, without interruption, inside the oldest Sicilian opera house, the Teatro Santa Cecilia in Palermo.

Twenty-four hours of jazz history, live guests, and free access and promotion of emerging jazz artists … and much of the best international jazz. Jazz is life and it must be lived! A day dedicated to jazz. From 10 am to midnight, an event relay dedicated to the international jazz day. Jazz Radio Show with 10 speakers and involvement and participation of local and international jazz artists. Included interviews, reviews and live music.

The Brass Group foundation presented its forty-year-old story featuring performances by great jazz musicians. The group presented interactive activities in two treasured historical sites: S. Maria dello Spasimo XVI c. Cecilia XVII c. La trasmissione di qualcosa di autentico che rivela la nostra vera natura. Organized Workshop for Expressive Vitality , a format for developing and sharing original music, where the idea is to invite an Italian artist — in this case trumpeter Giovanni Falzone to present his own vision of music and share it with all those who want to take part in the laboratory.

It will be an afternoon dedicated to experimentation and exchange, to which any musician can participate for free. The work done during the day of rehearsals will turn into a live concert, performed by all the participants the same evening. Cormons-Comune di Cormons: ore Palmanova-Loggia della Gran Guardia: ore Palmanova, Polveriera Napoleonica: al termine del tour: inaugurazione della mostra fotografica Artefocus anni di Artesuono, con concerto finale a cura del Conservatorio di Udine.

Cormons-Municipality of Cormons Palmanova-Loggia of the Gran Guardia: 5. Palmanova, Napoleonic Polveriera: at the end of the tour: inauguration of the Artfocusyear Artesuono photo exhibition, with final concert by the Conservatory of Udine. As part of the retrospective devoted to the work of the painter Pietro Bortolotti, who died recently, we will also celebrate International Jazz Day with a concert of the duo Alessia and Maurizio di Fulvio Martegiani. More info available at www.

From to Aquino will meet and take part in concerts performed by the students of the Conservatory. From , there will be a concert of Tony Momrelle Quintet in the central square of Perugia. The Morlacchi Jazz orchestra will also perform its Highlights to close the Jazz Day Celebration at the very end of this incredible afternoon. Thursday 30 April, celebrating the International Jazz Day — 7.

DjSet by Omicron. A Marching Band will play to escort for the children of a primary school in Piacenza Italy who are going to school. The band will walk with them on their way from home to school by foot. Partecipate con il vostro strumento per suonare e cantare tutti insieme! The municipal library in Pisa hosted a celebration involving collective reading and music. For the 8th edition of International Jazz Day, Pisa Jazz, Exwide and Cinema Arsenale present a special event of music and cinema dedicated to the great saxophone player Ornette Coleman.

Actor P. Nico Gori, P. Pirro, M. Anelli and A. The Pisan journalist and jazz historian Francesco Martinelli presented the publication of the Italian translation of The History of Jazz by Ted Gioia, curated by himself, introducing the different periods and styles of jazz with the help of the live music provided by JazzWide 4tet feat. Nico Gori. New unmissable appointment with good jazz music, signed Oltretromba Jazz Club, Wednesday 3 April, at 8. The group, all from Salento, is composed of Gabriele Rampino tenor and soprano sax, sound design , Maurizio Bizzochetti guitars , Maurizio Ripa piano , Maurizio Manca electric bass and Daniele Bonazzi drums and will propose original songs signed by Rampino and Ripa contained on the disc.

We celebrated jazz at Il Suerte di Poggiomarino for the third consecutive year with an homage to Miles Davis. Oltre a composizioni dello stesso Cappelletti, il programma prevede omaggi a due grandi pianisti jazz: Thelonius Monk ed A. Monk and A. Local artists will exhibit their works of art. Elpidio in the heart of Italy. Praised by Newsweek for his pure melodic genius, Tom Harrell is widely recognized as one of the most creative and dynamic jazz instrumentalists and composers of our time.

While Harrell is a master of the jazz idiom, he constantly seeks new challenges and influences. Even with a discography of over recordings and a career that spans more than four decades, Harrell has managed to stay fresh and current as he continues to actively record and tour around the world.

It is known worldwide for its uniqueness and also for related geological phenomena. Viva la Musica Viva il Jazz!!

International Jazz Day

Long live music, long live jazz! The International Jazz Day will cover a whole day with lots of musicians. Jazz Music as a promotion of peace and dialogue among people. Appuntamento radiofonico trasmesso in contemporanea da varie radio locali italiane. Evento promulgativo per il jazz e per il jazzday. Jam session followed the concert.

In the Medieval Town of Randazzo a special event will take place: a magic combination of music, art and taste. A day of cultural promotion in the suggestive location of Rieti, used to host Jazz festivals, where the rising jazz ensemble Motus Trio will launch his album Mental Space. Jazz, Folklore Argentino e Colombiano si unisco dando vita ad un sound ed uno spettacolo unico nel suo genere. Jazz, Argentinean and Colombian Folklores will come together creating a one-of-a-kind show. La musica ha dimostrato attraverso le varie epoche di essere un potente strumento di comunicazione. The Jazzit Club Rome celebrated Italian jazz by inviting as many musicians and industry players as possible onstage for a short performance.

A great and wonderful opportunity to work on the essence of the Columbus giant, exploring it in depth, in search of the blues, the multi-thematic, the musical grandeur of one of our reference musicians. Contact: Luca R. Una giornata dedicata al suo significato culturale, sociale e educativo con momenti didattici, concerti e incontri con gli autori dei libri presentati C. De Scipio e L. Onori — Organizzazione no-profit. A day dedicated to its cultural, social and educational significance with didactic moments, concerts and meetings with the authors of the books presented C.

De Scipio and L. Onori Non-profit organization. Events spread among the alleys of Macerata will fill the air with the sounds of jazz, from afternoon to evening. The Smile Orchestra brings together 20 outstanding musicians to play the music of the legendary big bands as well as contemporary favorites in a big band setting. The band covers all styles of jazz and swing music including Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and beyond. The Smile Orchestra maintains a busy concert schedule. Founded in and directed by Catalin Montanaro. The band has received many individual and ensemble awards at local, state, and regional festivals.

A show with a great sound impact with the refinement of the swing, great virtuosic moments in poetic pieces, with a lineup of original pieces and great classics of the Italian song re-mixed in an electro-swing key. Special guest Tony Formichella, a great Italian saxophonist who will offer the public two hours of his original compositions. The Lazio Committee cannot miss the opportunity to participate in this worldwide event featuring Swing as a form of art and expression. There will be live music and Swing open classes!

Join us! Jazz is in town! A vocal trio of Italian and American songs from the past. Free entry, subject to availability. The C. Emerging bands and big artists will perform on the occasion of the first and biggest Jazz charity event in Rome. The legendary Giovanni Tommaso will introduce this event. Concerti da Tavolo, whispered music… Just a table, brushes, a guitar and a confidential alto sax.

New Orleans, Swing, Bossa Nove etc. Now live in Rome! Leonardo Borghi at the piano, leads a trio in a two set live jazz show dedicated to the historical American songbooks by the arrangements of the great trio — Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal, McCoy Tyner, Phineas Newborn — will be performed in the first set and a jam session in the second set. The best musicians of the avant-jazz scene of Rome meet at 28Divino Jazz club for an evening of creativity and musical exchange, strictly original, each of them having international collaborations and high-level projects.

Aperitif in Jazz at Contact: Mr. Al pianoforte Max Fantolini ed al contrabbasso Giulio Boschi. On the piano, Max Fantolini, on double bass Giulio Boschi. Six jazz musicians presented their recorded tribute to one of the key figures of music in the 20th century — the extraordinary pianist and composer whose work defined an era, and whose legacy has inspired all those musicians who have pursued jazz as an art. A special dinner event in Salerno Italy with Cyrano Vatel trio. Jazz Manouche and gourmet kitchen for un unusual tuesday night!

This jam was based on the idea the music is first a flow of emotions that every musician has inside. Different styles and cultures have to harmonize their chaos in totally improvisation. Transmissions with speech on stories related to songs and artists, tales of additions and dialogue between cultures and peoples. Evening animated by local jazz band with live radio,… and other works in progress. Parlami di Jazz 28 April h. The faculty from the Over Jazz School, in collaboration with the Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto, performed a concert at the Municipal Auditorium featuring standards from various periods of jazz.

The concert concluded with a final jam session.

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To celebrate International Jazz Day, we talked about jazz all day; at the end we played jazz together to be happy for the rest of the year! Students will be introduced to jazz music through the intervention of the musician Luigi Mosso to integrate a musical path held by the expert Sonia Peana. The Galleria Jazz presented an exhibition of paintings as a tribute to this genre of music and the great performers of the past.

Salvatore, with Rosario Giuliani accompanied by the trio Cristian Capasso bass — Domenico De Marco drums — Lello Petrarca piano and with the participation of Cristina Zitiello voice , and internationally known young musicians, arrangers and composers from Campania. The main goal of the orchestra is to gather young musicians from various music conservatories, in order to give the opportunity to young musicians to grow musically. The objective of JAIN is to facilitate the creativity and open artistic exchange by connecting jazz music youth of different cultural, social, economic and geographic origins.

Blind Blake Blind Willie. Johnson Blind Willie Mc. Uno dei migliori fisarmonicisti porta in scena in solo un concerto di forte matrice improvvisativa, dedicato alla canzone italiana ed alla musica da film. Reservation at Concert by the pianist, organist and composer Paolo Tarsi which will alternate between piano and Hammond organ in a personal reading of some standard and interpretation of concert music from jazz musicians and composers such as Chick Corea, Fred Hersch, Dave Grusin and William Albright. The concert will be accompanied by an elegant fish dinner and each song will be introduced by historical information about jazz and about the songs in repertoire.

In the ancient market of Siracusa, ARCA Siracusa will produce a three-day jazz festival dedicated to Sicily and its jazz, with an eye to international jazz. The objective is to promote local musical and artistic excellence, with a focus on local and Sicilian traditions. The Associazione Rinascimento Culturale Archimedeo hosted a multi-day celebration featuring concerts, jam session, education programs, film screenings and a photographic exposition. Locations for the festivities included the historic Antico Mercato of Ortigia in the Siracusa city center. From April 28 to Donati, L.

Coppola, L. Maffettone, P. Bruno e M. Seraponte, il Teatro Summarte e il Live Tones presentano, dalle Alle International jazz day with Bonne Habitude quartet. Milanese flauto , F. Negro pf , S. Rielli cb M. Girardo batt. Milanese flute , F. In the 16th-century courtyard of the Teverolaccio hamlet, the best expression of Neapolitan jazz joins the voice of Dean Bowman, great NY gospel voice.

Organic food, beers and wines selection. Several events are planned during all the day starting from am in the worldly renowned town of Taormina, Sicily. A perfect combination of food and music. On Tuesday 30th April, come and have a walk and something to eat in Town. Enjoy the music that will spread in the air: from The beautiful town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy, will host 7 jazz bands in its most beautiful streets, squares and palaces, from 5 pm until late at night.

De Rosa, Funk Off, Huntertones. Special guest Natalino Balasso, icon of satire: he will recite verses by Rimbaud, inspired by the theme of freedom. Introduction IJD 4. Lucatelli School-Tolentino 5 p.

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Elpidio Jazz and Round Music. There will be concerts from morning to night, almost all of them free, with great exclusive international musicians, new talent and original productions celebrating International Jazz Day designated by UNESCO. Please see the english program here. Admission is FREE. Training variable geometry which is strictly moves through space between the cool jazz of Chet Baker and Miles Davis and hardbop Horace Silver and Lee Morgan.

Ninety minutes of pleasant and engaging jazz, not without irony and self-irony. With the occasion of the International Jazz Day, the Cultural Association Arena Derthona invites you to concerts, conferences and meetings, to listen to young talents and to discover the most important Divisionism painters, all in the framework offered by the Tortona Civic Theatre and the Fondazione C.

Tortona Picture Gallery. The full program will be available in the next few days through the website and social media. On the occasion of International Jazz Day, Arena Derthona invites you to concerts, conferences and meetings, to listen to young talents and to discover the most important Divisionism painters, all in the framework offered by the Tortona Civic Theatre and the Fondazione C.

The event will end with the concert of Fabio Concato on April 30th at 9. Full program will be available on the web site and social media page. The concert will take place on April the 26th inside one of the oldest historical church of Trapani, in the heart of the old town and will features several combos of students, a vocal ensemble and a final jam session with students and teachers of the Jazz Dept.

The concert has been organized by the Jazz Department of the A.


Scontrino Conservatory, thanks to the precious help of the conservatory director Walter Roccaro and in association with Trapani City Hall. Ensembles of students from the Jazz dept. Francesco Guaiana jazz guitar teacher. Gibellini guitar , R. Gorgazzini organ and E. Tommasini drums. During the evening, with sounds and words, What was the evolution of the art of improvisation, From the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

April 28th and 29th in the historic center of Treviso, two days of free jazz concerts in the streets with several local artists and great finale on April 30th with Dee Dee Bridgewater concert at the Teatro Comunale. Then we will celebrate together with a great Jam Session in the historic square of the beautiful Italian city.

IJD Events in Italy

Treviso is organizing three days of events: In Downtown we will start on the 29th of April with six concerts in different locations. On the 30th of April and 1st of May, there will be Jazz performances in six important squares with different groups. More than 60 artists involved. Treviso celebrates the international jazz day on April 30 with a live performance by Dee Dee Bridgewater at the Teatro Comunale.

This is the 5th edition. Basilico Tredici, plus some private sponsors, organized in cooperation with Comune di Treviso and Teatri S. Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers of Art Blakey are to be recognized as main exponents and therefore ideal models. The horn section is compact in harmony and travels on the swing of the rhythm section with a decidedly more contemporary drive, sometimes dirty and indecipherable.

Un viaggio a ritroso nel tempo per riscoprire le atmosfere del jazz, attraverso le emozioni dei suoi protagonisti. Piazza Duca Federico 6. Free admission. Sam Paglia nasce a Cesenatico nel Luglio del Una coincidenza? Dopo 8 dischi, oltre un migliaiao di date tra Italia ed estero Sam si presenta con un trio rinnovato e pronto a nuove sfide. Con lui a dividere il palco ci sono Michele Iaia alla batteria e Peppe Conte alla chitarra. Aldo, Blake e Youssef si conoscono nella primavera a Bologna, scatta immediata una rara sintonia umana e musicale.

I tre intraprendono un pellegrinaggio sonoro tra funk e Africa, richiami anglosassoni e il blues. Aldo, Blake and Youssef got to know each other in spring in Bologna, a rare human and musical harmony was immediate.

Lucca here for a taste of Tuscany

The three undertake a sound pilgrimage between funk and Africa, Anglo-Saxon recalls and the blues. Working hard in the rehearsal room, recording albums and doing a lot of live performances, the trio focuses on a singular sound over time, which goes beyond the boundaries of instrumental music fans, to reach a wider audience. Who ever is interested to play with them: just come.

Whoever is interested to listen: just come. Everybody are welcome. First Concert starts a am Second Concert starts at pm. Chiara Luppi. Insieme al giovane bassista veronese Martino De Franceschi danno vita ad una formazione scoppiettante, proponendo un vivace repertorio che spazia dal jazz tradizionale alla musica brasiliana. The event will take place in the near future on Sunday, April 30th from Musicians from Lomellina led by Gabriele Comeglio will share their love for jazz with the audiance in the San Dionigi Auditorium, just a few steps away from Piazza Ducale, the internationally renowned center square of Vigevano designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Jazz concert with many musicians from the Vigevano and Milan areas, orchestra conducted by Gabriele Comeglio. The concert will celebrate top jazz players of the present and the past. As the eponymous album, released in , moves along artistic coordinates that arouse an immediate impact. Frescobaldi di Ferrara Concert with the collaboration of Radio Fujiko. Catania, Sicilia Monday 30th april Palazzo della Cultura. The musicians will offer music creatively interpreting, for a journey through the history of African-American music with its typical and original sound. During the event you can visit the Antiquarium, which are exposed to Samnite and Roman antiquities from the archaeological site of Telesia, and will be for sale ticket for the tasting of local products.

Follow intljazzday Tweet jazzday. Join our Mailing List. Official Facebook Musica, parole e letture in jazz a cura di Ivano Nardi Sostenere significa partecipare. Official Twitter Official Facebook Teverolaccio Jazz Night In the 16th-century courtyard of the Teverolaccio hamlet, the best expression of Neapolitan jazz will be presented in addition to organic food, beers and wines selection.

Official Twitter Official Facebook Milleunanota Amazing concerts are the way to introduce the world of jazz and world music. Mauro Chiesi Contact: Mauro Chiesi. Official Facebook A spasso per il jazz Le cantine del GavazzanaBlues accolgono un musicista tanto giovane quanto rappresentativo del jazz italiano.

Contact: stringsgame management Contact: Gianfranco Cannone. Contact: Andria in Jazz. Official Facebook All Around Jazz Hasta Resort located in Asti Italy for the second year will host , under the direction of the great trumpetist Felice Reggio, more than thirty musician in six sets from 5pm to late night.

Official Facebook Bergamo per International Jazz Day Over musicians from Bergamo will be involved in several conferences, concerts, masterclasses, and jazz club gigs focused around the global concert on April 30th celebrating International Jazz Day. Contact: Carla Monni - Press Office. Jazz 4 Peace Celebration! Contact: Francesca Raimondi. Official Facebook John Taylor piano solo To those who deeply love the piano. Contact: Jazz In Eden. Official Facebook Campobasso International Jazz day The Conservatory of Music will host a jazz masterclass and will sponsor many concerts in pubs throughout Campobasso during the day.

Official Instagram Official Facebook Pionieri: quando i siciliani inventarono il Jazz — Pioneers: when the Sicilians invented Jazz Sicily is Jazz the origins of a secular music that finds its roots even in the beautiful island of Sicily and in the emigration of the Sicilians to the United States of America in the early s.

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Contact: Giuseppe Costanzo. Bibioteca A. Official Twitter Official Facebook Casalmaggiore Jazz Day Organizers presented the fourth edition of the Casalmaggiore Jazz Day, featuring performances by area professionals and amateurs.

Casoli Via del Campo n. Open in Google Translate. Official Instagram Official Facebook My favourite Singers Storia della prima espressione artistica di jazz: la voce, dalle origini ai giorni nostri. Tomasini via Oratorio S. Contact: Sara Cantinetta della Corte Via M. La Cantinetta della Corte Via M. Contact: Virginio Aiello Contact: Claudio Bianzino. Bergamo for International Jazz Day Over 70 jazz musicians coming from Bergamo and northern Italy presented different jazz projects, both original and classic swing, bebop, funky, ethnic, modern jazz.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri. Contact: Isadora De Mori. Yummy bar restaurant Via F. Teatro U. Tuesday, April 30, from 9. Contact: Jazz Club. Official Facebook International Jazz Day — Genova At the 14 hours Jazz marathon to discover the history of Jazz, its influences and trends, emerging bands and big artists will perform in the beautiful location in Genoa: Palazzo Ducale and Carlo Felice Theater.

Auditorium E. Official Facebook Lana Meets Jazz A sparkling jazz festival, with international star and local musicians. Official Facebook Lana Meets Jazz A sparkling jazz festival, with international star, local and young musicians. Jazz as a model of relationships: listening, improvisation and response Interactive concert aimed at students interested in developing mature human relationships and group work methodologies. Diretta da Andrea Pellegrini. Musiche di Tony Cattano, Kieth Typpett e altri. Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie via G. Terreni n. Contact: Circolo Arci L.

Federico Buffa incontra i giovani e lo sport Aggrappati al Sogno: Federico Buffa e Max de Aloe in concerto Gezziamoci International Jazz Day Jazz told by images and stories: itinerant journeys of drawings and words on jazz in the streets of Matera. Veneto, 20 Matera, Mt. Basilicata Italy Event Time: Casa Cava V. Contact: Luca Sguera. Auditorium S. Contact: Marco Santonocito. Teatro Comunale Via G. Biblioteca Comunale C.

Contact: Valeria Fangareggi Official Facebook Gabriele Mitelli O. Contact: Giacomo Barbari. Contact: Mrs Valeria Fangareggi. Contact: Valeria Fangareggi. Official Facebook Il jazz. Contact: Silvia di Iasio International Jazz Day — Special Jam Strict but anarchist, popular but educated, modern but with deep roots, jazz is a way of thinking about music that is now part of the blood of our world.

Contact: Caterina Piscitelli. Contact: Matteo Franza. Food and wine tasting 1. Contact: Gianluca Morana. Trifase Music via e. Official Facebook International Jazz Day in Padua The event will last two days Waiting Jazz Day; Jazz Day , and everyday the programme will involve presentations, workshop, jam sessions and concerts.

Contact: Marina Santi. On 30th: in the morning workshops will be organized; in the afternoon another conference. Official Facebook A Jazz Tour in 80 minutes Il giro del Jazz in 80 minuti A show where we will share the story of jazz from the past to the present, going through the blues, gospel, spirituals, ragtime, swing, bebop, hard bop, and cool jazz! Contact: Domenico Cogliandro. It is merely Vicentinos way of distinguishing between choral singing and the normal practice for madrigals of no more than one singer to a part.

The musical resources of the Roman basilicas did not go beyond 16 or 18 singers, including the three or four boys who took the cantus part. The only physiologically reasonable explanation for this remark is that choral singers must have compensated for the imbalance between their small number and the need to fill the church with sound by means of a vocal technique which involved enough of an active contraction of the vocal cords and probably also of muscles outside the larynx to hamper their agility in the bass tessitura.

One of our most important sources of information about Renaissance vocal techniques is a letter on singing addressed by Camillo Maffei to the Count of Alta Villa and published in Naples in At one point Maffei says, for instance, that the place where passaggi are produced is that very one in which the voice is formed; 10 and vocal agility does in fact depend upon the ability of muscles within the larynx to modify rapidly the tension of the vocal cords. The sensation is well known to experienced singers. Even a sceptic, however, must grant the value of Maffeis quite precise statements relating to articulation.

Two of these occur amongst Maffeis rules on the singing of gorgheggi:. The sixth rule is that the tongue is distended in such a way that the point arrives [at] and touches the roots of the lower teeth. The constancy of this position of the tongue in the pronunciation of all the vowels is indeed indispensable to any singer who wishes to match the welldifferentiated mouth formants of speech so that the words can be understood without sacrificing a modicum of constancy in the throat formants for a homogeneous timbre.

This is a particularly important rule for camera singing in what Monteverdi was to call the seconda prattica that is, music in which the text is of primary importance. The seventh rule is that the mouth be kept open, and properly no more than that which it is kept when one reasons with ones friends. Again this refers to camera singing, which is relatively quiet, and enables the singer to produce vowel sounds similar to those of speech. Giorgiones Il cantore appassionato illus. In another set of rules Maffei includes a discussion of some of the Italian vowels:.

The fourth rule is that one more readily does passaggi upon a word or syllable that carries the [Italian] letter o in the mouth with the passaggio than upon the other letters; and in order that this rule be better understood I now declare that the vowels as everyone knows are five, among which the one that sounds like oo carries a terrifying tone to the ear. And the one like ee if carried in a passaggio represents a little animal that goes about whining for its lost mother; yet one can concede that with the soprano the passaggio with ee is less ugly than with the other voices.

The other remaining vowels can be carried without scruple, yet making comparison among them I say that o is the best, because with it the voice is rendered more round, and with the others, not only is the breath not united so well, but also passaggi are formed that resemble laughing; yet not being too strict with this rule I leave it to the singers good judgment. One could dismiss as curiosities Maffeis choice of o as the best vowel for passaggi, instead of ah, and his descriptions of the oo and ee sounds. But a more coherent interpretation is that being Neapolitan he took for granted that forward position of the jaw which favours o and shades the ee sound in a typically Neapolitan way just enough to make his picturesque description feasible.

Anyone who reads the whole letter can tell that it is about camera singing. In another letter Maffei showed himself aware that cappella singing was different when he remarked that un'altro non vorrebbe sentir se non passaggi di garganta, un lodar il cantar dolce, e soave, un'altro il cantar nella cappella. Some would wish to hear only passaggi di garganta; some praise sweet and suave singing, some cappella singing. Part 3, chapter 46 of Gioseffo Zarlinos Istitutioni harmoniche Venice, includes a discussion of singing.

Zarlino is explicit about the two vocal techniques:. Zarlinos remarks about safeguarding the clarity of the poetry complement those of Maffei:. So Zarlinos observation of poor madrigal singing, when taken together with our depictions of exemplary singing with the jaw forward and with Maffeis sixth rule that the tongue remain in contact with the roots of the lower front teeth , gives us a coherent and fairly precise indication of camera technique.

In his Prattica di musica Venice, Ludovico Zacconi, like Zarlino a generation before, distinguishes explicitly between soft camera and loud cappella singing:. He criticizes unduly soft as well as unduly loud singing, but is particularly sensitive to the harsh or should we call it brilliant? Si guardi ancora, di non seguitare quel si da buoni biasmato stile, di cantar si forte, che piu forte cantar non possa. Be alert also not to follow that style, condemned by good singers, of singing so loud that one couldnt sing louder. Et quelli che si ritrovano in luoco ove convengano gridar forte, avertino d'intonar le figure giuste, allegre, con voce ne forzata ne men lenta; ma con tanto quanto la natura li concede: perche la forzata voce essendo deffettuosa sempre offende.

And let those who find themselves in a place where it suits their interests to cry out loud take care to sing the notes correctly and gaily, and with a voice neither forced nor slow; but with such strength as nature grants them, because a forced voice, being defective, always offends. Similarly, in singing high notes quietly one should not force them if they do not come out conveniently; because it is better to fake or omit them. Zacconi was a remarkably thorough writer, and his discussion includes the following references to techniques of breathing:. Two things are to be sought in whoever wishes to follow this profession: chest and throat; chest in order to be able to carry to their proper termination Here the term petto chest seems clearly to refer to the singers respiratory capacity that is, how much breath he can muster.

But Zacconi also uses another term, fiancho literally, flank , and here I think he is evoking the sensation of work that is felt at the level of the last pairs of ribs when the belly muscles make a real contribution to the control of ones respiration in singingwhich is something quite distinct from though of course related to the quantity of breath.

For reasons too elaborate to set out here, 19 the effective use of these muscles is a technique indispensable for mastering the art of gorghe and passaggi. At the same time it is a technique ignored by Garcia, who speaks exclusively in terms of making the fontanella the front muscles between the chest and belly, where the ribs divide re-enter. In both camera and cappella techniques the position of the larynx seems to have been quite free, and there was nothing of that dark and dramatic timbre which in Romantic techniques is achieved by keeping the larynx so low that the tongues ability to differentiate some of the vowels is rather hampered.

A certain degree of rounding in the vowels was achieved by keeping the jaw somewhat forward and, according to Maffei, the tongue always in contact with the lower front teeth. This contributed to homogeneity of timbre without limiting the singers ability to project the different vowel sounds. In camera singing the clarity of the vowels was further helped by not opening the mouth much more than in speaking. In cappella singing the mouth was opened wider for a bigger sound: the slight loss of clarity in the vowels was no doubt less damaging in liturgical music, where the listener was likely to know the words already and so needed only to recognize them, than it would have been in madrigals and dramatic music, where the poetry was, at this point in the history of Italian music, often of paramount importance and extraordinary quality.

At the same time, the timbre of cappella singing probably sounded less homogeneous, in one important sense, than that of camera singing, because it was sufficiently loud and energetic to include some brilliant or harsh harmonics in the frequency range, above 3, Hz, where the ear is particularly sensitive and where an infants squalling is concentrated.

Cappella singing was basically full voiced and forte in character though never stentorian , and our concept of a cappella music should be in keeping with this fact. The dynamics of camera singing ranged freely from pianissimo to forte or in modern terms mezzo forte. Its expressivity was often so intimately bound up with the timbres and sentiments of Italian poetry that the effect would have been quite lost in the acoustics of a large church.

The expressive resources of a cappella music, on the other hand, were more a matter of such compositional features as elegant cadences, finely constructed lines and sophisticated placing of imitative entries and changes of texture: the singers main task was to project these features by means of good phrasing and agogics, subtle rhythmic licence, and relatively moderate shadings of loudness and timbre. It is no accident that the church exalted Palestrinas style more than Victorias, even though Victorias music was on the whole more warmly expressive.

One often associates dramatic intensity with loudness, but for Renaissance singing the equation has to be reversed. Camera singing was more dramatic than cappella singing because singers who were not obliged to use an active contraction of the vocal cords in order to make themselves heardnot even when changing to the upper part of their rangecould manipulate their voices with more suppleness for agility in melodic embellishments which were one of the principal means of expression in secular music, but unwelcome in liturgical music and also for dramatic shadings of timbre, vibrato and dynamics.

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