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However, with a series like House Hunters , HGTV viewers enjoy the vicarious and entertaining experience of choosing a home — from establishing a budget, to touring properties and weighing the pros and cons of each one.

Surprising facts about HGTV 'House Hunters' - INSIDER

To maximize production time, we seek out families who are pretty far along in the process. Often everything moves much more quickly than we can anticipate, so we go back and revisit some of the homes that the family has already seen and we capture their authentic reactions.

Because the stakes in real estate are so high, these homeowners always find themselves RIGHT back in the moment, experiencing the same emotions and reactions to these properties. Home Article 'House Hunters' scandal: Is the show a fake? FB Twitter ellipsis More.

House Hunters July 02, 2019 [FULL EPISODES] Viva Las Retirement

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Popular in Article. This series has been on for over a decade.

Even if you're not thinking about buying a house yourself, there's something so fun about watching other people do it and talk about what changes they'd like to make once they move in. But there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that fans of the show may not be aware of. After all, how real can this show actually be? Here's the scoop on what you might not already know about "House Hunters. According to a statement that HGTV released to Entertainment Weekly in , the people who are chosen to be on "House Hunters" are usually "pretty far along" in the home buying process — sometimes so far along that they've already closed on their new house.

6 surprising things you didn't know about HGTV's 'House Hunters'

Because the stakes in real estate are so high, these homeowners always find themselves RIGHT back in the moment, experiencing the same emotions and reactions to these properties. It's definitely disappointing to find out that we aren't always watching people shop for their new house for the first time, but considering the realities of filming a minute reality show, it does make sense that some of it would need to be planned ahead of time.

And honestly, fans are still getting what they came for: quality house buying entertainment. Isn't that what matters most? Considering that this is such a popular show, it's no surprise that getting cast is usually a long shot. According to Mental Floss, people apply to be on the show every week, so if you're hoping to search for the perfect new house on HGTV, your chances are pretty slim. But it's not just the monetary prize that acts as an incentive for going on "House Hunters" — McKenzie Deakins, who was once on the show, told Utah Valley that there were other perks during filming , too.

If you're feeling bummed about the fact that many of the homes have already been purchased before filming, don't be — according to what Nate Lambert, who was on "House Hunters International," wrote on a blog post on Medium, everything else is true to real life at least, in his family's experience.

'House Hunters' scandal: Is the show a fake?

And if you think "House Hunters" is scripted, think again — Lambert said he and his family were only given a little direction. In , Bobi Jensen, who was on the show, told Hooked On Houses that it was her responsibility to find homes to look for, and when the situation got dire, she was forced to ask her friends if she could pretend to look at their houses on camera — and they weren't even selling them.

Wonder who that voice is giving you all the vital information about the houses in question?