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I knew I had to be a good best friend and allow her to sleep over. When we walked in the door my grandpa was there. It made things worse. I seriously had no idea what to do. I actually looked up on my phone what to do. I typed, When best friend sad? It came up with something brilliant. All I had to do was talk about girl stuff. So we went up to my room and instead we did some pampa stuff.

They just left the room. I wanted to kill them. Grrrr, it made me sooo angry. For like the first time ever, we sat and ate at the dinner table. I was in bad luck today, but one thing was good. He had left. It was so awkward. No one was talking, but it was kind of fun because we were all laughing. In the end, I was with someone I loved.

I was having lots of fun. She had such a sad face, with really watery eyes like she was going to cry. I felt really bad because I invited her over when my granddad was staying with us, and her granddad was dead. I felt so bad.

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When I opened my mouth to talk she balled her eyes out. But then the words that I never wanted to ever hear came out of her mouth. I paused, and I felt my face turn as red as a tomato. I had tears in my eyes. Did she really she is moving? I felt soo sad. I stood there and said nothing at all, just looking at the ground. I was just really sad. He was looking at jobs. I was so upset. It sucks. Dear diary, I go on the train everyday after school to go meet Rachel in Carlton. She tells me what is happening at her school, and what is happening with her family. In the end, my family and me now eat at our new table and no longer ignore people.

Don't assume that because someone is smiling that everything is "normal". You are as normal as the rest. Some days you feel better than others, but that's normal too. Anonymous June 18th, am. Happy isn't normal. So many people who appear happy are struggling, just like you. Happiness is something that's found in so many different ways, but it's not found by wishing to be normal.

I've asked myself this a lot before. But what I've come to realize is that there is no normal and happy. Everyone deals with struggles, many of which we never see.

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  4. All those smiling faces you see can be going through difficult situations too, they just aren't all visible at surface level. You are normal and you may not be happy right now but you will be happy eventually it's happens 2 me. Because not everyone is normal or happy, you have to be you and accept that you can't be like everyone else.

    Why Can't I Be Normal? Summing Up Depression

    Mostly because no person is exactly the same as another person. Just as no one knows how you really feel but you. You are not alone and you will get better with some help. Keep talking to whoever prescribed you the medication and make them understand that you are not feeling the way you should. Also, don't depend solely on the medication.

    Watch your sugar and caffeine and make sure you have a safe place to vent your feelings! Happiness is sort of a choice you have to make for yourself. No one can answer that but you. It helps if you do away with negativity that can affect you and try to focus on the positive things before you, no matter how little they are. And as for the normal part? To me, it only exists in our head.

    There is no such thing because there are billions of personalities in the world and what you see as normal is not the same as what others see it as. Best to understand that you are different and love yourself that way. Then, you can be happy. Determine what makes you happy! Other peoples happiness may not be what you really expect it to be like. Just remember that you are on the outside looking in.

    Everyone isn't perfect. We all go through tough times just as much as the next person whether it be big or small! The feeling of being normal and happy is all in the mind. If you think that you're happy, you automatically become happy. It's all in the state of mind.

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    Anonymous May 1st, pm. You can who says that. Just believe in yourself and your capabilities. Remember everything draws life from the mind. No one is happy all the time. Most people only showcase the happy times, leaving out other normal emotional ups and downs.

    You are more normal than you may think. Related Questions: Why can't I be normal and happy like everyone else? What do you do when you have no passion or drive? My anxiety is getting worse and depression won't let me live my life, how do I overcome this? I feel sad a lot, unmotivated, and I often can't stop crying for many hours.

    This can't become our new normal: Hate acts reported across the country in wake of Trump's victory

    But I sleep and eat decently and I also can smile or laugh sometimes. Am I depressed or just sad? How to get things done professionaly at work when I'm very depressed? Is it normal to not want to get better? Kurono also went though this and forgot about his girlfriend who was unrelated to the game but got while he was in it , he figured it out after a reporter who saw him on TV because the they lost the Invisible to Normals property last mission. Then he was killed by vampires , he was revived for points and back in the game after the next mission.

    In K , Saruhiko Fushimi is accused of this - hopping between Clans because he doesn't want to commit to a King, but at the same time, he doesn't want to give up the power that comes with being a King's vassal. Of course, his King said this in the middle of a fake fight that they had planned, to show Saruhiko quitting the Blue Clan before he goes into the Green Clan undercover.

    Why can't I be normal

    So yes, he is loyal. Saiki chooses to seal away his psychic abilities.


    However, after the two special chapters released a few months later, Saiki starts regaining his powers, which initially worries him. Bleach : Uryuu sacrificed his power to defeat a captain during the Soul Society arc and stoically resigned himself to being a Badass Normal for the rest of his life. However, when his father told him there was a way to restore his power at a price, Uryuu accepted the price to regain his power.

    He then found a loophole in the caveat he was given to rejoin his True Companions in their next quest. Ichigo sacrificed his power to defeat Aizen and stoically resigned himself to being a Badass Normal for the rest of his life. He constantly reassured himself and others that he was happy having his normal life back, but he jumped at the first opportunity to regain his spiritual powers because, deep down, he had always desired power so he could protect other people.

    Kon learns early in the manga that Isshin sacrificed his powers twenty years ago. As soon as Isshin regains his power, he kills the Grand Fisher, the hollow that killed his wife. Isshin had given all his Shinigami powers to his wife in order to save her life after she was infected by a Hollow. The Hollow and Isshin's powers were passed on to Ichigo after her death; they only returned to him after Ichigo's own Hollow manifested while fighting Byakuya.

    Comic Books. Wally West 's ex-girlfriend, Frances Kane, who had magnetic powers, wanted to be normal and decided not to use her powers ever again. Cue a bomb being activated and her powers being the only thing that could save everyone. Unfortunately, since using her powers also causes her to revert to a psychotically evil mentality which, come to think of it, explains wanting to be normal , this was also a case of Chronic Villainy.

    This is basically the Thing 's gig all over, as he tends to only revert to being human at the absolutely worst times, forcing him each time to go back to being 'a monster', though by the current point in continuity, his being a monster isn't bad, since he's the ever-loving, blue-eyed idol o' millions. It happens in the movie, too. Subverted with Jimmy Olsen , who's held more superpowers than you can count, but is guaranteed to return to normal eventually.

    He can't stay normal but never remains abnormal for long. For about a year, John Stewart wore the ring, but Hal's journey to Find Himself got as much panel time as John's costumed adventures.

    Why can’t my family be normal? by Molly W. – The Bell Magazine

    Ultimately, Hal realized that he was a directionless, unmotivated loser without the twin crutches of the Ring and the Corps being Green Lantern was his one, true destiny. And then someone blew up his city and he got infected by a giant yellow space bug that fed on fear and turned him into a mass-murdering hyperpowered psychopath. He just couldn't catch a break. He only did it twice , once in a classic Bronze Age story which was homaged in the below-mentioned Spider-Man 2 and once at the end of the much-maligned The Clone Saga and that was with the double rationales of not being the "real" Peter Parker and having a pregnant wife.

    Toward the end of the Hobgoblin Saga, he had decided to hang up his webs as soon as he could locate Flash Thompson, who was a fugitive from the law after Hobgoblin framed him for his crimes. By the end of the arc, however, after saving Thompson's life and clearing his name, Peter decided that he couldn't give up the good fight and chose not to retire. The very next issue, he proposed to MJ.

    Why Can't You Just Be Normal All The Time

    Woody from Quantum and Woody suffers from this; even after losing his energy-blasting powers and breaking up with his partner and best friend, Woody is shocked when he answers police calls unbidden and realizes he's got Chronic Hero Syndrome. Tony Stark is "forced" to give up being Iron Man for various reasons, usually either relating to his heart, alcohol, or to dying.

    It never lasts. At the start of the New Power saga of W. She is downright furious when she gets the power up, and only stays because she's responsible enough to use her powers for good now that she has them again. After Ixis Naugus accidentally restored her limbs to flesh and blood, Bunnie seemed somewhat okay with it. However, when Antoine was badly wounded and comatose by an exploding Metal Sonic, she ran off to find her Uncle Beauregard and get herself Legionized.

    Very frequently, if Superman is Brought Down to Normal , he's left haunted by it. As a reporter, he'll regularly see stories of disasters and tragedies that he could have easily prevented, or at the very least, stopped from being worse. In Superman: The Wedding Album , even after having been stripped of his powers after the events in Final Night , Clark still finds himself putting on the tights and cape when spotting a robbery, if anything, to possibly scare the robbers into surrendering.

    Bruce Banner has been "permanently cured of being the Hulk" on several occasions, only to have to reHulkify himself to solve some crisis. Why they don't use the same deHulkifier on him again after the crisis is resolved is rarely if ever explained. At one point, the Red Hulk depowered the Hulk by absorbing all his gamma radiation, saying that Bruce Banner would never become the Hulk again. Banner was smart enough to know that eventually he'd reHulkify and spent his time preparing for that day. Also happened in the TV series.

    And the new movie. And the 90's cartoon. A fairly Anvilicious example in the s cartoon : Bruce cures himself and then a computer tells him that the Hulk is the only thing that could possibly deal with the Monster of the Week. And of course, he can't cure himself again afterwards. The comic eventually established that one of the Hulk's talents is always making a comeback, no matter how impossible it should be.

    Shoot him into space? He'll come back. Send him to a dimensional crossroads? Completely eliminate Bruce's physical capacity to make use of gamma radiation? Kill Bruce? You'd think separating Bruce and the Hulk might get around this, but as it turns out, nope, they'll always rejoin. And then there's Rick Jones. He started as merely Hulk's human companion, then after accidentally helping found the Avengers became Cap's replacement Bucky, palled around with Rom Spaceknight, and then started sharing a body with Captain Marvel. And he's had superpowers more than once. He could almost be Marvel's answer to Jimmy Olsen.

    Superman II : Superpowered criminals proceed to take over the world right after Clark gives up his own superpowers. Men in Black II : After being "flashed" and dropped back into his old life at the end of the first film, Agent K is reactivated at the start of the sequel.