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All the other important fashion parent groups wanted to buy the Margiela label. I want someone like you. Even with Diesel, the history and archive of the brand is crucial. Many brands can just act as a collection to sell season by season, but some brands, they are so strong, they have an identity. A move many considered as risky after John Galliano was very publicly ousted from Dior.

Actually, Martin is the one that convinced me to hire John. In the end, you have to give a chance to someone that made a mistake because everyone makes mistakes! I think Margiela was the perfect partner for John and his restart in fashion. But people did think I was crazy.

I like to take risks so when I did something crazy or something different, they treated me like I was a little bit stupid, you know? We have gained respect from the world of fashion. We can tone it down later if we need to, but initially, we try to do something that is really unbelievable, really unexpected. You need to use irony but you need to use it with respect. In the past, it was easier to be provocative, but today, you definitely need to pay more attention because with social media, everyone can reply, everyone can say what they think.

You need to have more respect. And that is a vision I have to give to my team! That aspect is becoming harder. If you are small company, you can really work with each team member on a personal basis. I wish I could keep these relationships alive, but when you become a bigger company, you start to work with the managers, and the managers they have to transfer energy to the people below them.

Of course. I actually hate this. Is it important for you to maintain that balance? I like to smile because life can be so sad! Recently, we had a robbery at one of our Diesel warehouses and our entire collection was stolen. Everyone wants Diesel! I gain respect year by year because I have a good relationship with everyone. In the fashion industry, your neighbor becomes like your enemy. Most designers hate each other, they are all jealous of one another. But me, I love to see what the other people are doing. I see my competitors and other brands around me as stimulation for me to do better.

What could you do not to suffer anymore? In the case with Mr. Fassbinder, however, it was definitely not necessary. I knew that after that I could work with any and every director — he could be as complicated as he wanted because Fassbinder topped them all! There are directors who are temperamental, there are guys who are very friendly, and then others who turn around and are not friendly anymore, so as a cinematographer, you have to accept that the director has his own ideas. You have to be open. You have to be very tolerant.

In the end after working with someone like Fassbinder, nobody could hurt me.

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I worked with other directors and I did not suffer at all. What do you think sets directors like Fassbinder or Martin Scorsese, with whom you worked later in your career, apart from other filmmakers? Fassbinder and Scorsese both had images in their head. They had an imagination of how their movie should look.

It was good — I think the idea is the most important thing. Execution is easier! But having that idea is the hard part. You and Fassbinder famously pioneered the degree tracking shot in film. What was it like bringing that particular idea to fruition? Did you know at the time that you were doing something that would change the film industry? I saw when I did it that it was something very impressive. Inventing something like that, it always changes something.

I learned a lot from DPs, just as other DPs learned from me. Later they came up with ways of hanging lights and stuff to make this kind of shot easier, so it became pretty popular to do a And then I started not doing it anymore! Laughs There are not too many new ideas that you can have anymore! The imagery has to tell the right story. It has to come together! You have to understand what the story is about and then find out how to make images that work for the story.

You have to know which shots will work for the type of screen — film or television. I did one film recently about the kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch. The room was only seven square meters… There was only one bulb hanging from the ceiling, so it affected how we shot, but it was also necessary for the story. What inspires your cinematography? I read that you believe that watching films is the best way to prepare for making a movie. We watched all the movies that started from these directors… They were inspiring because they broke the rules!

They did something different. The camera was, at that time, not very flexible, but the DP who shot most of these movies, he just took his camera on his shoulder and sat down on a wheelchair and drove down the road in Paris, just in front of his actors! And it was wonderful! It was free all of a sudden. When you moved from Germany to America, did you find that the way of telling a story through film was different?

I was afraid that it would be. When I started working with Scorsese and other American directors, I just continued working but in a different language. Laughs I learned pretty fast when I started working with the first American directors, they look at film and they have the same approach to things. So creating those emotional moments in film… They feel the same, whatever you do. But then I learned that I probably have no talent for that. To see how this collaboration works, to see the combination of what they invented together and how they connected, the ideas they came up with together… That was amazing for me.

The director had a great idea and then the cinematographer would fulfill it. Watching them work, that is when I first thought filmmaking would be something wonderful that I would love to do. That did it to me. Why did you prefer writing non-fiction over fiction? Whereas in non-fiction, I think if I walk into a room, I really know how to make it work as a good piece of page-turning writing.

I think I always had a natural aptitude for it, right from the beginning. There was a kind of infiniteness to fiction that I found sort of… Disconcerting. I could make him do anything! I could put a jetpack onto his back and shoot him into space! Your journalism often investigates ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Are you interested in that tension? With journalism, I want to find really unexpected unfolding situations, and with fiction, you kind of do the opposite. Fiction is like the quest for believability, and the kind of non-fiction that I do is almost like a quest for unbelievability.

You know what? I really admire the kinds of writers who do that. I really admire Nick Hornby , for example, the way that he can make ordinary stuff so beautiful! What I try and do is re-humanize them. It really shocks me how instant judgment has become so fashionable these days. Exactly, it starts on social media and then it goes into mainstream media and politics. Twitter is becoming like the Stasi! And I think that really captures a kind of deep thing in me… I feel kind of outraged by that.

Exactly, I became like a little bit of a fucking meme , and it was to an extent my own fault because I was talking about it! And in my case, I was the guy who defended unfashionable victims of shaming! I pretty much totally went kind of underground after that, and stopped giving interviews. It was horrible! Each one of my books is increasingly humanistic and non-mocking.

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Step Up - Step Up Official - That's So Raven Too! The Cheetah Girls 2 - Underworld: Evolution - Waist Deep - Walk The Line - Happy Feet - Mindfreak - A Lot Like Love - Be Cool - Beauty Shop - Bee Season - Bewitched - Brokeback Mountain - Chaotic Tv Show - Chicken Little - Coach Carter - Drawing Restraint 9 - Elektra - Fantastic 4 - The Album - Get Rich Or Die Tryin' - Grey's Anatomy - Herbie Fully Loaded - Hitch - Ice Princess - In Good Company - Just Friends - Las Vegas - Lords Of Dogtown - And before you know it, you 'll be OR 're going to be getting ready 8.

So don't delay! Call for a reservation. Once abroad, we guarantee it you won't be OR 're not going to be thinking 9. Read this flight announcement that was made on the shuttle to Mars. The captain has made seven mistakes in the use of the future and future progressive. Find and correct six more. This will be [is] Captain Eon speaking. When you will hear the announcement, you'll be able to unbuckle your seat belts and float around the cabin.

The shuttle arrives on Mars tomorrow morning at Tonight's temperature on the planet is a mild minus 20 degrees Celsius. When you arrive tomorrow morning, the temperature is [will be] 18 degrees, but it will be feeling [feel] more like 20 degrees. Enjoy your flight. Read each numbered statement. Then circle the letter of the sentence that is similar in meaning. Look at the time line. Write sentences describing what Debbie Hart will have done or won't have done by gthe year Read the events in Debbie's life.

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What will or won't have happened by the time the first event occurs? Use the information in the time line from Exercise 2. Write sentences using already and yet. By the time she graduates from college, she will have already moved into an apartment. By the timie she graduates from college, she will have already spent a summer in Frnace.

Ask and answer questions about these people's accomplishments. Choose between the future prerfect and the future perect progressive. Use the calendar to answer the questions. And I'll earn [have been earning] almost the same salary for three years! That's why I've just made a New Year's resolution to go back to school this year.

First I'm going to write for school catalogs and start saving for tuition. By March, I'll have figure [figured] out how much tuition will cost. Then I'll start applying. In August, when I will have my annual review with my boss, I'll have already been decided on a school. I will talk to her about working part-time and gong to school part-time.

By that time, I'll also have saving [saved] enough to pay for a semester's tuition. My cosin will had [have] gradaed by that time, so he might move in with me and share the rent. By next New Year's Day, I'll have finish [finished] the first semester! Edwards are talking about their move to Toronto. Match the statements on the left with the tags on the right. Seems like ages ago. Just some ideas and a lot of hope. Things have sure worked out for you, haven't they?

HOST: Sounds like a good movie for the whole family. Speaking of kids, you have some of your own, don't you? Anton is looking at an apartment. Use the verbs that are in the sentences following the short answers. Read this information about video artist Nam-Jun Paik. Imagine you are going to interview him, and you are not sure of the information in parentheses. Tessa Bradley is working on a new TV show. Read part of this TV script. There are nice mistakes in the use of negative questions, tag questions, and short answers.

BEN: Until someone recognizes you. You have to help me. Read these short conversations between reunited twins. Sometimes being a twin can cause trouble. In high school, I was in Mr. One day we took a test. I got questions 18 and 20 wrong. The teacher was sure we had cheated. We tried to convince Mr.

Jacobs of our innocence. As always, he sat on the right. But Mr. Jacobs just thought we had developed some elaborate way of sharing answers across the room. Our parents believed we were honest, but Mr. We finally convinced them to give us another test. This time we were in separate rooms. I got question 3 and 10 wrong. Guess what? We were just amused. Two twins are talking. They agree on everything. Complete their conversation with short response.

I always knew I had a double somewhere out there. But only with tomato and cheese. Add statements with so, too, neither, not either, and but. Bob Bowen weighs pounds, and so does Bob Phillips. OR and Bob Phillips does too. Bob Bowen has blond hair, and so does Bob Phillips. OR and neither does Bob Phillips. Bob Bowen plays tennis, and so does Bob Phillips. Bob Bowen likes steak, and so eoes Bob Phillips. Bob Bowen has attended graduate school, and so has Bob Phillips. OR and Bob Phillips has too. OR and Bob Phillips doesn't either.

There are five mistakes in the use of sentence additions. Find and correct four more. We have a lot of things in common. We look alike. I have straight black hair and dark brown eyes, and so does he. We share some of the same interests too. I love to play soccer, and he [does] t oo. Although there are a lot of similarities between us, there are also many differences. Give me hamburgers and fries every day!

The Talks Page 17

Our personalities are quite different. I am quiet and easygoing, but he [is] not. He has lots of energy and talks a lot. When I think about it, we really are more different than similar. Complete these statements with the correct form gerund or infinitive of the verbs in parentheses. Use the bar graph to find the number of calories. Having a Taco Bell taco is much less fattening. One taco has only about calories. If you want to lose weight, you should consider eating a Subway turkey sandwich.

Nutritionists advise people to stay away from fried chicken. Complete each summary with the appropriate form of a verb from the box plus the gerund or infinitive form of the verb in parentheses. I need to save for college, but if my grades are bad…. Use the correct forms of the words in parentheses to complete the letters to the editor of a school newspaper. Yesterday, my roommate Andre persuaded me to have lunch with him in the dining hall.

But when we went in, I understood. Instead of finding greasy fries and mystery meat, I was delighted to see the colorful Taco Bell sombrero. In my opinion, switching to fast foods is the way to go. The administration made a great choice. When a classmate and I wert to eat yesterday, I expected us to find the usual healthy choices of vegetables and salads.

In my opinion, it was outrageous to bring fast food into the college dining hall. As a commuter, I need to have a healthy meal every evening before class, so I attempt to stay away from fast food. I urge the administration to set up a salad bar so that students like me can keep on buying meals on campus. Read these posts to an international online discussion group. There are fifteen mistakes in the use of the gerund and infinitive.

Find and correct fourteen more. I love eat [ eating or to eat ] tacos for my lunch. I think they are delicious, convenient, nutritious, and inexpensive. What do you think? I stopped to eat [eating] meat two years ago. I feel a little nervous about traveling to other countries. Is it easy finding [to find] meatless dishes there? I am Paulo and I come from Brazil. I enjoy trying different foods. I really [to] want try takoyaki fish balls made with octopus when I go to Japan. Is there a takoyaki shop you can recommend my going to? I look forward to hear [hearing] from you.

My name is Natasha. I was in Italy last month. I was surprised finding [to find] that I liked it! Are you going to Taiwan? If so, I suggest to try [trying] the little restaurants around the National University in Taipei. A freezes B froze C has been freezing D is freezing. It really annoys me. Look at those dark clouds! Each sentence has four underlined words or phrases.

The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked A, B, C, and D. The doctor a called b this morning c while you d slept. I'm really hungry because I a haven't had lunch b yet, but I c wait for my friends because I d want to eat with them. The Lees a will save b for ten years c by the time their first child d enters college. At the end of this year, Tania a will b be free of debt because she will c already have d been paying her entire credit card bill. It was , and I had been working in New York City for a few years. First we were friends, then we began dating. Read letter about a new school from the principal to volunteers in the community.

Complete the passage with the correct verb forms. Choose the best answer on each line. The new Williamson School will be opening in August. I have never experienced so much community involvement! Complete the conversation by writing the simple present, simple past, present progressive, present perfect, present perfect progressive, past progressive, past perfect or past perfect progressive form of each verb. ALEX: John! Do you want a ride? JOHN: Oh sure! I took 1. ALEX: Sorry to hear that. I have 9. JOHN: Thanks. Find and correct them. The first album by the band Spinal Column has been rise [rising] to the top of the charts.

Their funky sound has broken the rules of contemporary pop music, and their distinctive style is quickly makes [making] Spinal Column a household name. The new album went on sale last month, and it sold poorly in the first two weeks until the band appeared on The Nightly Show. It happen [happened] quickly: A talent scout from The Nightly Show had been shopping downtown when he hears [heard] music from the new album coming from one of the shops. Before the end of the day, he had booked Spinal Column for their appearance on the show.

Read the first sentence of each item. Then circle the letter of the sentence that is closest in meaning. Students in a conversation class are talking about their experiences with authority figures. Complete each sentence by circling the correct verb. Them match each situation on the left with the person in authority on the right and write the letter of the answer on the line. I forgot to turn on my headlights before I left the parking lot a few nights ago. He explained that it would help us. My check was delayed in the mail.

I needed to get a blood test for my school physical. My brother swept. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Some summaries will be affirmative; some will be negative. URI: Google is a search engine. Allen helped them or the class choose or to choose choose a movie to rent.

Read this e-mail petition about orcas. There are eight mistakes in the use of make, have let. Find and correct seven more. Orcas are beautiful and intelligent, so aquariums easily get audiences buy [to buy] tickets for orca shows. What does this mean for the orca? In the wild, an orca may swim up to miles a day and dive hundreds of feet below the water. In captivity, we have this animal lives [live] in a small pool where it may get sick and die of an infection. Some people argue that captive orcas have helped us learned [learn or to learn] about these animals.

However, orcas cannot behave naturally in an aquarium. How can watching tricks help we [us] learn about their lives? First, help us stop aquarim shows. Stop going to these shows and get your friends and family stop [to stop] also. Next, we must make aquariums stop buying orcas. Write to your mayor and tell him or her how you feel. Finally, aquariums must let [have] others retained [retrain] these animals and release them to the wild.

Circle the correct particle to complete these questions and answers from an online feng shui message board. What can we do? You may need to think about moving. Q: I am opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles. Then I read that mirrors bring too much energy into a bedroom. What can I do? A: Before you go to sleep, put a scarf over the mirror.

A: There are hundreds of books about feng shui. Read about one of the most famous modern architects. Complete the information with the correct forms of the phrasal verbs in the boxes. Born in , Ieoh Ming Pei better know as I. Pei grew up in Canton, China. As a child, he watched workers put up large new buildings. When he was 17, he went to the United States to learn about building. He considered becoming an engineer or an architect. As it turned out, Pei became one of the most famous modern architects in the world.

Pei is famous for his strong geometric forms made of steel, glass, concrete, and stone. One of his most controversial projects was his glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris. The old museum was dark, confusing, and crowded.

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No one wanted to tear down the old structure, so Pei had to figure out a solution to the Louvre's problems and still be sensitive to the famous old building and its surroundings. Today, many people say that it is a good example of the principles of feng shui. In spite of harsh criticism, Pei kept on building structures that reflected their environment from the story Bank of China skyscraper in Hong Kong to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

He has received many prizes.

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He used some of the prize money to set up a scholarship fund for Chinese students to study architecture in the United States and then to go back to China to work as architects. Pei is both creative and perfectionistic. He is also persistent. Complete the conversations with the correct form of the phrasal verb used in the first line of each conversation and a pronoun object. B: Sorry.


I took them down. I thought you didn't like them anymore. Read this student's journal entry. There are ten mistakes in the use of phrasal verbs. Find and correct nine more. I just read an article about feng shui. The author suggests sitting up [down] in your home and thinking about how your environment makes you feel.

I tried out it. My apartment is bright and sunny. This cheers me out [up]. At night, it's very dark, but I've figured up [out] what to do. I'm going to buy another lamp to light [up] the apartment at night up. I'll leave it on when I go out at night, so I can see light as soon as I come in.

I also like the light green walls in my bedroom, but the chipped paint has been bringing down me [me down]. I'm going to touch it over [up] soon. I think it will look more spacious if I just straighten it up. With just a few small changes, I'll end up feeling happier in my home. It's worth trying on. A scam is dishonest plan, usually with the goal of getting money. Read about how to avoid some common scams.

I just threw out my first issue of Motorcycle Mama. I'm nobody's mama and I don't own a motorcycle, so how did I end up with this subscription? Well, my neighbor's son was raising money for his cocker team, and I didn't want to let him down. It's easy to hang up on telemarketers, but it's hard to say no to your friends and neighbors. The magazine company got to me through a friendship.

Of course it's OK to help out the local soccer team. But a lot of people fall for scams because of similar techniques. Watch out for these common scams. When someone gives you something, you want to give something back. This desire to return a favor can cost you money when a telemarketer announces you've won a vacation or a new car. These offers aren't free. Since they've accepted the offer, they feel obligated to pay. You should turn these offers down. A TV actor will put on a doctor's white jacket and talk about cough medicine. In a magazine ad, a woman in a business suit will help you pick out the best investment firm.

The scammer sends e-mails that seem to be from well-known banks. They tell you that a problem with your account has turned up. Then they send you to an Internet site to fill out forms with your account information and password. The site seems to have authority it looks like the real thing. But a real bank will never ask for your information over the Internet. You can count on that! A: Tell Ana not to pick the phone up. It's probably a telemarketer.

B: Too late. A: You can't turn down this great offer for cat food! B: I'm afraid I have to turn it down. I don't have a cat. A: Did you fill out the online Do Not Call from? B: I filled it out yesterday. Thanks for telling me about it. A: I left out my office phone and fax numbers on that form. B: Why did you leave them out? A: Remember to call your mother back. B: I called her back last night.

A: Did you write down the dates of the calls? B: I wrote them down , but then I lost the piece of paper. B: Sure. We'll take it off right away. A: Let's turn the phone off and have dinner. B: I can't turn it off. I'm expecting an important call. Complete the ads. Use the correct forms of the phrasal verbs and objects in parentheses. Place the object between the verb and the particle when possible. Take those extra pounds off fast! Love bread and cake?

Don't give them up 2. No diet! No pills! No exercise! Our delicious drinks will fiil you up 3. Try our plan out 4. It's FREE for one month! Our eight loss secrets can by yours today. Find them out 5. Want to know more? Click here for our information request form. Fill it out 7.

Just stick to our plan 8. If you do not want to receive e-mail from us, we will take you off 9. Turn your hobby into That's rightand I turn work down Sure , I could take employees on This is an easy business, and you can set it up Check them out If you don't like them, send them back It's as simple as that! Don't put it off This offer is a money machine, so don't pass it up Start to cash in on this great opportunity Find and correct thirteen more.

TM: Hello, Ms. JL: Yes. Who's this? Can I sign up you [you up]? JL: No tanks. I'm not interested in signing in [up] for any more magazine subscriptions. Besides, I just sat up [down] for dinner. TM: Why don't you at least try out it [it out] for six months? Don't pass this great opportunity down [up]! It's a once in a lifetime chance. JL: Sorry, I'm really not interested. I don't even have a motorcycle. TM: Well then, this is a great opportunity to find all about them out [out all about them]! We'll send you a free copy and you can look over it [it over]. JL: You're not going to talk me in [into] it!

In fact, I'm going to hang the phone down [up] right now. And please take my name out [off] your list. TM: No, hold out [on]! Don't go away! Don't turn this great offer down! You'll be sorry if you do.