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Or was the correct answer still among the ones you did not cross out? Practice questions themselves can beat the information into you. Try asking yourself a different question: what is the tester trying to get after? What are they trying to test me on? It might make the question unfold simpler than it seems. Triage your block time.

Top 10 USMLE Step 1 Studying Tips

For the questions about study bias and such, probably simply doing lots of questions would be good. Just straight skipped them when I hit them. Come back when you have time. Leave them to the end when you have less feeling of pressure like you need to move on. Only use Pathoma where you need review. Goljan however is really good to listen.

How to Study for the USMLE Step 1

I hit the treadmill an hour each day for focused listening to one Goljan session each day. I swear, nearly every day I got a question correct only because I had just heard that man talk about it. For more tips on how to use this, see my resources page.

Anatomy is always in context. You only need First Aid and UWorld.

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BRS is too dense at this point. I recall that most questions centered around the following:. Online videos are a great way to learn. More tips on my resources page.

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Eat well and exercise daily. Take care of yourself. De-stress by exercising.

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  7. Spend time preparing nutritious foods leafy greens, veggies, low carbs, lots of water, low sugar. In your last week, focus on timing and routine. Get closer to simulating the full test experience. Start doing questions at the same time your exam will begin on test day.

    Practice the marathon portion. Knowing why you answered certain questions correctly can be just as important as knowing why you answered others incorrectly. Try deconstructing questions by changing the stem of each question to make each answer choice correct.

    UWorld: Is Your Strategy Wrong? (I Scored By Ignoring The Dogma)

    At the end of the day, keep in mind, the more you can be active and engaging with the testing process, the more improvement you will experience. He is an Anesthesiologist, Educator, and Entrepreneur. Courtney is passionate about leveraging innovative technologies to help people learn faster, smarter, and with greater retention. He rigorously advocates for young physicians in all aspects of their professional careers in medicine and speaks to thousands of medical students throughout the nation on topics related to medical education, testing, and The Match.

    Courtney believes that every young physician is capable of reaching their professional goals in medicine.

    Tips and Resources from a 4th Year Med Student

    This is brought to you in partnership with TrueLearn. Ready to start taking practice questions? SmartBanks combine high quality questions, advanced analytics and predictive scoring in an online environment simulating that of the actual exam. Unlock your discount and start taking questions today! Really Helpful.

    Uworld step 1 Qbank Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Do you recognize this triad? May 9, Show all.

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    Related posts. These questions must be done timed so you have enough practice answering quickly. For example, read all of your microbiology notes you wrote from USMLE world and then read the first aid section in microbiology. Get ready for the Mix! Keep monitoring your progress. Not quite done yet! The three-digit score you will receive will be inflated. You can do the assessments just for extra questions.

    When you take the exam, try to simulate the real thing.