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I know this from my involvement with The golf club game.

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I'm afraid this is gonna be a long drawn out process from patch to patch, we just have to hope that each one is substantial, not convinced they will be though. What the op says about being done with the game before it reaches what it should be is accurate too, and this is why it should not have come onto steam at 30 quid.

Last edited by DoGgs ; 29 Apr am. We got a patch only a few days after release, was that not on PC? Pretty sure it was on all platforms, i'm wagering that was a patch they already had lined up, anything coming now is from recent feedback and will be slower. Originally posted by matt46 :. From my gaming experience I thought patches always came out on pc before to make sure all is ok? Two biggest issues for me - stuttering balls and shot timer.

I had the stuttering ball issue, turning off real time reflections in graphics options cured it. You really do not need it turned on, its nothing special. Originally posted by jinx :. Originally posted by DoGgs :. Boldson View Profile View Posts. I have some more concerns AI is is over the place this needs sorting. Your never win unless your an expert against top 20 or more There is no top view I go to customize my player and the only shirt is white Commentry sucks.

Wrong lines to what is happening There is no one in the auidence even on qualifying Auidence sounds are so low you cant herar them hardly on a good note the game plays so smooth. You guys really need to patch this game loads. No proper qualifying tables to see who won and who you are playing next.

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Looking for a unique way to raise money for your school, youth sports team, church, or any other organization? We can help! Did the developer not plan the development process out right? Aren't they supposed to be professionals at this exact thing? Aside from how it might make us feel, there are some more practical problems with these gigantic patches. Not all Internet connections are created equal. If you're fortunate enough to live in a big city with access to 60 Megabit cable or Megabit fiber, then patches are merely an inconvenience.

What if you live out in the sticks? You're already bored because, let's be honest, going outside is the worst. Everything outside is just horrible. Including the wire that brings the world into your house via your cable box. If you live out that far, your Internet connection might be limited to 4 Megabit — that's the FCC's definition of broadband as of It might be even slower and fit the previous definition, which was "faster than dial-up and always on.

Assuming you gave the download on the patch for the game you just got in the mail full access to your Internet connection, your sister wasn't trying to Skype with her BFF that's what teens do when they're not texting, right?

What Can Happen If You Use Too Many Nicotine Patches?

Even if your Internet connection is zippy, there's another problem: The transfer cap. That pesky monthly limit on how many 1s and 0s you're allowed to get from the Internet. American ISPs have been instituting transfer caps as a way to avoid spending money better used for making forts out of on expanding their network capacity.

Comcast's caps of GB or more are, really, more than enough for most people. Most people aren't buying multiple games off Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One's digital marketplaces in a given month in addition to all the streaming and less savory uses. Then there are other parts of the world.

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In New Zealand, for example, transfer caps are very much a reality. Most of the Internet is — surprise — not in New Zealand, and international data costs money. As a result, New Zealanders aren't allowed to just download the entire Internet. These kinds of limits make downloading games entirely out of the realm of reason, and even a patch like the Dead Rising 3 update we talked about earlier is going to bite a huge chunk out of a cap like that.

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A slower Internet connection might not stop someone from playing multiplayer, but a patch too big for their internet connection or transfer cap to handle definitely will. Some games are just plain unfinished. Forza Motorsport 5 was playable while the 6GB day one patch downloaded, but the patch was required to continue playing the game. We haven't yet found a game that is entirely unplayable without a day one content patch, but it feels like it's only a matter of time.

I'm not sure how often this is happening, but it's a very real thing. Peggle 2 , for example, recently had a 2GB patch that added in the fairly simple duel mode. More importantly, though, it also included all the data for the new downloadable content pack. Peggle , that shifty trickster, isn't the only game guilty of this. That massive Dead Rising 3 patch included "content for DLC episodes 4 and 5," according to the patch notes.