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The strike hit the main house, killing a year-old woman and a child, and wounding at least three other civilians. The family had been sleeping on the roof or on a nearby patio. Residents said that immediately afterward, a second strike hit a building nearby where Salem kept his sheep, killing about 40 sheep. Fifteen minutes later, a rescuer arrived by motorcycle.

When he returned 15 to 20 minutes later, the plane struck his pickup, killing him and 10 other civilians. The brother of another victim said that six of those dead in the second strike were rescuers, and the remaining five were members of the family being rescued. Human Rights Watch visited the site on February 9 and confirmed that three independent structures, including a house and vehicle, had been struck and partially destroyed. Satellite imagery reviewed by Human Rights Watch confirmed that between 10 a.

Expand Satellite image taken July 5, of US-led coalition airstrike locations in Tal al-Jayer compound that killed 13 civilians. The imagery reflects the apparent detonation of two large air-dropped munitions destroying two buildings in the north part of the compound corresponding to the structure that witnesses said was the house. And a third reflects a probable airstrike on a vehicle, with damage signatures consistent with the detonation of a small munition. They said the closest known military target was an SDF base 9 to 10 kilometers away.

No other force was conducting airstrikes in the region as Iraq only began unilateral strikes in April , and the Syrian-Russian military alliance was not operating in that area at the time. On May 29, , the coalition told Human Rights Watch that it had opened an assessment into the alleged attack. Family members and residents said that as of February 9, no official from the US-led coalition or the SDF had visited the site. On August 19, , at about p. Witnesses said they heard the plane before the strike and watched as the mosque was hit. They said the mosque, with mud walls, was struck once and destroyed, and the plane circled over the village for about a half hour afterward.

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The village is near an oil rig that ISIS controlled and guarded but was otherwise in a remote area. The strike completely destroyed the mosque, witnesses said, and killed at least 24 people inside for afternoon prayer. They said there were 21 civilians, whose names they provided, and 3 ISIS fighters who had guarded the rig. The father of one victim said that there was no fighting in the vicinity at the time, though media reports indicate that the village was on the front lines.

Human Rights Watch visited the site on February 9 and observed damage consistent with the destruction of a single structure. Satellite imagery reviewed confirmed that a single building had been destroyed by the probable detonation of an air-dropped munition between about 10 a. No one escaped alive. I could have been in that mosque that day. It could have taken us all. Residents said that many of the relatives of men killed in the strike — old men, widows, and children — have been unable to get jobs or provide for themselves without their heads of families.

They have been forced to share accommodation and scarce resources. As well as Human Rights Watch can determine, no other military force was conducting airstrikes in the region at the time. Residents said that as of February 9 no official from the SDF or the US-led coalition had investigated or contacted them, and the families affected did not know how to file a claim. On May 29, the coalition told Human Rights Watch that based on information provided they would assess the allegations.

On or around June 4, at 5 a. Both the US-led coalition and Iraqi forces reported engagements near al-Shaddadi, where al-Helo village is located, at this time, Airwars reported. Witnesses said that the plane dropped one large and later two smaller munitions. The first strike killed 9 of the 17 civilians in the house.

Three survivors fled and were then hit in a strike outside the house.

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A third strike killed a man and two of his children who had survived the initial strike and were attempting to flee. Witnesses said that they were concerned about follow-up strikes so only went to the strike site around 5 p. Searches must be at least 3 characters.

You unleash a virulent disease on a creature that you can see within range. The target must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 14d6 necrotic damage, or half as much damage on a successful save. The damage can't reduce the target's Hit Points below 1.

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  8. If the target fails the saving throw, its hit point maximum is reduced for 1 hour by an amount equal to the necrotic damage it took. Any effect that removes a disease allows a creature's hit point maximum to return to normal before that time passes. Show Attribute List.

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    Casting Time. Meaning of harm in English. B2 physical or other injury or damage : Both deny conspiring to cause actual bodily harm. A mistake like that will do his credibility a lot of harm. Missing a meal once in a while never did anyone any harm. More examples There's no harm in applying for other jobs , but if I were you, I wouldn't advertise the fact at work.

    Huge projects designed to aid poorer countries can sometimes do more harm than good. I'm sure he's well-intentioned - he wouldn't mean any harm.

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    Modernizing historic buildings can often do more harm than good. Should any harm befall me on my journey , you may open this letter. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Damaging and spoiling adulterate adulterated adulteration alloy at the expense of sb idiom at-risk flaw foul foul sth up gild the lily idiom gloss gnaw gnaw away at sth ravages ruin scourge self-immolation shatter sour wreck.

    You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Injuring and injuries. Idioms do more harm than good.

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    B2 to hurt someone or damage something: Thankfully no one was harmed in the accident. The government's reputation has already been harmed by a series of scandals. More examples Research shows that it is not divorce per se that harms children , but the continuing conflict between parents. The oil that discharged into the sea seriously harmed a lot of birds and animals. She only buys dolphin-friendly tuna fish that is caught without harming dolphins. If you harm her, you're going to have the police to reckon with. He claims that the report has harmed his reputation.