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Quote by Lewis B. Smedes: “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discov”

The next day, the jailer stopped by the prisoner again and looked in. The prisoner glared at him and dropped his arms. They only looked at each other. The jailer turned away and attended to his work, while the prisoner slouched in his cell.

The next day the jailer again stopped at the cell door. It means that you let go of your anger.

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The prisoner looked at him, then stepped forward and gripped the bars. The jailer extended a key through the bars. The prisoner took it and held it a moment, then put it into the lock of the prison cell door. He turned it and the door opened. The prisoner stepped out of the jail.

Set the Prisoners Free

He squinted his eyes under the sun and stumbled around, adjusting to the light. Each one is a short words or less and comes with a biblical viewpoint. Send me an e-mail.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover that the prisoner was you.”

You deserve it. You victimized me! I made a list. I scoured my mind and decided who I blamed, who I resented, who I disliked, who I hated, who I wanted to see suffer. I wrote down their names and how I felt. I brought every unresolved issue to mind.

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After doing that, I gave them all my forgiveness. It was something I needed to do to cleanse myself. I just needed to let it go. I did it to clean out the bitterness inside.

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This action made room for spiritual growth to occur. When you carry hate, anger, and resentment, it poisons your mind and body. You harden in self-defense, building emotional walls, no longer trusting others. All this forces the perpetual negativity to continue. Those defensive walls keep everything away except hostility and mistrust. For the self-constructed walls to collapse, and spiritual growth to occur, forgiveness must take place. To those feeling victimized, know that if the action against you caused tremendous pain, it may take several attempts at forgiveness before you truly let it go, but keep trying until it sticks.

This applies equally to yourself. Everyone has something hidden, something shameful. We hold so much guilt and regret our past, but the past is gone. It no longer exists. We have to let go. We have to absolve ourselves. Our society has become too sensitive.

We look for the ulterior motive behind every word, thought, and action. The media devotes its time ripping into whoever made the latest, verbal misstep. Many of them — journalists, lawyers, human rights activists — served as role models in their social environment. Political imprisonment occasionally occurs in democratic countries as well, but democracies have domestic corrective mechanisms.

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In authoritarian countries, however, political imprisonment is inherent to the political system. Therefore, German foreign policy on human rights cannot limit itself to public or private criticism of violations and to long-term capacity development. It needs to address the challenges posed by specific cases of political imprisonment. How can and should this challenge be addressed? Political change must always be driven largely from within, but if foreign policymakers shy away from supporting human rights defenders, they reinforce existing power relations in authoritarian states.

Political prisoners are not only victims of but also experts on the repressive system. Therefore, former political prisoners and other individuals at risk are important interlocutors for German foreign policymakers.