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It is known for its roadside flying saucer , which is also featured prominently in promotional material. The town is most famously referenced in the song "Fly" by the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip off of their album World Container.

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The name "Moonbeam" is attributed to early pioneers who allegedly witnessed flashing lights falling from the sky, which they called "moonbeams". These lights could have been Northern Lights that often appear with the moon light. Another suggestion is that the name came from the passengers on the Transcontinental Railway, who would be traveling for many miles through dark forests and when they came to the natural clearing near Moonbeam would be struck by the brilliance of the moon-lit snow.

Nevertheless, there is no documented proof of the exact source of this name. The National Transcontinental Railway , connecting Quebec City with the Canadian Prairies , was completed by and provided new access to agricultural land and natural resources of northern Ontario. This attracted colonizers from Montreal , Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts , and Saint-Jovite , to the Moonbeam area, looking for land to cultivate or mine. Mayors from incorporation in to present: [4].

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Mother tongue: [9]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Township in Ontario, Canada. Township single-tier. Statistics Canada. July 5, Retrieved Corporation of the Township of Moonbeam.


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Yes, you can wear it on your neck and it will look just as well on your hand. The tracker itself is small, either white or black, and looks pretty nice with its glossy finish. The white tracker comes with tiny beige bands and rose-gold metal bed, while the black one comes with black bands but keeps the rose gold ring. Because of the really small tracker size, Moonbeam's bands are just 1cm in width. This makes it a nice fit for smaller women's arms, but hardly great for men.

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The tracker is lightweight too - it is just 15 grams 8g body, 7g wristband , its shell is made of ceramic which is hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant and, of course, it is water-proof. There is a bundled wireless charger and Amazfit lists 10 days of battery life on a single charge.

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We achieved 11 days, which is even slightly better than what we were promised. Wearing Moonbeam doesn't make your wrist sweaty thanks to the small leather band.


Due to the minimalistic design and lightweight body, you can do everything with Moonbeam without taking it off, even when you sleep. Amazfit's dedicated app connects easily to your Moonbeam. After you input your age, gender, height, and weight, you are ready to go.