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Bike Rack. Board Games. Bus Stop. Coat Check.

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Dance Floor. Drink Specials. Fire Place. Food Tour. Foosball Table. Gift Cards. Happy Hour. Kid Friendly. Meeting Room. Movie Screen. Online Ordering. Open Mic. Pet Friendly. Ping Pong. Play Ground.

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Pool Table. Rewards Program. Room Service. Shuffle Board. Soft Drinks. Start Location. SUP Boarding. Take Out. Trivia Night. Waiter Service. Walk-Ins Welcome. Wine Walk. About The Riverwalk District. Service Read More. Enjoy Read More. Drink Read More. Eat Read More. Shop Read More. View Full Map. Every 3rd Saturday of the Month. Get Details. Searching What do you want to search for?

Event Details The July calendar brings nearly events, more than workshops and over 30 ongoing programs.

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For the entire month of July, Reno is Artown! Time Month Long Event july. Learn More Calendar GoogleCal. Event Details Taco lovers rejoice! Time Wednesday am - pm PST.

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Time Thursday am - pm PST. Weekend rockhounding pursuits are the perfect adventures for adults and children alike. There is something so primal about the act of hunting for treasure. It is in our bones and skin. My mentors consisted of four uncles, five boys in total including my dad, and one aunt. We all holidayed and engaged in recreational activities together regularly. The primary basis of most being fishing and ATV-ing. I think I can speak for most of my cousins There are a lot of us.

These are the memories and moments that stay with you your whole life and something that before I even had children I knew I wanted to share with them.

Harness Your Sense of Adventure On This Huatulco Rafting Tour

I was jacked as all hell to be out there, sharing the space and peace that fishing provides, and it just happened to be that I was a little girl. This might have had something to do with the fact that I knew the schedule of when the fish were biting and I would just happen to be standing right in front of whomever I figured was going out, rod in hand, as casual and whatnot.

We would have the best talks in those patient lulls waiting for a bite and share the most wonderful silences. The fact that they wanted to take me along on what was typically a solitary mission made me feel like a million bucks. Young people having the opportunity to be engaged and invigorated in a subject by an elder who carries that wisdom. That passing of a torch within a family. The unbreakable bonds that that creates and sense of being apart of something larger than ones self. It is a simple and beautiful thing for both the student and the teacher.

This is a photo of my Uncle Peter and myself proudly showing off our evening catch. He was sort of my main squeeze in the fishing department when I was a kid. That my gangly little mosquito bitten female self was a person he warranted sharing that silence with. There were time we got skunked and came back to shore with nothing but that time spent and that truly that was the most important part.

So here we are a lifetime later and his legacy lives on while I impart all that space, that silence, that belonging, that anticipation and that glorious, beautiful hope with children of my own. Standing on the shores of Chehalis Lake talking about nothing and everything with my boy for these moments and every moment in between. So little and still such a integral part of the process of watching and learning and getting caught up in that anticipation and sense of belonging and being worth all the time and all the company. For teaching a little girl to teach her little girls that they can be anything they want, that they can enjoy any hobby or sport that they want, that they are capable and never an inconvenience and that their presence and company is a thing to be valued.

While avid anglers probably already understand all of this and have lived it, families who may have little or no experience with fishing can easily get started with the right information and tools. If you have an elder family member who fishes you should certainly reach out to them. I can pretty much assure you that they will be more than happy to impart their knowledge to the next generation and that the time spent will be beautifully mutually beneficial.

I would highly recommend going to a well-reputed pro shop and telling them exactly what you want to do as well as your level of inexperience. The will set you up with what you need and can provide information on where to go. They will also be able to set you up with a guide who can teach you pretty quickly the basics and where to go to fish for what. Learning together as a family can be a incredible opportunity to get outside and spend time in nature, to bond, to teach your kids the importance of patience and hard work and most importantly to share a little hope.

I would encourage you to not focus your entire attention on the fishing part of the excursion but on the experience as a whole. The quality time, the adventure and the opportunity for family bonding is the name of the game here, the fish is just a bonus. While this environment is an excellent opportunity to promote and engage in mindfulness it is also a perfect opportunity to encourage mindfulness about the environment by being aware of the rules, knowing what you can keep and never taking more than you need.

Fostering environmentally conscious adults is a result of being taught to respect and appreciate nature as children. Honestly, the simplest activities are generally the ones that will bring you the most unexpected pleasure. So I hope to inspire you to make the most out of the rain, then more rain, then overcast, then bright and sunny and then more rain days by just getting some key ingredients lined up and then just going for it.

Layers are important because when the sun does come out as it does from time to time just to tease us a bit before it starts raining again you and your kids have the ability to gear down and stay comfortable no matter what weather comes your way. I like to find a spot with some big trees with good overhang that will keep your stuff pretty dry-ish that is a word where we live.

I like to find a spot that has a few different options as far as terrain to keep things interesting. Time spent in nature may seem less stimulating than other indoor options, but in reality, it activates more senses—you can see, hear, smell, and touch outdoor environments.

River Adventures – A Life Less Ordinary

I love having him along on adventures because the kids see everything they sort of take for granted anew through his eyes. The deep woodsy smell of a forest waking up. He helps us appreciate so many little things. Time spent outdoors in nature gets kids moving. Most ways of interacting with nature involve more exercise than sitting on the couch.

Time spent exploring natural environments builds confidence. The way that kids play in nature has a lot less structure than most types of indoor play. There are infinite ways to interact with outdoor environments, from splashing on the banks of the river to exploring hiking trails or a lake, and letting your child choose how he treats nature means he has the power to control his own actions. I can see the feelings of pride and achievement in my own kids after they scramble up a rocky bluff, paddle to a beautiful location or find something cool to show the rest of our crew.

They are aware that these accomplishments or discoveries happened on their own merit and that is so important. Time exploring in Nature promotes creativity and imagination. This unstructured style of play also allows kids to interact meaningfully with their surroundings not to mention each other.

They can think more freely, design their own activities, and approach the world in inventive ways. My littles come up with all sorts of scenarios in which they play meaningful roles depending upon the different environments we are in. Unstructured play time spent in natural environments encourages thinking and problem solving. There is no doubt in my mind that nature creates a unique sense of wonder for kids that no other environment can provide. This phenomena that occur naturally on the riverbanks and in the woods everyday make kids ask questions about the earth and the life that it supports.

These are the most amazing opportunities to educate young minds about the functioning, importance of protecting and — lets face it — downright magic of the natural world. As far as growing up future adults who will care for our planet we need to show them what and why.

It is impossible to impassion people about something they do not understand. Time spent in natural environments working towards common goals or exploring together builds social skills, promotes and encourages communication and generally makes way for a ease in building and maintaining relationships.

So maybe when we are trapped indoors this little monkey steals stuff from your bedroom? I can tell you when we are outside in the soft fascination of a natural environment where we have to expel zero effort to avoid distraction my kids look at each other like this. They cooperate to achieve common goals. No soldier is left behind. Bring healthy snacks and have them accessible all day. Keeping steady on the blood sugar of little explorers is crucial to maintaining their energy level and enjoyment of a day. Literally throw things from your fridge into a basket, fill up their water bottles and just go.

On these cold days I like to fill up a thermos with hot chocolate and bring along enough paper cups to treat all the troops. I can literally feel all of my cells come alive when I slip out on to the water. Rain or shine, ocean, lake or river, smooth or skillful — I love it all. The lack on intrusion on nature through this means of travel provides limitless opportunity to really, truly take in a natural landscape. It gives you capacity be a nearly silent observer of both the natural world you are exploring as well as your own thoughts in the process. It is the quietest intrusion on Mother Nature.

A way to go almost unnoticed. The closest I have experienced to being one with that wild world. This is something, up until now, I have only been able to share with my kids by packing one of them along at a time. With Spring Break on our horizon I decided it was a worthy investment and would provide the kids with not only the ability to develop some new skills but also a new means of exploration and time for us to spend together as a family. Once you cross Pitt River and enter the quiet, peaceful narrows of Widgeon Creek you are immediately greeted by the many species of waterfowl who call this habitat home.

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The estuary is obscenely beautiful. This time of year the yellow of the dead grass along the marshy shorelines make way for the red and yellow bark of the swamp trees that have yet to come into bud. The massive snow-capped mountains bursting forth behind them seem to encapsulate the valley, tucking us away in the early spring sunshine of this earthly paradise. It was nothing short of perfection to cruise these calm water channels with the rippling reflection of the mountains, the snow and the big blooming clouds all mirrored in the gin clear waters off your bow.

They had no trouble navigating the narrows and were pretty thrilled with themselves at their new found skill set.