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Galactic Empires

This truth was what the earliest Sith people had understood, so long ago. And then, Amedda understood, too: Absolutes were an illusion. For 25, years, democracy had had its chance. Beyond the Republic and beyond the Sith, beyond the contrary yeas and nays of the Senate, which were only the two opposing ends of this illusion, was the inexorable dream of perfect procedure — and of peace. That was eternal. And it had fallen to him and Palpatine to bring it into reality.

Amedda accepted his destiny and pledged his undying loyalty to the Supreme Chancellor. But as Imperial policies became increasingly human-centric and hostile toward alien species, Amedda slowly withdrew from public politics.

Galactic Empire

From a secret Imperial Citadel on the planet Byss, in the very heart of the galaxy, Amedda diligently outlined preparations necessary for his New Order for the next thousand years, the next 10, years… and beyond. Rich Handley is the editor and co-founder of Hasslein Books hassleinbooks. He has written numerous articles and short stories for the licensed Star Wars universe over the past two decades, and was a columnist and reporter at Star Trek Communicator magazine for several years.

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Senator Onaconda Farr. Senator Yarua. Sly Moore. Triclops: mutant son of science… or the dark side? As such, the Emperor's mere word was enough for the Imperial hierarchy to enact his will. Largely due to Palpatine's usage of these promotions, those within his inner circle formed a society composed of twisted sycophants and back-stabbers.

As Emperor, Palpatine retained the emergency powers that had been voted to him during the Clone Wars, allowing him to rule under what amounted to martial law. He could execute, imprison, exile, banish, or confiscate anyone or anything solely on his authority. The Emperor could also issue executive orders, and proclamations with the legal force of law in the Empire, even more powerful than those issued by the Senate. The Emperor supervised, directed, appointed, and dismissed all officials in the government, and created, disbanded, supervised, and directed all governmental administrations, agencies, commissions, and boards.

He could also confiscate all assets from defeated worlds at his order, something most especially seen in the first year of the Galactic Empire's formation. In addition to processing judgment to criminals via the Judiciary system, the Emperor, should the charge be serious enough, such as high treason , [8] can also personally deliver the sentenced punishment to the criminal in question.

Regarding marriages to the Galactic Emperor, the legal details of a potential Emperor's wedding were specifically included in Imperial law, and in fact specified that the bride would forfeit her rights and become the groom's property—although that particular law may have been a Church of the Dark Side fabrication.

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In addition to his virtually absolute actions within the governance within the Empire, he also had near-total control within the Imperial Military. The Emperor is the one who gives orders to at the very least the Imperial Army , which are transmitted from Army Command down via a hierarchy. The Emperor can also attend and present starfighter squadrons, such as the st Imperial Fighter Wing, should they be exceptionally renowned and skilled during ceremonies.

Likewise, the Emperor can also redirect segments of the military, such as the st Legion , to other sectors, whether it be for a conflict or to sell people into the slave market. This was made especially apparent in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth , where Vader, who at the time was having Death Squadron hunt down the Millennium Falcon in the Hoth asteroid field , ordered for the Executor to move out of the asteroid field after learning that Palpatine had demanded for Vader to contact him.

Whenever the Emperor arrived on a military installation, he was frequently met with an air parade of Imperial starfighter wings, especially TIE fighters, and also had thousands of massed troops, including Stormtroopers, and technicians standing at attention. In addition, his shuttle is often escorted by some squadrons of TIE fighters, including the Emperor's Sword and Emperor's Shield squadrons.

Although Emperor Palpatine acted as the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military, he rarely left his palace on Coruscant, which resulted in relatively few Imperial personnel ever actually seeing their leader. Palpatine was the first and only official Emperor of the first Galactic Empire—most of the Imperial leaders who followed were not recognized by all Imperials or never made use of the title of Emperor.

One, Sate Pestage , seems to have legitimately held the title in the interim between Palpatine's death at Endor and his expected return. Pestage was possibly killed before Palpatine did return, leaving the throne apparently unoccupied. Emperor Palpatine's official heir would normally be Darth Vader , as he was Palpatine's third Sith apprentice. Mauvaise Foi Records Paris, France.

Galactic Emperor

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