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God save the Poor! Even in the land of perpetual communication they do exist. Dead spots.

Translation of «Kolportage» into 25 languages

No communication with the rest of the world. The outer world. The other world. Like before. In our analog youth. Nothing here will ever change, whoever sits in the White House. The whole world could be taken over by Aliens. Or worse. If countries were children Italy would be the spoiled old kid on the block! Not what you think. We're not talking about growing up under the Mediterranean sun, surrounded by eternal beauty, nor are we talking about the pervasive principle of Bellezza, the bella figura, the bella way of driving, dressing and dining, we're not even talking about the dolce vita as such.

We are talking about that certain attitude spoiled kids have when suddenly confronted with growing up and having to leave some of it behind. The Palio is not only one of the most genuinely fascinating events in the world, it is very simply the oldest horse race still on. It is taking place twice a year in the same city which also hosts the oldest bank in the world still on. The more you think of it, the Palio might just be the perfect metaphor for Italy as such.

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It is historic, it is beautiful and nobody knows how it works. Il cappotto. The last time this happened was years ago.

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The year the first U. Back in a city completely built and populated by refugees.

2012–13 FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk season

Tel Aviv. Is there a better role model for the world of today? Rome, Paris, New York, all built by refugees, without them the world would be a different place. Pretty boring I suppose. In Tel Aviv, that youngest of world metropolises, the refugees at first only came from some parts of the world, then from some more parts of the world and now from all parts of the world.

It works.

Synonyms and antonyms of Kolportage in the German dictionary of synonyms

Just another lesson to learn over here. Just imagine, how people in Oslo perceive it in contrast to people in Cairo or Tel Aviv for that matter. Let us stop discriminating people and start looking at them, one by one. A refugee is not the refugee , just as a Jew is not the Jew. On the 8th of January , his 12th birthday, David Robert Jones opened a strangely looking brown leather case and found a brand new Selmer alto saxophone inside. It was all white with golden keys. His father asked him if he liked it and young David just nodded silently.

He would have loved a guitar. He wanted to be an American rock star just like the one on TV who was dancing wild with the guitar hanging around his neck. He only started to like the saxophone when his teacher Ronnie played him a record by some good looking American guy, whose alto saxophone sounded crazy and wonderful like the birds in the sky. David immediately wanted to stop even playing one more note. I want to have an American name too. Do you think I could call myself David Pepper? Listen Dave, first you become a musician then you change your name not the other way around.

Driving around Liverpool in the perennial december rain.

The Lost Legions of Varus (Roman Empire Documentary) - Timeline

Ringo behind the wheel, the fab three looking out the window, blurred images of the town they know so well. We should call ourselves the Rainbirds, George says, whenever it is raining we start singing. It is always raining. If the sun was shining the whole day, we had not written a single song.

We need the rain. We are not the Beach boys.

Shoulder Operation: BVB Must Go Three Months Without Roman Weidenfeller |

We are from Liverpool! I guess we tend to forget that after all France still represents the ultimate power of enlightenment, the secular stronghold of the free. No Burqas. The picture was taken from the South tower platform.

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That afternoon nobody was using the tower telescope so I tried it as an additional lens and through it did this picture. While Norman is talking to Tony, the local record shop owner about the latest stuff by the likes of Sinatra, Herman and Brubeck he sees this. What a great record! Thus reading the pink paper is a fantasy, it is not about the news and buzz than about your favorite team but about the inexplicable formula of Italian life as such. Dolce Vita, the Roman decadence of its origin, the golden abyss, the Italian way of life, reading a slamming report on your favorite player while drinking a black espresso in the morning, riding to work in a red Alfa Romeo or diving into the blue ocean, it is an all Italian fantasy come true.

Now this. If they had the word back then they would probably called the renaissance just that. Modernity reborn. Sophia Loren, my all time favorite Italian Diva and there are many has finally done what seems inevitable for Divas to do. She has ruined herself, trying to reach facial immortality. Where there used to be those full, fleshly lips they now look like badly cut slices of ham, the beautiful long, aristocratic nose, gone, the wavy chestnut colored hair faded like a toasted bun, the skin hanging down the sides like some withered lettuce leaves.

Poor Sophia! The official number of registered inhabitants is One of my all time favorites. Paul Desmond who went on to play with the Dave Brubeck Quartet for more than 25 years never played better than on this record accompanied only by bass, drums and the wonderful mellophone sounds of Don Elliott who at times sounds like a musical incarnation of the elephant on the cover.

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The Brazilian national team would play the semifinal against Germany without the famous Sem Dez. Never before did a Brazilian national team play an important game without the The player with the 10 always symbolized the creative quality of a football team, especially that of the most creative football team of them all, Brazil.

Not anymore, the Brazilians had played pretty poorly throughout the tournament and only Neymar, the 10, could sporadically display some moves and goals that would qualify as jogo bonito. Jogo bonito, the beautiful game. To wear a number 10 jersey for a Brazilian simply follows the idea to support the identity of Brazilian football. On this day there was no number 10 player, Neymar was out. As if there was a chance of collectively replacing the most important player it seemed like every Brazilian football fan would wear that famous shirt on this historic day, the 8th of July, Toggle navigation Otto Alexander Jahrreiss.

Great movies are always considered too long. The greatest Western has been made by an Italian. Soundtracks should be seen as an independent art form and done before the shoot. Operas age better than movies. Is a replica a replica or is it a counterfeit? What is it then? It is a great painting. It is a replica. It is no counterfeit. What is it? It's the history, stupid! Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Kolportage. Gert Ueding, Klaus Rettner, Magnus Klaue, Gert Ueding, Dort wollte man die neue Gesellschaft errichten. Martin Blobel, Dieter Sevin. Dieter Sevin, Reichstag, Geburtstag von kolportage.

Im November nominiert der Wahlkreis Science Fiction und Kolportage treffen sich in "Terra Nova". Zehn Jahre war Rainer Mennicken Immer schon war das Leben der Regierenden von Kolportage begleitet.