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A rough day meant the waves broke over your shins instead of your ankles. As a teenager I began to read surf books. I wanted a storm-born swell that rolled for a thousand miles and broke over coral, and I wanted to see somebody, preferably a Hawaiian, ride the thing like he was taking communion. Come summer, the old habit tends to resurface.

Surfing lends itself well to literature. Set in Huntington Beach, the seedy heartland of California surfing, Tapping the Source is about the corruption of an ideal. The plotline here is pitch black: a sister goes missing in Huntington Beach; her brother leaves their inland desert home to search for her; he uncovers unspeakable acts, then commits a few of his own. Both are set at the extremes of California, The Dogs of Winter in the northern reaches of the state, and Tijuana Straits in the desert-meets-sea southern borderlands.

This is rugged, hard-fought territory, and the locals tend to be suspicious of, or downright hostile to outsiders. Barbarians at the gate—or inside the gate as the case may be—is an important theme in surf literature. There are only so many good breaks; aficionados work hard to keep them under wraps. It also had the best opening credits in TV history. Winton renders this period of discovery and distancing beautifully.

His language is precise and evocative and wistful in perfect measure, and the rugged sea- and landscapes of Western Australia have rarely, if ever, been captured so vividly. Avalon was spunky, out-spoken and a talented photographer if only she'd find the "spark" to take her pictures beyond just commercial.

We do see her character grow but the big focus of the novel was Tanner and him keeping the big, dirty secret he was carrying about his father. Understandably, Tanner was angsty and had a huge chip on his shoulders. Then, he had to deal with his half-brother Mako showing up in town threatening to reveal everything.

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And, oh that Mako--his name means shark and he definitely had shark-like tendencies. He was the villain but I felt sorry for him. He got the crappier end of an already crappy deal. He's a character you're going to love to hate I did feel that the romance did take a bit of a back seat to the drama. After all the drama about Tanner's dad and Mako wanting his revenge, I thought their romantic relationship needed a bit more developing [outside the bedroom] before they reach that ultimate HEA point in their relationship.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Riding the Wave. It is more drama and angst-heavy than other contemporary romances I've read recently but the surfing and the lovely beach town setting added a refreshing facet to the story. You don't have to like surfing to enjoy this book. Bring it with you to the beach or the pool!

Jun 02, Margie rated it liked it Shelves: adult-lit. Tanner Wright is a pro surfer that has come home to win the World Championship, and also face what he's been running away from for the last 10 years. A family secret so hurtful that the burden of keeping it has caused him a lot of distress and to push away his love ones in fear that he might slip and tell. But his father is gone now, and that might make it easier for him to come home and keep it all together to accomplish his win and then leave again. Hoping that when he does, the secret will die with him and no one will ever have to know.

Until that secret is threatened to be leaked to the media. Now Tanner has to do what he can to do what is right for everyone in his life. It helps that Avalon is right by his side Avalon has always had a crush on Sage's brother. But being much younger, and never having a steady home life with her mom, she's always been able to blend in with the Wright family, Tanner and Sage's mom, Eileen, becoming her second mom. She would never do anything to jeopardize their relationships - it's the only solid thing she's ever had in her life.

Now that she has moved back 'home' after finishing school and her boyfriend breaking-up with her, she is even more determined to embrace how lucky she is to have the Wright family to go back to. Until the opportunity to bump up her career is handed to her - she is to follow Tanner for the month until the Championship and capture all the pictures that she can for a magazine editorial portraying his career and, hopefully, his win.

Can Avalon and Tanner keep their relationship strictly business and family orientated I really enjoyed every single character, good and bad, in this story. Tanner was handsome and full of himself, his attitude was typical guy but he has such a huge caring heart, and I instantly fell for him too. Avalon was sweet and carefree, she knew her flaws and did the best she could without needing anything from anyone - I really adored her. However, I felt that there wasn't enough. Their romance felt flat to me.

I didn't feel the spark between them - don't get me wrong, there was a physical spark that no one can deny, and that was fun. But I didn't feel that genuine spark of their true need for each other. I wish there was more details, more heart into it I also wish the author would have gone deeper with the revelation, everyone's reaction didn't give the story the climax I was expecting.

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Even though everyone is described as being down-to-earth and rational, I still feel like this would have had a bigger impact and that even calm people have a right to overreact and show their feelings. Everyone was constantly holding back or being held back. I would have liked more details, I am a very visual person and always strive on more of everything. In the end, I truly enjoyed the story, the beach scene and surf, the amazing characters, and highly recommend it for those looking for a quick summer read.

An eARC was given for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Jan 15, Alexa rated it liked it Recommended to Alexa by: Estelle. Shelves: read-in My favorite part definitely has to be the chemistry between Tanner and Avalon who have awesome names, by the way. I enjoyed reading their romance, even when it got super steamy. There was a touch too much drama for me at one point, and I was a teensy bit annoyed by it, but overall, very fun!

It's the first book I've written involving surfers and surfing that I've ever truly enjoyed, which is certainly remarkable. I devoured this one in the course of half a day, and it left me with images of cold drinks, warm sun, hot sand and refreshing waves lapping against the shore. Oh, and did I mention the steamy romance?

What makes this novel wonderful is that it's just plain fun to read. Sure, there are serious issues afoot - Tanner's knowledge of his father's illegitimate child, his subsequent distance from his mother and sister to protect them are just two of many more. But really, my favorite part is the romance! The chemistry and romantic tension between Tanner and Avalon two really awesome names, by the way is seriously smoking hot. It helps that I liked both characters a lot as individuals: Tanner, the brooding, hot surfer boy with mad skills, and Avalon, the cheerful observer who worms her way into situations so that she can help with a solution.

But seriously, they had some pretty steamy moments that left me blushing on the subway as I read them! I have a very minor gripe with this novel, mostly having to do with the drama. It was escalated every now and again until it finally hit its stride, only to peter out in a way that didn't seem to warrant the amount of build-up. I'd have preferred a teensy bit more of a resolution with a certain issue, if you ask me. It pleases me that Riding the Wave is the first in the series, since there are a few secondary characters like Sage that I wouldn't mind getting to know a little better!

I liked this one a whole lot. If you're searching for a new summer romance to take to the beach or on vacation to wherever , then Riding the Wave could possibly be the one for you. Jan 08, Ginger at GReadsBooks. If you're looking for an adult summer romance to entertain you for an afternoon, I recommend checking out this book. Full review below This is one wave you don't want to miss!

Lorelie Brown creates an addicting, and oh so steamy story about a guy who's surfing career may be on its way out, while the girl is just starting to get her toe 3. Lorelie Brown creates an addicting, and oh so steamy story about a guy who's surfing career may be on its way out, while the girl is just starting to get her toes wet in the professional world of photography.

Immediately I could picture this southern California beach-side town and the characters who inhabited its surf-side residence. I found myself longing to step foot in the warm golden sands while watching a hot surfer or two glide across the majestic waves. Tanner has been away from his family ever since his dad unknowingly revealed one of his dirty little secrets with him. Now that his father is no longer alive, he resurfaces again in sunny southern California to reclaim his title among the surfing gods. Avalon has taken up residence in Tanner's family home, where they've welcomed her with open arms since she was a young girl.

As she's trying to pull away from the debilitating home she grew up in, she's also got a shot at photographing one of the world's most famous surfers, Tanner Wright, for a major campaign deal. Between these two characters there's a lot of history and built up tension. It creates the perfect recipe for a very delicious romance.

What begins as just a one time thing with no emotions involved, escalates into a full-fledged romance with the potential to damage some serious hearts. Will Tanner stick around after the surfing contest, or catch the next wave out of town? Can Avalon believe what her heart is trying to tell her, or stay hidden behind the camera lens, watching the world go by? This adult contemporary romance is the perfect read to devour on a hot, lazy summer afternoon, transfixing you to the California coast.

May 25, Mona rated it it was amazing. A ride not short of Amazing. Loved this book.. A hidden secret he was keeping from his family. It was his fathers and if his mother and sister found it, well he just could not fathom it. He ran into Avalon Knox who was living with his family. Avalon Knox could not believe Tanner was back home she had such a crush o A ride not short of Amazing. Avalon Knox could not believe Tanner was back home she had such a crush on him.

She still did. Now she was offered a big photograph job and it was featuring him. It was a very important job for her.

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He was however the Pro surfer now back for a big world championship on the line. She had to capture the best shots. He was not happy, but they made it work. A little closeness is evident and becomes a little more. It didn't go too smoothly at first. They needed to work there differences out. When Avalon tried to make things easier it just caused more problems. In the long run Tanner helped her and well you definitely need to read to see where it goes. When the secret comes out it get's interesting.

See what happens you won't be disappointed and might shock you too. Love Lorelie Brown's writing. Kept me interested all the way through the book. Looking forward to more books. Aug 20, Barb rated it did not like it Shelves: romance. Author has a limited vocabulary and the words she chooses are inappropriate. She uses too many dirty words when a more subtle approach would have worked just as well.

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It feels like she wrote the book and it ended after 50 pages so she threw in one sex scene after another to get her page requirement. Nov 09, Tressa rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-finish , romance. I liked the setting and the surfing in Riding the Wave , but I became frustrated with the characters. I felt that they all could have communicated better. Also, the pacing in the story felt off for me. I ended up not finishing this book, but I do plan on reading another by Lorelie Brown. Dec 12, Josephine added it Shelves: dnf. Unfortunately, while I quite liked Tanner, I didn't believe that there was any chemistry between him and Avalon.

Apr 13, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: sports-romances. I've gotta read more books from this author.

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The book flowed so well that I barely realized how quickly I got through it. Although, I had hoped the next story would be Jack and Sage's. Jul 05, Laura rated it it was amazing. LOVED this! Review to come! Jun 12, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: romance-contemporary. An okay read. For the storyline, I was hoping this would be a little grittier, perhaps, but nope, it's just a nice romance with a few rough parts. Jun 18, Sharon rated it liked it.

Full review to come. May 03, Danielle rated it liked it. A new series that I am looking forward to!! I think I have a thing for surfers now!! Adriane Marshall rated it really liked it Dec 26, Susan rated it really liked it Aug 21, Cynthia rated it liked it Nov 22, Tracy rated it liked it Aug 24, Dee rated it it was ok Dec 30, Shay rated it it was ok Sep 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Lorelie Brown. Lorelie Brown. Because going from California warmth to northern snow seemed like the proper order of events Writing romance helps her escape a house full of testosterone.

In her immense free time hah! Lorelie co-writes contemporary erotic romance under the name Katie Porter. You can also contact Lorelie on Twitter LorelieBrown. Other books in the series. Pacific Blue 3 books. Books by Lorelie Brown. Trivia About Riding the Wave No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. With all the water coming towards shore via waves, that water needs a way to get back out to sea.

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This is how riptides form. In the top photo to the left you can see a low tide beach scene. The sand bar is visible along with a break in the bar caused by the water heading back out to sea that pulls sand with it. Since the water is deeper over the break in the bar, waves will be less likely to break there.

A rip tide is a great place to choose to paddle out. Not only is the current going to take you out to sea, you will also likely have fewer waves coming at you to have to duck-dive or turtle-roll.

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When sitting in the lineup looking for a wave to catch, you want to avoid sitting in a rip tide for the same reason : waves will be less likely to break there and those that do will usually be choppy from all the outrushing water. If it has been a long time since a swell or storm has broken up the sand bottom then the sand can settle and flatten which means that breaking waves will be more likely to close out — meaning to break all at once without any opportunity for a long ride. Other factors such as piers, jetties, and storm drains may dictate what may happen to a sand bar and also where the rip tides form.

Those factors can create a more consistent sand bar which is why you often see surfers crowding these areas. Beach breaks are great for learning because there is little to worry about in the way of obstacles such as rocks and reefs. Waves will be breaking in multiple places which helps spread out the crowd. Also the waves are usually consistent, giving beginners plenty of tries to get the hang of surfing and more advanced surfers plenty of waves to practice on. Often times waves breaking over a reef have more power because when the swell energy approaches the reef, the abrupt change in bottom material or depth creates a more hollow wave.

Reef breaks are more predictable than beach breaks. The takeoff spot rarely varies very much so you can study where the waves are breaking, look towards the beach, choose a lineup marker palm tree, hotel, lifeguard tower etc. Reef breaks typically have a consistent channel allowing you to paddle out easily. Since the takeoff spot is so predictable, crowds can often be more of an issue at a reef break than they would be at a shifty beach break. While the potentially sharp and hard bottom of a reef break makes these spots more suited to more advanced surfers, there are some user-friendly waves that do break over reef.

If you are used to surfing beach breaks reef breaks are a great way to switch it up.