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Dora intuits that for her the color navy blue means happiness. She is surrounded by this color in the dream. Spirit is clearly showing her a total happy ending. NOTE: Colors in dreams do have meaning. You have to intuit what each color means for you. DreamChange is a shamanic process in which one can go back into a bad dream or nightmare and change it for the better.

This does make lasting change within the inner-self. I told Dora to imagine that she was back in the last part of the dream.

Nightmares, Naked in Public and Freud: Are You Missing Important Messages in Your Dreams?

Because the navy blue color meant happiness to her, I asked her to breathe the color into her body. I suggested that she feel the happiness and calmness it gave her. She did as I asked. After a few minutes, her face began to look different. More relaxed. After interpreting her dream with the help of her "Voice of Intuition," Dora was no longer paralyzed by fear. She went into action. She sought out legal aid and found an advocate.

The advocate helped her find the orders in her original legal document that were important to take to court.

Even though her son will be eighteen soon, he is still in high school. He intends to go to community college. Therefore, his dad has to continue paying support for him until he is twenty-one. It also turned out that because there was unpaid health insurance, and payments her ex missed, he now has to pay Dora more each month than he had been paying.


Would you like to learn more about how to interpret your nightmares and bad dreams? Would you like to read more case stories about the positive, hidden messages in nightmares? It is absolutely FREE! Get Instant Access. Share this article. Or, if you experience a nightmare about being naked in public, an angel may have sent you those thoughts during your dreams to urge you to pay attention to the shame you feel in your waking life and pursue the healing and confidence God wants you to have.

Once you interpret the message in your nightmare, God wants you to respond to it by taking action.

How to Interpret Guardian Angel Messages in Nightmares

You can pray for your guardian angel to give you the wisdom and courage you need to respond well. For example, if you've had a nightmare about being in a disaster and realize that the problem is a certain bad habit that's out of control in your life such as an addiction to alcohol or a compulsion to overeat , your guardian angel will urge you to take responsibility for your part in the problem, commit to turning away from sin, and turn to God as you work to heal and change. Sometimes your guardian angel will communicate with you in a nightmare with a message from God about reaching out to help someone else.

For instance, you may have a bad dream about a friend or family member who is going through a crisis like a divorce, illness, or unemployment. Or, you may experience a nightmare about an unjust situation that upsets you--such as poverty or crime--and that nightmare's message motivates you to start volunteering time or contributing money to support the cause of working for justice on that issue.

Recurring Bad Dreams

Share Flipboard Email. Whitney Hopler has written on faith topics since Updated April 29, Common nightmares and their meanings include:. Being lost: confusion or conflict that you need to address. After struggling with alcohol and getting sober, I still have dreams where I am dealing with messes and angry people because of alcohol.

Nightmares (The Solution To Bad Dreams) - Teal Swan -

Today, we want to teach you how to apply the art of dream interpretation to your bad dreams so that you come to realize that there really are no bad dreams, only dreams that still need to be understood. Tsunamis and storms are common in dreams for people when they are holding subconscious emotions that are trying to come to the surface. Weather, in general, represents your subconscious emotional state.

Common Bad Dream Meanings

While extreme weather may feel like a bad omen, these dreams are actually telling you to deal with your emotions by facing them instead of stuffing them down. Being chased is a very common nightmare that can cause people to wake up in a panic.

It means your anxiety or thinking about what could go wrong is wreaking havoc on your vision of life and your actions. Being late or forgetting things are common bad dreams that also contain a hidden blessing to show you that the background thoughts running in your mind needs some maintenance. The good news it that this is absolutely something you can shift in meditation.