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The old-fashioned cafes and restaurants that are stuck in the past, along with their patrons. Specifically, La Giralda Ave. Tango and the inordinately expensive and touristy steakhouses. Cerveza artesanal craft beer. I love beer, but there is a saturation of hipster beer joints in Buenos Aires, and it's starting to feel a bit unimaginative.

On the corner of Reconquista and Bartolome Mitre streets is Clorindo Testa's extraordinary Bank of London, a fantastical brutalist masterpiece that operates as Banco Hipotecario 's central branch. The general public can visit during banking hours. Book Your Trip. What's new and great in BA?

The Bubble’s Guide to Tinder in Argentina: A Gayer Take on Things

What about a favorite old classic? Vanessa in one of her local cafes. Photo by Paula Salischiker.

Visit South America - The DON'Ts of Visiting South America

The loft at Home hotel. Photo courtesy of Home. What's your local spot? Your favorite local restaurant? What about a restaurant for a splurge? Where do you like to drink? Do you have a favorite local designer? Tell us about your neighborhood. A plate of flan mixto at El Litoral. Photo by Vanessa Bell.

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Take us on your favorite stroll around town. Which hotels do you recommend to visiting friends? Where do you go for inspiration?

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  6. Where do you go to escape? What's the best spot for people watching?

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    What's the best movie about Buenos Aires? Photo courtesy of The Family Coppola.

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    The homemade gnocchi at Caseros. What's the most underrated thing in BA? And the most overrated? What's the current local buzz word? Do you have a favorite local icon? No trip to BA is complete without Dante Liporace, Tarquino , No. Another option is to make my own with the ingredients I like at Valenti Posadas I ask for chitterlings, sweetbreads, top of rib eye or a rump steak paired with one of the best Argentinian wines. Fernando Rivarola, El Baqueano , No.

    The subtropical river system just 30 minutes from Buenos Aires - Rough Guides | Rough Guides

    I like it when it tastes as it should. I order bitter chocolate and lemon or American-style strawberries and cream. Soledad Nardelli, Chila , No. Alicia M.

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    Leandro N. Federico Fialayre, Tomo I , No. My favourite is Volta Av del Libertador Emilio Garip, Oviedo , No. Best sandwiches? You have to try it under on the terrace at La Biela Av.

    Get Cultured: Buenos Aires — A Local Guide to Exploring the Best of the City

    Fernando Trocca, Sucre , No. All the flavours are very good. Juan Gaffuri, Elena , No. The drinks and ambience of this place, reminiscent of the Prohibition era in the US, are one-of-a-kind. The stuffed fugazzeta is unbeatable.