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Eggman appears in a small space pod to deploy bombs and obstacles at Sonic. Destroying bombs and obstacles rewards the player with stars. After arriving at the space station, Eggman will then attack with his space pod by firing projectiles or homing missiles at Sonic's spaceship after landing one of three hits. If the player defeats Eggman, he will pull back and return with a large, green space armor on his pod. The player has to destroy the homing arms of the space armor before finishing him. If the player manages to destroy Eggman's space armor, the player is rewarded with a ship upgrade [2] and Sonic will complete his mission to save the animal friends while Eggman flies away.

Depending on how well the ride has been completed, the arcade ride rewards the player with a rating from one to five stars. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Sonic and his red spaceship. Sonic and the Animals at the end of the ride.

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Retrieved on 25 February Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off video games. Categories :. Photo showing the cabinet of the arcade ride. Sonic about to take off in his spaceship. Unlike the rest of her family, Pearl Wolfbane is neat and tidy and is delighted to note that everyone else in Primrose D This is Arf's first novel-length adventure, for a slightly older age group, and is a perfect summer read.

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Arf expects to Bryony is constantly eclipsed by her all-singing, all dancing mum and talented sisters: otherwise known as The Singing B Our hero is Jess, the long-suffering apprentice to the demanding and rather self-centred witches, Agnes Moonthistle and A page-turning thriller from an acclaimed writer. Set in ancient Egypt, this is the story of a young boy, Varro, and his George and his friends have won an incredible prize, the chance to visit the Berners-Lee space station for a special ove Six memorable short stories, never before published in a collection.

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When Alex is sent to Golden B In his third adventure, poltergeist When Alex visits the pet shop Class Six are back, and they're on a mission: keep that nosy Mrs Knowall from finding out that their school is secretly Things are not going well for Jackson 'Jax' Hibert. He wanted to fit in at his new school but now everyone knows he's a Spooker is back for a new school year at the Anne Boleyn Secondary School, and now that the wicked Sir Rupert is out of Sharon is chased by bullies who think that she is a bore, and Ellie is chased by villagers who think she's a witch.

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Black Cats by Kaye Umansky 0 review. Main Series Other Titles. Lynch 1. Book 1.

Black Cats

I am a Tree. Book 2. Book 3. Bryony Bell's Star Turn. Book 4. Under the Spell of Bryony Bell. Book 5.

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Cry in the Dark. Book 6. Arf and the Tarantula. Book 7. Time and Again.

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Book 8. Dying to Meet You. Book 9. The Ramsbottom Rumble. Book Spook School. Footsteps in the Fog. Quirky Times at Quagmire Castle. The Honourable Ratts. Dicing with Death. James and the Alien Experiment. Planimal Magic.

The Twins, the Ghost and the Castle. Bug Eyed Monsters. The Gorgle. Class Six and the Nits of Doom. The Spoon of Doom.

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Dan and the Dead. Galaxy Patrol. The Joke Factory. Calamity Kate. Drucilla and the Cracked Pot. Billy Angel. Leif Frond and the Viking Games. Leif Frond and Quickfingers. The Monster of Shiversands Cove. Captain Codswallop and the Flying Kipper.