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İbrahim is a seasoned construction worker who has left his family in the eastern city of Van to work in Istanbul in the hopes of buying a house to secure the future of his family. We soon learn that İbrahim and his family lost their house in the Van earthquake that claimed the lives of more than people and rendered thousands more homeless. He has more to come when he is diagnosed with an aggressive and untreatable form of lung cancer. An everyday reality in Turkey are the work accidents that are mostly due to negligence and a lack of precautions. İbrahim begins toying with idea of suicide, seeing that the subsequent blood money will be the only solution to bring some prosper to his family.

The attention to details transform the construction site into an even much darker place. Three people die every day in work accidents in Turkey, the highest figure in Europe and the third highest in the world, he said. He believes that making such a film brings with it responsibilities and that he had to be sensitive in depicting the working class. Both filmmakers take on the problems of the working class, both display socialist ideals and both depict stories of the underdog.

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Thumbs up for the great work! Quest for Camelot is epic. I love that movie. You did really good on Yuuka.

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She's fantastic. It's amazing , eveyrthing is amazing , the background rules but Yuuka. I've never been so mesmorized or in love!! I LOVE the pic!!!! Second Hokage is the First Hokage. The new Akatsuki?


Lee on 5 bottles of Sake? He himself with a gas cooker?

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I love her outfit! Something tells me though, that if she really does take after her father that much, she would strive to become even better than him even if he were alive. Nice job.

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This picture is so cool! I think that it's sweet how he's watching over her. The village looks great!! Lol Quest For Camelot is an excelent movie!! Grazie amico. Addictedtolifee Featured By Owner Jan 3, I am in love with Quest for Camelot! I was Kayley for Halloween one year!! Anyways, really, really good! Ekastle Featured By Owner Sep 16, Hi Memoriez!

Just wanted to say that you're really talented. The song "On My Father's Wings is really beautiful"!

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