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Feng Shui Essentials - 1 White - Life Star

Since wood and metal are in inter-restriction during this year, Seven Red will lead to financial losses or disaster caused by wealth. The improper Feng Shui layout at this direction will bring declined luck, career obstacles, false charge of villains, or unfavorable love affair. If the door, window, seat or bed is at the southeast of your house, you may get troubles, such as investment failure, financial lost because of illness or unexpected disasters, or females in family may have a love affair. Pay attention to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems if you sleep at the direction for a long time.

Besides, the metal things should not be place at this position of the house.

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It is a quarrelsome star belonging to wood in five elements and may lead to lawsuit, dispute, quarrel and theft. If your front door or your bed is at this direction, you may suffer from a lawsuit, get frustrated in business or fall ill.

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During the Pig year , you are suggested to calm down as you will be prone to disputes. Once you arrange the direction properly, you may have a baby son and get better luck for career and wealth. To avoid stimulating the star, you should not place green and blue plants or items belonging to wood at the south position of your house; also, do not keep fishes at this direction because water and wood are inter-generating and will strengthen the force of Three Blue.

In addition, do not break ground or decorate at this direction. If your front door, bedroom or office is at this direction, you may place a red or purple blanket at the entrance to solve the problem. The star in charge of disaster, misfortune, accidental injury and bleeding, is the most inauspicious star among the nine stars. If your door, window, seat, bed, or stove is at the southwest position of your house, you will be prone to have accidental misfortunes, bleeding, financial losses and disputes.

So, you should be extra careful. In , you should not break ground or place red and yellow items at the southwest direction. If your front door, bedroom or kitchen is located at southwest, you can lay a grey or white, carpet to solve the problem. Besides, if you usually travel outside, make sure to obey the traffic laws and avoid dangerous activities, because you are easy to have traffic in the year. When it is auspicious, Six White is good for promotion and success; when it is ominous, however, the star represents lawsuit, accident and financial losses.

In the year , metal and wood are in inter-restriction at the palace. The proper arrangement in this direction will lead to the smooth cause and profits pouring in from all sides; the improper layout, however, will invite lawsuit and dispute and make your family prone to all kinds of accidents, financial losses and poor health. Therefore, it is essential to resolve the misfortune brought by the star.

If your door or window faces the due east, your luck will decline easily in , especially if you are engaged in industries like science and technology, real estate, mining and agriculture. If your seat or bed is located at due east, you should change the direction to avoid the lawsuit or dispute.

Feng Shui Essentials - 9 Purple Life Star

In addition, items like mirror, hatstand and metalware shall be avoided in the due east during the year Since Wu Qu belongs to metal in five elements, items of water property, such as water dispenser and fish tank, shall be avoided in the due east according to the mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements. However, you could place artware of earth property to improve the good effect of metal in this direction. It will fly to due west in and benefit career, wealth and affection. Arrange the direction properly, One White will benefit your fame and fortune significantly; if not, you may suffer from illness, dangerous relationship and feminism.

As a result, you should arrange the direction properly if the entrance, door or headboard is located at the west of your house or shop, so as to benefit the popularity, social intercourse and children's study. Also, Wenchang Pagoda is beneficial to writers and it can help you to keep a clear mind, inspire you and resolve the disputes with villains to work more smoothly. One White belongs to water and mainly affects your love relationship. If you are single or have an unstable relationship, you can place bright flowers or water plants to improve the luck for love and marriage.

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  8. To improve the luck for wealth, you can place some Feng Shui items like Pi Xiu and Jin Chan at the west of your house. The star will fly to northeast in The improper layout of Feng Shui at this direction will cause disasters, illness of family members, disagreements of couples and misfortune to the family.

    If the seat, bed or stove is at northeast of your house, you will go to hospital more frequently in Groundbreaking shall be avoided at the flying direction of Two Black Star. Therefore, you'd better avoid start building in for the sake of good luck. Do not put your bed in northeast, or you will suffer from insomnia and illness.

    For better luck in making money, you may place a blessed calabash at the northeast of your house or office to generate metal in five elements, reduce the ominous effect and change illness to wealth because calabash can ward off evil spirits.