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Extreme: Limits and horizons in the once and future cosmos

We hope that the leader of Mainland China will be more tolerant and embrace universal values such as democracy, abandon totalitarianism and dictatorship, broadening and extending political participation, establishing a mechanism of checks and balances, as well as optimizing human rights protections, in order to embark on a path to a new version of reform and opening-up.

Seven decades ago, the two sides across the Taiwan Strait chose different paths of development and have undergone different domestic reforms. Both were faced with obstacles and challenges. During the past two years, President Tsai has proactively dealt with structural issues left by history, further deepened Taiwan's emocratic values and the rule of law, and promoted a more diverse, open and inclusive society.

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Reform and opening-up are values shared by both sides of the Taiwan Strait. We are willing to share our experience of growth and transformation with mainland China to promote mutual advancement and development. Maintaining the status quo is the joint responsibility of the two sides. However, recently mainland China has intensified its efforts to pressure Taiwan diplomatically and to contain Taiwan politically and militarily with intent to undermine the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. This has gone beyond the tolerance of all major political parties and people of Taiwan.

And it is unacceptable to the international community. Taiwan faces this provocation, intimidation, and extreme pressure from Beijing with firm resilience by principle of seeking stability, adaptability and making progress. We will neither act rashly to escalate confrontation, nor will we give in or back down. We will not be provoked into confrontation or conflicts, nor will we deviate from the will of the people.

The Republic of China Taiwan is the greatest common denominator of our society. We will hold firmly to this bottom line.

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The "one-China principle, unilaterally defined by the CCP, violates the free will of the people of Taiwan. We call on Beijing to pragmatically face the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, replace confrontation with dialogue, and replace containment with exchange. Taiwan's most cherished assets are its democratic system and values.

We will defend the best interests of the ROC Taiwan , strengthen Taiwan's economy and security strategy of national defense, and deepen cooperation with like-minded countries such as the United States, Japan, the European Union. We hope that the international community can also take practical action to support Taiwan.

Reform and opening up cannot succeed if there is no reflection on the inadequacies of the current value system. Without mutual respect and tolerance, reform and opening up are little more than political policy talk. They do not reflect a national consensus. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of reforms and opening up policy in mainland China.

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Next year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the CCP government. In the Analects, Confucius writes: "At forty, I had no more doubts. At seventy, I could follow my heart's desire without overstepping the boundaries of what was right. Multicultural Horizons reveals that cultural and racial differences are inescapably caught up in the signification of surfaces: whether these are attached to media visualities or to the prescriptive and judgmental gazes of institutions or neighbours.

Fortier's contribution is to show how these inscriptions are embedded in and animated by actual bodies whose singularity is obliterated by being repeatedly called upon to prove their allegiances on the very grounds of their differences in an obsessive and dehumanising cycle. More systematically than any other work before it, this book puts emotions and the affective body at the centre of inter-cultural relations.

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  • This not only yields a sharper and more nuanced understanding of those relations, it also opens up a far richer 'horizon', as the author puts it, for thinking the future. As such this book must be read by all those interested in multiculturalism whether as academics, as activists, public servants or community workers. Horizons of Intimacies 2. Pride, Shame and the Skin of Citizenship 3. Loving thy Neighbour and the Politics of Interethnic Propinquity 5. How Does it Feel?