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Ethnicities are mixing now, so there's degeneration, and it didn't used to be like that. Remember how many beautiful women there were in the s and s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this. I love the Nordic image myself. I realize that just like everyone reading about Human Barbie, I had had a simple narrative prepared in my head: A small-town girl grows up obsessed with dolls, etc.

Instead, I get a racist space alien. Valeria innocently daubs her face with powder. The future Barbie was born nowhere near Malibu. Valeria hails from Tiraspol, a gloomy city in Europe's poorest country, Moldova. Valeria remembers both her Siberian-born grandfather and her father as very strict and began to rebel at the usual age of Stage one involved dyeing her hair, which is naturally a low-key shade of brown.

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Valeria went for the goth look first—about the farthest you could get from Barbie. She wore all-black clothes to accentuate her very white skin. Kids at school began to tease her. Look, a witch! At 15, traumatized by the name-calling, she doubled down: bracelets with sharp two-inch spikes, artificial fangs. She was dismissed from a school choir for standing bolt upright when the singers were instructed to sway; in different circumstances, this budding nonconformism could have brought her straight into Pussy Riot.

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova: see the before and after photos

Instead, she began modeling, small-time stuff, and learned to apply makeup and hair dye in increasingly theatrical ways. Valeria was less interested in attracting men than in repelling them: "A dude would try to talk to me on the street and I'd be like" she switches to a raspy basso" 'Oh, honey, aren't I glad I had that operation.

Whatever ideas of beauty and identity she had had before, Odessa would warp further. The city fizzes with sex, but not in the fun way of, say, Barcelona or even Moscow. Sex is an industry here, and sometimes, amid the scuffed nineteenth-century splendor of its seaside boulevards, it feels like the only industry left. Hundreds of "marriage agencies," devoted to finding Western husbands for girls from all over Ukraine, operate here.

Their websites, in halting English, promise the customer the kind of femininity the West has supposedly lost: fragile, pliable, submissive. Fully posable. Odessa girls—often beautiful, often model beautiful—don't just dress to impress. They dress to attract the right kind of attention, pre-rebuff the local losers, and thwart ruthless competition all at once. Valeria is the ultimate demonstration of what a Ukrainian woman is willing to do to herself.

I bet she is exactly what men dream about. Online, in Facebook pictures and on the many Ukrainian sites and message boards devoted to hating on Valeria, you can watch that dream evolve. Arranged by year, the photos tell the story of a transformation all the more thrilling because you know the ending. Here she is on some guy's lap, different-looking nose, flatter chest—but the glassy doll stare and the tilted head are there, in beta, being tested out. It's like a superhero-origin story. And then, the spider-bite moment: going blonde.

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Within a month of dyeing her hair platinum, she caught the eye of Dmitry, the son of one of her father's closest friends. Dmitry was a rarity: a wealthy local. A construction mogul, he had erected some of Odessa's largest hotels. After the two got together, Valeria's metamorphosis picked up pace.

Valeria (telenovela)

The breast implants, the only surgery she will cop to, appeared in the photos soon after. The Barbification was complete. Lukyanova, after going blonde; The evolution: testing out her vacant gaze; swimming with newly added flotation. Valeria informs me that we're going to a movie theater in a nearby mall. Walking the dark Odessa downtown with the Human Barbie flips on all my protective and fearful circuits at once.

Everyone looks. Leather-jacketed youths stare heavily, meaningfully. Kids stare, which is somehow worse. Women stare, too. But here's the thing—other women's looks are largely approving. Valeria's waist is basically a sock of skin around her spinal cord. She said we were going to see "five-dimensional movies" that play in a kind of indoor roller-coaster imitator.

Seats list and rumble in time with the action, and whenever possible a water mist spritzes you from below the screen. Valeria and Olga take a long time thoughtfully browsing through the movies, most of which they have seen, and pick three.

I am used to working on short notice. I can prepare a concert also within a couple of weeks, with a few focused rehearsals. I am used to remote working with recordings and, if present, written scores.

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If needs be, I am available to move for short or long periods wherever a project is taking life. To prevent spam, please choose a question below and solve the simple quiz. Toggle navigation Valeria Conte. About current Listen Collaborations Contacts.

Valeria Clarinetta Conte Valeria Clarinetta Conte Clarinetist, improviser, ethnomusicologist, composer, vocalist, designer. Photo by Aaro Keipi. Valeria Conte's Collaborations. I am always available for new and interesting collaborations. Don't hesitate to contact me! Contacts I am used to working on short notice. Image: facebook. Valeria mentioned that she likes her natural beauty and shares it with her fans.

Being a vegetarian, she follows a special nutrition system that helps to keep her body fit. The Human Barbie studies foreign languages and sings songs in Spanish.

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

One should also note that she is also a composer. She took some lessons in DJing and does it pretty well up to now. Regarding her appearance, Valeria Lukyanova uses fewer cosmetics than before and looks even more attractive and natural. Ask Legit. Image: flickr. Image: instagram. Source: Legit Nigeria. Tags: Celebrities.

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