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Thanks for these Solberg quotes, some of which I hadn't seen before.

The Globe and Mail

I have often quoted the "It isn't only only, but but" "Det er ikke bare-bare, men men…", meaning "It's no small thing, but what the heck" , and the "fart" problem is well known. They illustrate well the two main sources of the fun: direct translation of idiomatic expressions "only only" and "but but" and the use of English words with similar pronunciation, but different — and sometimes embarrassing — meaning.

Most of the examples are of the second type. I hadn't seen the one about disappearing like a "prick" dot in the sky, though I once did make an American blush when I talked about "the prick over the eye" prikken over i'en , literal meaning "the dot over the 'i'", referring to "the final touch". Calling the steering wheel a "rat" Norw.

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Some of the others are just fun at least we think so because he mixes so many Norwegian words into his English, without any specific source of misunderstanding. Anecdotally, during a visit by Queen Elizabeth II somebody realized at the last second what the English reading would be, and sticking plaster was applied. Although the confound should only apply to writing, since the Norwegian word "fart" is pronounced rather differently with a short vowel.

ISBN 13: 9781481832847

The Swedish pronunciation bears a closer resemblance to the English word. If it's schoolboy humour day, you should know that the village of Windpassing, in Schweinberg, Austria, is just 2km from the A1 Autobahn Ausfahrt Oed. September 17, pm. Yes, well, if you're in Windpassing, it is only about a 2 hour drive east to the village of Fucking.

New Book 'Does It Fart?' Reveals the Mysteries of Animal Flatulence

September 18, am. A common word in Danish shops which should probably be near-identical in Norway and Sweden is "Slutspurt", meaning the dash "spurt" to the end "slut" of a sale. It makes me double-take, and makes my year-old cackle. RSS feed for comments on this post. Language Log. Home About Comments policy. He is my wife in the car..

It's not the fart that's kill you, it's the smell. The rat was loose. In Norway we rape after dinner…… and then the girspak got broken. Catster HQ. Our kitten was farting until our vet suggested it might be the carbohydrates in the dry food we were giving her. Once we stopped giving it to her, she stopped. In my experience animals that have gas often have food sensitivities which can impair digestion. Long term this can lead to bowel issues like IBD, leaky gut syndrome, diarrhea, and other diseases. As a result of changing the diet often times the issue goes away.

We had a cat that farted every time you picked her up. They smelled too. It was a long time ago but all I remember about her gas habits???? Never had one fart, but they sure make some hilarious lemon-faces when my husband does! Been living with cats for 60 years and never knew cats fart. He completed his recovery with me by sleeping beneath the covers for a month, then spent the rest of his life randomly clearing rooms with silent but deadly flatulence. Among his other quirks was a penchant for staring at corners of the ceiling or putting his nose within a half inch of the tv screen and gazing… while the tv was off!

We never did figure out what he seemed to see. Domino started farting when he was 5 weeks old. He kept up the stinky bombs until he was 10 years old. At 12, he still farts but not as noticeable. He also snores. Have never known my cats to fart…. Only Foster would fart from time to time.

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It sounded like a gunshot. He had no digestive issues, rude with good health really. They are on a wet food regime, with a few biscuits sprinkled on top as variation, always the same make of food they back away from other brands only offered but rarely drink cat milk. There is always water available but only one cat drinks. So, we put water on the food of the other cat. They do however have human level intelligence and use it to get what they want — supreme cossetting and comfort at all times!!

I have 3 cats kittens. I normally by food at my vets, but I was low and right next to a pet store, and my normal brand of cat food is sold there. The odor would wake you out of a sound sleep, it was horrible. I immediately went to my vet and purchased my normal brand and told her the story. My vet and her entire staff were laughing so hard they were crying.. I was then told by my vet that the brand I experimented with is hard on their urinary system, and warned me to never buy that food again. I have 5 cats of different breeds and since my Siamese kitten had antibiotics through catching my cold yes people they can and he was very poorly he farted so bad it made your eyes hurt and you forget what you were saying.

Thankfully though I was so pleased that it was just the tablets and not a lifetime thing. Never had a cat in my 56 yrs till now. Rescued her last week. Friend found her in country after blizzard. She was thin and freezing. She has a uri received shot she had diarrhea a day before that appointment so she needs a fecal test done.

I thought she had a accident I literally was looking for poop! Lol I can hear her tummy making noises….

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  7. Most of the cats that we have invited into our house have been strays. And it takes time for their tummies to get used to real food. We had one cat that would far and immediately run from the room. Hi Mary, thank you for rescuing the cat! I rescued mine from the snowy forest a year ago and we are doing well together. My cat had worms after his time in the wild, along with smelly gas and a cough also likely the worms so I would query that cause of gas in your situation. I think it could be the food, but just that there is food in her gut after being without, not the composition of the food unless she gets diarrhea.

    Best to you both! She usually does it just prior to pooping in her litter box.

    Lyrics containing the term: fart

    She is otherwise in perfect health. I just think some cats are more prone to farting than others.

    Top 20 Wake Up Pranks! 😱

    Pets are lovable livestock. One owns them. There is, however, something deeply wrong with anthropomorphizing animals, and with some people this practice becomes so advanced that it moves pretty close to a mental illness. Animals are not people in little fur suits. Think of it this way: The cat I had before the one I have now lived to be 20 years old and she was a wonderful pet and companion. When she became so decrepit and sick that it was obvious that it was the end of her life, I had her euthanized humanely.

    She was an animal and she was in pain and there was no reason to take extraordinary measures to extend her life any further. By comparison I would never attempt to euthanize a human-being. Whether people like it or not or want to believe it or not there is a universe a difference between a human being and an animal.

    For one thing, human-beings can choose how they behave. It cannot imagine being anything else than what it is. It cannot do wrong and it cannot do right. It just is what it is regardless of the fact that human beings can modify the behavior patterns of any particular animal. I am a cat parent and appreciate them as they are, as cats. Terminally ill people opt to die humanely via pill. Various animals have a conscience, but we are naive to their feelings and thoughts, as far as having empathy, etc.

    But, livestock? Pets, yes.