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But then, in the middle of the night, everyone sees Aladdin opening the trunk and putting the gauntlet in his right hand.

It turns out Mozenrath is in Aladdin's body. Aladdin and Mozenrath agree that they have to reverse the spell. They have to use the Elixir of Life. The group flies off to a temple where the Elixir of Life should be. When they get there, they run into a group of worms guarding the cup of elixir. After getting rid of the worms, Aladdin is about to drink the elixir, but then his hand starts shaking and Mozenrath tells him that once they drink it, he will be in Aladdin's body and Aladdin will be in his body.

Then Aladdin freezes and inside his body, he begins fighting Mozenrath. Mozenrath at first seems to be winning, but Aladdin soon finds that his spirit has its own magical power. After a small battle, Aladdin drives Mozenrath's spirit away. After waking up, Aladdin drinks the elixir and Mozenrath leaves his body and returns to his original one, which is returned to its normal height. He and Xerxes end up in a cage with the group taking his gauntlet, telling him that it's bad for his health. Genie puts balloons on the cage and it flies off. Then the worms return for the cup and Aladdin puts it back in its place.

The group leaves while the cup fills up with liquid potion. Do you enjoy fun? Well then I have a book for you. It was my favourite book read in Arthur Jenkins would have been happy to live his life the way it was until he finally died, but the angel in his office has different ideas. After all, what grown man would want to be a barbarian hero? Whether he wants it or not, Arthur is getting that wish granted. Angels have quotas too, you know. Join Arthur, Dead Mike and Valeria the Paladin on a quest across the land, having unwanted adventures while looking for a comfy place to sit.

John Haas has a fantastic imagination, great sense of humour, and wonderful understanding of narrative flow. Joe Mahoney is an author published by Five Rivers Publishing.

Fantasy Guild Series

Such a great guy and fantastic to talk to! You should buy his book! Author Kaitlin Caul dressed glamorously for Can-Con — just look at her beautiful scorpion jewelry! Borrowed from Usborne Books. These statistics are my educated guess. Until you publish something else and if they actually liked it they might buy the next one.

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I see what some fantastic authors do to encourage their book sales and I feel like I should be doing more. More writing, more advertising, more promotion, more writing, more events, more submitting to review, and did I say more writing? An excellent guide to the care and feeding of a writer by Agarthan Guide.

The real problem with writing, novels specifically, is the speed of return. I so envy my friends who write fanfiction and can receive almost immediate feedback and love.

Jasmine Plays Her Hand

This week marks the four year anniversary of me starting to write Everdome. It will hopefully be published in either or The tourism PEI website was incredibly helpful in planning a 3-day itinerary. Cavendish, PEI. Image from www. Day one — Cavendish, Avonlea, and New London. Day three — Charlottetown for the musicals. Yes, there are two. Personally, I would stay an extra day just so I can see both. After that, the dates and times change and are not on the website.

Please note, the Guild does not allow children under the age of 4. Are you interested in travelling to PEI?

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I met them at Can-Con in when they only had a handful of books. I pitched my first novel to them. Lust and Lemonade can be purchased through Renaissance Press. Before writing Lust and Lemonade, I was primarily a romance and erotica writer. I delved into the lives of men and the ones that loved them, set in mythical worlds with otherworldly beings. The men fought for each other with every fibre of their being, using their magic to save the day and save the man they loved. I knew gay men being one myself.

But as I continued to write, other characters wanted to come onto the page, too. One of them was a woman named Poppy and she was pregnant. She was also a lesbian.

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I relied on my beta reader for info on the female gender and about what is involved with having a lesbian relationship. I was in uncharted waters and Google would only take me so far.

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I had written women characters before, but the focus was always on the men and the relationships they were having. Lust and Lemonade was the first of my novels to feature strong women in lesbian relationships. As I kept writing, I began to realise something. Two of my characters were transgender. If I had no concept of lesbian relationships, I had absolutely zero idea about the transgender population. This uncharted territory was rather frightening for me as a writer, but it was also freeing in a way.

author – JenEric Designs

I have never researched a novel before Lust and Lemonade. I delved into the lives of transgender people and what they went through to become who they always were, who they were meant to be. I also wrote about straight characters finding love. It seemed right that if I was going to write about all kinds of other genders, that I included them too. The characters demanded it, really. It was only fair, they said, that if I was going to have gay, lesbian, and transgender characters in my novel, that the straight people get fair representation, too.

The book let me know where it wanted to go and the characters that peopled its pages. It would all take place off stage. A friend of mine asked me how I could have lust in the title and not include sex scenes? The lust that is in the title is about the lust of getting to know someone, of becoming enraptured and enthralled with them. Much as I became enthralled with all the people in Lust and Lemonade. Writing Lust and Lemonade made me a better writer and, quite possibly, a better person.

You can get your copy here:. He is a poet, a blogger and, above all, a story teller. You can also read his blog at www. Her body lives in Ottawa while her mind is consistently elsewhere. Her website can be found here , and you can follow her on Twitter!

April 21 st , The walk into the village in the bright morning light was amazing. They had gone all out, with bunting strung across the street and people streaming up the main cobbled road to the parsonage where the festivities would take place. We were interviewed by the BBC and the Ilkley Gazette on our way in which added an extra level of excitement to the day — to be from a family of three girls as well as to have come all the way from Canada for this party made us rather interesting to the locals! There was so much to see and do that day.

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  • The current local curate said a prayer, and Tracy Chevalier novelist, co-curator of the events, and editor of Reader, I Married Him , a collection of stories inspired by Jane Eyre laid a wreath at the front door of the house. As things wound down, Karin and I went for a walk out over the moors behind the parsonage.