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Jumbari Family Safaris

Because of the heat in Kenya, most PE lessons take place early in the morning or after school. The children are always very excited and enthusiastic when it comes to getting involved with sports — volunteers will not be short of willing participants! Football is a favourite but the children love to experience a variety of sports and our sports coaching programme gives volunteers the flexibility to coach the sports they are most comfortable with. Teaching volunteers work alongside teachers and other volunteers to help manage the demands of educating large classes of mixed students, aged between Volunteers are working in a support role and will not be asked to do anything that they are not comfortable with.

Sports coaching volunteers will generally assist with sporting sessions before and after school, as well as getting involved with PE lessons. Volunteers generally work alongside teachers to deliver games and sessions for the children; the majority of teachers will not specialise in sports coaching, so they will be grateful for support and ideas. Qualifications are not necessary for this role; motivation and a can-do attitude will suffice!

Additionally, we have a fantastic set of coaching resources and tips, on our Volunteer Resource Portal, for you to read through before you go to make sure you are well-prepared. Most of the schools we work with are not government run. They are educational projects which have been set up by well-meaning community figures who want to give children opportunity in life through the provision of an education. Our building programme focuses on developing the facilities at each school so that the children attending can enjoy a better education through improved learning environments.

Large investment is needed at the schools we work with in Kenya because many of the buildings are basic structures and can subside relatively quickly. They often have leaky roofs, missing windows and old paintwork.

Volunteer in Ghana - African Adventures

Prior to working with African Adventures, many classroom interiors were tired and did not have any learning materials on the walls. There is a severe lack of resources at the projects. Many do not have desks, meaning that students sit on the floor.

My African Adventure - Riding Horses in Bamako

Some students will have exercise books and pencils, others will not. In addition, only a few of the projects we work with have electricity and running water. Each classroom will have a blackboard, of varying quality, and sometimes there will be colourful displays on the walls. However, many of the classrooms are mud or iron-cast sheet structures which do not allow a lot of light in, meaning that students at the back of the class may struggle to see what the teacher is doing. Building volunteers support with the improvement of classroom and school building facilities, such as kitchens, IT suites and playgrounds, to allow the children to learn in a better environment.

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Funding for the building work required is provided by African Adventures and African Adventures Foundation , and is organised before travel so that volunteers understand what is expected of them during their trip. Kenya is located in East Africa. Its diverse natural landscape includes wide open savannahs, serene lakes and the Great Rift Valley, home to the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya. While the Central Business District of Nakuru is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, the area we work in is relatively rural.

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The weather is normally hot, but fresh, with average daytime temperatures between degrees Celsius. During the rainy seasons in November and April, there may be short bursts of refreshing rainfall. Kenya is a beautiful, diverse and very friendly country. As a visitor, you will receive a warm welcome — karibu Kenya! Attitudes are generally conservative, with an emphasis on traditional values. Great respect is paid to elders, and public displays of affection are rare.

Meaningful Group Volunteer Trips to Africa

The pace of African life is more relaxed than in Western culture, so take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy! An additional 62 languages are used by different ethnic groups. Kenyan food is healthy and nourishing. A diet staple is ugali, which is quite similar to porridge. This is usually accompanied by a vegetable or bean stew. Rice is another staple, and is usually served with beans. Kenyans will also sometimes have fish or meat as an accompaniment. You may also get the chance to have some delicious fresh fruit such as bananas, melon or oranges while in Kenya.

The legal drinking age is 18, however being drunk is seen as shameful in Kenyan culture, and we ask volunteers to be respectful of this. These projects face chronic underfunding and often lack sufficient classroom space and resources. As a volunteer, you can help by lending teaching support and improving the school environment through renovation.

Includes: Entry fee to The Forest Activity Centre, protective gear, buffet lunch, tree sapling for planting in the forest, trained staff, all transport. Includes: Park entrance fees, safari van and tour guide, three safari drives, accommodation in traditional safari tents, all meals whilst in the park. Includes: All transfers, porters and guides climb, entry to the National Park, all meals for the duration of the climb, accommodation, camping equipment, drinking water.

College and School Expeditions

If you would like more information or to speak to one of our team before booking, please fill in the form below. Destination tick any that apply : Ghana Kenya Zanzibar. Please leave this field empty. Challenge Extreme poverty. Accommodation Shared chalets. Why Kenya?

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Project impact and safaris. Activities include: assisting teachers with lessons for children aged , reading stories, preparing meals, playing games and sports, and general interaction. The enthusiasm from children, who are so eager to learn, makes this role so rewarding. With overcrowding an issue at the projects, improved facilities are needed to accommodate growing numbers and create more learning spaces. Clear progress makes this challenging and rewarding role so worthwhile.

As specialists, we pride ourselves on our excellent pre-departure service and fully inclusive trip packages. Fundraising can be a great way to help you raise your trip costs, and it can actually be a lot of fun, too! The process of fundraising can actually be a valuable process in itself — many of our volunteers tell us that this aspect of the experience was great in terms of learning new skills and getting to know the others within their group. We have years of experience and dozens of ways to help, so always feel free to ask us for support.

From fun events to earning money just by shopping online, we can help you reach your target. There is also a comprehensive Fundraising Support section for you to use on My African Adventure, our online portal. We pride ourselves on our personalised and friendly approach, and we want to be there to support you at every stage of the adventure. And, if you cannot find the information that you are looking for, we are always at the end of the phone and email, to help you out.

Bespoke African Adventures

Please visit your local GP or travel nurse for advice regarding which vaccinations you need. You can also visit www. Most vaccinations needed are available on the NHS. However, you will need to pay for the Yellow Fever vaccination and antimalarial tablets. In a word, yes! At African Adventures, we have organised trips for over 5, volunteers and hold a wealth of experience. From pre-departure support and in-country orientations to knowing nearby hospitals and medical centres, we know how to deliver a safe and exciting experience.

Previous experience has demonstrated that, with the right commitment, enthusiasm, planning and organisation, it is possible to raise the entirety, or a large portion, of the trip funds. We will be available to support you throughout the fundraising stage, with ideas, inspiration and practical advice. Should you find that it is proving too difficult to raise the money required, and you do decide to cancel, you can do so at any time.

Please be aware that the deposit is non-refundable and there are cancellation fees from days prior to departure. Your Name required. Your Email required.