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Stocks reached record highs after testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell bolstered the case for easier monetary policy in the U. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta — who as a prosecutor cut a deal that spared financier Jeffrey Epstein of federal charges a decade ago — is answering reporters' questions for the New York Sen. The wealth tax proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren has sparked a fierce — and increasingly personal — debate between the party's traditional academic elite and the darlings of Washington, D.

IAC Chairman Barry Diller said that Netflix has such a large head start that competing streaming services won't be able to catch up. Tom Steyer released two national TV ads to launch his presidential campaign amid a crowded Democratic field. The announcement comes amid growing investor concerns that assets are priced insecurely because of certain climate risks that are not being factored in. Fed officials saw last month the case for easier monetary policy gain momentum, minutes from the central bank's June meeting showed.

From a distance, the midterm election campaign poses a mystery: With the economy so good, why are prospects for President Donald Trump 's party so bad? But a closer look solves it.

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The difference between those two things reflects the income inequality that has defined America's modern economy. The positive news Wall Street savors — robust corporate profits, rising stock prices, surging output growth — deliver the greatest rewards to a relatively modest share of more affluent Americans. Ultimately for those folks, the question is, are those paycheck-to-paycheck dynamics getting better? The recent rise in oil price illustrates the divergence.

Good for capital investment, job creation, and stock values in the energy sector; bad for average families as higher gas prices erode their wage increases.

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That's why Democratic candidates more than Republicans emphasize steps Congress and the Trump administration have taken to roll back Obamacare. Those steps fuel health insurance premium increases that further erode wage gains. In a recent survey for the Democratic Senate campaign, Garin asked voters across 13 Senate battleground states which set of economic facts is most important: big increases in jobs and middle-class tax cuts, or wages not keeping up with inflation and health costs.

A 62 percent majority — including 91 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of independents and 34 percent of Republicans — chose the latter. It's because it doesn't work. Instead, Republicans in close races look for traction on other issues.

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As it happens, culture-war attacks like that often alienate better-educated, upscale voters who have benefited from tax cuts and swelling portfolios. Trump and Republican candidates have hemorrhaged support from white college graduates. The decades-long stagnation in working-class incomes has repeatedly rattled whichever party holds power. In , voters frustrated over the economy fueled Ross Perot's independent candidacy and Bill Clinton's victory over President George H.

In and , as Obama struggled through the aftermath of recession, they ousted Democrats from control of Congress. In , what Trump called "the forgotten people" in Midwestern states made him president despite Hillary Clinton's arguments that Democratic policies had yielded "real progress" for America's economic recovery. That doesn't mean accelerating growth and reduced unemployment doesn't help limit Republican vulnerabilities.

Ready access to jobs relieves stress for some hard-pressed voters and improves assessments of the nation's direction, though a majority still considers America "on the wrong track. It also creates an opening for Republicans to argue their policies will eventually fatten the pocketbooks of average families even if they haven't already. Their candidates have just over seven weeks to make the case. We haven't finished yet. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. In this episode, Mr.

Krabs has a mid-life crisis when he realizes that he is old.

Mid-Life Crustacean

Krabs is walking along the street, and denies that he is old, but then discovers a boy-scout fish is helping him across the street. When Mr. Krabs tries to walk off, his arm comes off into the boy-scout's hands, and Mr. Krabs apologizes. As Mr. Krabs continues to walk to the Krusty Krab, a fish walking behind him complains that he is walking slowly.

Krabs tries to walk faster but can't, so the fish overtakes him, and informs him that he's had his blinker on for the past 5 blocks, and as it turns out, he has blinkers on his buttocks. Krabs continues walking, a ball that a group of kids were playing with rolls by him. He asks to join their game, but the children are embarrassed, and walk off saying 'why do old people always have to ruin the fun? Krabs walks past a line of elderly fish, and one of them thinks Mr. Krabs was trying to cut the line. When he looks up, it appears as though the line is for the Bikini Bottom Cemetery, although Mr.

Krabs just didn't notice there was a small ice-cream stand just in front of the cemetery. At the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs is feeling upset, when he overhears a child complaining that his Krabby Patty tastes funny.

Welcome to Beatport

His mother tells him that it's 'all old and dried out, like that man right there' as she points at Mr. This makes Mr. Krabs even more upset, and as the child is going to throw the Patty away, Mr. Krabs extends his arm out and grabs it from the tray. He talks to the Patty, saying that they are two of a kind, and he takes a bite out of the Patty, then pauses and says 'so that's what I taste like?

Patrick enters the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob yells at him from the kitchen, asking if he is ready for the big night out, and Patrick yells back saying he is, they continue to yell about it, while Mr. Krabs listens to them, until eventually Squidward yells at them to stop them from yelling. They continue the conversation in the kitchen, and Mr. Krabs eavesdrops on them from the door to his office. Patrick says 'we're young, we've got wheels, the world is our oyster! Krabs' eyes move closer and closer, until they are on either side of SpongeBob's face, and Patrick notices him.

Baron - Feeling It

Krabs asks them if he could come with them on their night out, but Patrick thinks he might cramp their 'style' and he tests Mr. Krabs to see if he knows the "secret cool guy hand shake. Krabs simply shakes his hand and says how do you do, and Patrick says he's in. Krabs tells them to show up at his house at , and SpongeBob warns him that they are always fashionably late. There is a time card that reads ' PM' and Mr. Krabs' doorbell rings.

He answers it and it is SpongeBob and Patrick. SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs if he is ready to party, and he says he is and then asks Patrick if he is ready to party. Patrick says he is ready to party, and then asks SpongeBob if he is ready to party. SpongeBob says he is ready to party, and then asks Mr. Krabs if he is ready to party. Patrick says he's ready to party not parTAY, perhaps because he is dumb , and then he asks Mr. Krabs if he is ready to party, and he says he is ready to party.

He is about to ask either SpongeBob or Patrick if they are ready to party, but Pearl runs past telling them to stop and that her dad is embarrassing her. Krabs asks them what kind of hot rod they will be cruising in, and SpongeBob says they will be riding a powerful chick magnet called 'the underwater heartbreaker. Krabs calls it a chick repellent.

He notices there are only two seats, but SpongeBob says he has modified it himself. He actually just attached a small red cart to the end of it for Mr. Krabs to sit in. As they are riding, two young adult fish drive by in a sports boat, and one of them comments on their bike by saying they must be lost, and that 'Doofus Drive is around the corner.

The fish then replies 'So long, dorks! Krabs comments that they used to beat people up for saying things like that. They arrive at The Wash! Krabs thinks it is a club with a strange name. He tells SpongeBob and Patrick he is nervous, as he hasn't been 'on the scene' for a while, and SpongeBob tells him to follow their lead and keep it cool.