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Maps, bibliography, and index. Response by Scott Soo, University of Southampton. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, New York and London: W. Maps, figures, chronology, notes, and bibliography. Review by Sarah Hanley, University of Iowa. Acknowledgments, illustrations, maps, tables, notes, bibliography and index. Review by Bertie Mandelblatt, University of Toronto.

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  • La presse francophone en ligne. Histoire Junior. Un magazine fait par des jeunes! In contrast to our author, Chaucer considered Cleopatra a good woman. Walter W. Skeat, 2nded. It is noteworthy that the part concerning good women contains over twice as many non-Biblical exempla as the first and is longer, even though it has six fewer chapters : the author's or second redactor's enthusiasm seems to have increased as he progressed in his compiling. The non-Biblical exempla may be analyzed according to origin of source as :. Most of the non-Biblical exempla are of an anecdotal type ; a few perhaps come from the author's personal experience.

    The second largest number of non-Biblical exempla were taken from classical antiquity. The author may have found these in the sources just suggested or he may have had at hand the same works which these compilers used, such as the Facta et Dicta Memorabilium of Valerius Maximus, the letters or the Tractatus contra Jovinianum of Jerome, the Etymologiae of Isi-.

    This collection contains about two thousand nine hundred exempla Weiter, Exemplum, p. See also L. Hervieux, Les Fabulistes latins Paris, , vol. The tales mentioned in the Miroir which also occur in these works are few in number and were known. The author shows a closer affinity to Jerome and mentions his name asa source more often than any other, except of course the Bible. The Tractatus contra Jovinianum was a rich source of classical references for writers of the Middle Ages.

    In the summary that follows, the Biblical sources of the exempla of each chapter will be indicated at the head of the chapter in the manner of MS P l ; further sources will occasionally be suggested in the footnotes. Miroir des bonnes femmes :. The author explains. See description in part I of this article. The MSS contain almost identical versions of the text. An unfortunate omission occurs in MS P, however, since the twenty-second exemplum of Bad Women is but otherwise it is generally more reliable than MS D as far as grammar, and clarity of sense are concerned. MS D is dated fol. The author implores his readers to shun whatever is evil and to imitate whatever is good.

    In order that they may achieve this goal, he will set down in his little book, first, the stories of the bad women in the Bible, whom God himself reproaches, and, second, the stories of the good women in the Bible, whom God praises. May the readers imitate those women whom God loved. It is especially important for a person of high rank to be without wickedness. The sun cannot hide its rays, for every one feels it and sees it, but a small star is hardly seen at all.

    Following this short introduction D 86 b are thirty- five exempta thirty-six in MS D of bad women taken from the Bible. First exemplum, Gen. Eve was guilty of nine follies : 1 keeping bad company, 2 answering the serpent without due consideration and consultation with her husband, 3 forgetting God's command, 4 looking at the tree of forbidden fruit, i. Second exemplum, Gen. Shortly before the Deluge, women began to call attention to their bodies by means of cosmetics and clothing.

    They thus caused lust in men. For this reason, God shortened the life span of men and brought about the great flood. Third exemplum, Gen. Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt for disobeying God's. Those who disobey God today will also lose the use of their senses and become like stone. Fourth exemplum, Gen. Lot's daughters slept with their father after getting him drunk. Ladies should not drink too much nor consent to share an evil deed, for it required the consent of both sisters to commit the sin against Lot.

    Fifth exemplum, Gen, xxxiv. One must remember how Helen deceived Paris. Sixth exemplum, Gen. Rachel bore two sons to Jacob through God's wish, not because she had begged her husband for children. Since it is a gift of God to be fertile, one must beg no one but God for children. The three virtues of humility, prayer, and charity help bring fertility, while pride takes it away. Witness the virtues of the Virgin Mary and the visitation of angels to Zacha- riah and Abraham.

    While Zachariah was praying, an angel announced to him that Elisabeth would conceive John the Baptist, and Abraham was performing an act of humility and charity when God let him know that Sarah would bear Isaac. Seventhexemplum, Gen. Tha- mar deceived her father-in-law Judahand bore him twin sons. Look now at the results of carnal love and too great desire to have heirs.

    Such children are born against God and cannot rightly receive inheritance. Nicole Bozon described sirens as monstrous mermaids Contes moralises, eds. Lucy T. Eighth exemplum, Gen. Potiphar's wife asked Joseph to lie with her. As Joseph fled from her she seized his garment and used it as evidence to have him imprisoned. Foolish glances and long conversations placed her in error; they are often the occasion of sin. Once a Beguine told a master of divinity that there are two kinds ot stones in the mountain called Libanus.

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    The stones are warm by nature, for when one touches the other, fire leaps forth. But even if iron is cold by nature and a stone likewise, iron can make fire leap from the stone. Mary or Miriam , Moses' sister, was envious of her brother and claimed that God had spoken to her also.

    Although she was a very great lady God punished her by making her leprous. God often punishes great lords and ladies for their wickedness because they are least worthy to live among the good. Tenth exemplum, Numbers xxv. The daughters of Moab were delivered to the Jewish army in order to become whores. Moses then ordered that all those who had permitted this sin be murdered by their relatives.

    Everyone who has the power to prevent sin, and yet does not prevent it, is as guilty as those who commit the act. Eleventh exemplum, Numbers xxv. Phinehas drove his sword through Cozbi and a man from Israel while they were lying together in sin. Phinehas was a good knight but his acquaintances were less good because they allowed sin to be committed.

    In some places whorehouses are more protected than are churches, and a destroyer of whorehouses receives greater punishment than a thief who robs four churches. Twelfth exemplum, Judges v. When his mother asked for him, one of her ladies replied that he was taking care of his prisoners and distributing his booty. The lady falsely made the mother happy, just as flatterers always twist the truth for their own selfish interests. Do not listen to flatterers; pre-.

    The adventure of the cleric and the young and old women may be a variant of the fable of the old man who had two mistresses. It is told by. Crane [London, ], p. Renard deceives the crow by flattery Roman de Renart, ed. P une with e expunctuated. A story about a peasant who is tricked out of his lamb by six men who make him believe it is a dog may be found in Thomas Wright's edition of A Selection of Latin Stories, Percy Society. VIII London, , p. Samson's pagan wife revealed the solution of a riddle to her people and caused Samson to lose thirty pairs of silken and samite robes.

    A wife ought to keep her husband's secrets. To reveal such secrets is one of the most wicked things that a wife can do, for her husband trusts her as he trusts himself. For this very reason Nero banished his wife from Rome. Samson was betrayed by Delilah. Delilah caused Samson's death in order to have a little money.

    There is nothing more outrageous than a covetous, greedy heart. Judas, the worst traitor of all, betrayed Jesus for a little money. A Levite's concubine was raped and killed and thus became the cause of war between two friendly peoples. If this foolish woman had not fled from her lord's house, she would not have met death nor would she have caused such great hatred between good people. Jacques de Vitry relates a somewhat analogous anecdote about a monk who burnt his fingers to protect himself against carnal temptation Exempla, ed.

    Sixteenth exempltun, I Kings i D 97 ; P 71 a-jib. Hannah was given a great son because of her patience while Penninah, who had often arrogantly ridiculed her because of her sterility, bore children who became poverty-stricken. Penninah exemplifies false pride and spite. God wishes to eradicate pride more than anything else in the world and for this reason he does not wish pride to bear fruit in his garden. Antio- chus was a king who died because of immoderate pride '. Now- only his name remains.

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    Phinehas' wife, upon hearing of the death of her husband and brother-in-law, gave birth to a child but died by wounds she inflicted upon herself. One should be careful to see what state a person is in before delivering bad news to him, but one should also love moderately because great sorrow causes children to die and may even prevent a mother from giving birth. David punished the murderers by having their hands and feet cut off. Treason and murder are always found out and punished.

    Michol, Saul's daughter, vainly taunted David and, because of her arrogance, remained without a child for the rest of her life. No woman should despise her lord nor should she be distressed if her lord loves God. Vain persons consider. The allusion to Antiochus probably has as its source the legend of Apollionus of Tyre rather than the Gesta Romanorum tale in the edition available tome : tr. Charles Swan, rev. Brunet [Paris, J, p.

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    • The legend was well known in the Middle Ages. Carrol Marden, ed. El Libro de Apolonio, Ell. David coveted Baths heba and took her from her husband. A holy man became an adulterer and a murderer for having seen Bathsheba in her private quarters- Men should not see women in private unless they are extremely closely related.