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However, the two men find themselves in a faux-alliance that may, ultimately, turn into something real.

City On A Hill (2019) Official Trailer - Kevin Bacon SHOWTIME Series

Series Premiere. Decourcy finds out he has a powerful enemy in town after an eventful Sunday at Church—one that puts his wife, Siobhan, in an uncomfortable position. Jackie is stirring up trouble in his own home and his distrustful mother-in-law, Rosa, is onto him.

House On a Hill

Investigators Hank Signa and Rachel Behnam look into an unsolved missing persons case that could be connected to the robbery in Revere. Jackie searches for his absent informant, while Jenny searches for purpose, revisiting her passion to become a teacher. Minogue is assigned a big case, but not the one he actually cares about. Jackie strong-arms Jimmy to get a step closer to finding the presumably dead armored truck guards.

Decourcy rattles a suspect called to testify before the Grand Jury. View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed.

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'City on a Hill' star Jill Hennessy explores the 'uglier side of life'

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