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Seduction Impossible By: Anonymous :. User: pengiunpixie. Olivia feels the pressure to lose her virginity, after all she is a senior. But she doesn't want just anyone. She wants HIM. But can she deal with his past? Aaron is tired of the loud annoying girls, vying for his attention. So when he takes notice of a quiet and sexy girl , she consumes his mind.

But his player ways keep getting in the way. Both want the other, but neither will give in. Let the seduction begin. Read Book Download. Erotic Words Ages 16 and up Publication Date: Posts and Comments Write a new post. Permalink Comment Comments Are Closed. Plz let me know when it's updated! Please update this book I want to know what happens please. Jagger and Grey both support each other as they keep moving forward. Jagger has his own secrets. Secrets that he holds tight. Like the note kept folded in his wallet, he hasn't found the right time to tell Grey how he feels.

As Grey comes out of her fog, she has lots of new emotions to fill up her days. Sadness, confusion, emptiness, and maybe I was overreacting. I was overreacting because I was terrified that he was right, and I didn't want him to be. As Jagger and Grey try to keep moving, they move back to their home town.

Back to parents, expectations, old flames, painful memories, sweet memories, and new memories. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This is a Molly McAdams. Something is going to happen that you don't expect. And it does. Like holy schmoly does it. Facebook stalking goes is to whole new level. And not just that, but a car gets Instagramed, one mom gets crazy while another has her mind on condoms.

There are sisters, big brothers, little brothers, sexy roommates, charcoal, messages from the grave, mean ex's, mysteriously unlocking locks, a great warehouse, coffee bars, and romantic docks. That's just one of the big Molly Twists. There are more. Don't even ask Letting Go is an emotional read that gives you new reasons to cry and cringe. The characters are real. Really hurt. Really trying. Really scared to let go of the past and make a new future.

Really good read. Just don't think you know what's going to happen next. Jun 14, Peggy Dabney rated it really liked it. This story really kept me turning the pages just to see if Grey and Jagger were ever going to see the light of day. The story line was so sad and I had to take small breaks away just so I could finish. I'm not saying it wasn't a great story, because it was, and the writing was great, but there's something I can't describe that keeps me from giving it 5 stars.

I've loved all of Molly McAdams books, but this one left me thinking Oct 05, Taylor rated it it was amazing. I don't have one bad thing to say about this book!! It was beautiful and heartbreaking. Molly has done it again, with this wonderful book. I highly recommend reading it. You will laugh, swoon, cry, drool, and cry some more. All the feels that Molly creates and loves to make you feel. Loved, loved, loved this book! Jagger will forever be one of my favorite book boyfriends!! Rating: 3. Nov 15, Valerie rated it liked it Shelves: reads , romance. Books come down to characters, story and writing for me.

I'm adding afterglow to that list. I realized with this book, that the feelings I have after I finish say a lot about how I rate the book. So here goes. I adore Jagger. He's been in love with Grey for years. He does what's best for her, always. He sets his feelings aside and supports here.

Even when his best friend kissed her first, he was there when she happily told him his friend asked her out.

Seduction Impossible

When she got engaged to that bes Books come down to characters, story and writing for me. When she got engaged to that best friend, Jagger was there for her.

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When that best friend died unexpectedly, Jagger was there for Grey. He helped her piece her life back together. He loved her. I was so taken with is character, his dedication, and his strength.

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I totally and completely love Jagger. Grey was a different story. I came to like her. She made some choices that frustrated me. She lived in her own head too much. But she was grieving and learning things that she hadn't known about when Ben was alive. It was hard for her. I got that about her. Charlie confused me a lot, until I figured out her deal. Then, I wasn't sure how I felt. Sad, I think. I disliked Jagger's mom - a lot. That one is on purpose though.

She's made to dislike - hate even. Grey's parents are charming and made me laugh. Graham is adorable. I hope he gets his own book. His roommates are interesting too. Comic relief was their roll. I had mixed feelings about this. There are some twists and turns that make the story uncomfortable to read.

Lots of clues were dropped along the way.

I guessed a lot of wrong things but finally had it figured before the final twist. I didn't like the truth. Not one bit. Some might say it was real. Some might say it was wrong. I just wasn't happy with the truth. That was good. This is the first book I've read by this author and she definitely writes well. Some people call this a book hangover.

But not every book feels the same way when you finish. This one had me sad.


Don't get me wrong, the happy was there but to get there the truth had to be told. The truth made me sad. And I wasn't content when the last page was turned. I was edgy and wishing I could forget. This book will appeal to peeps who have read this author before and loved her books. It's emotional and hard but it's also about moving from the past to present.

To go from moving to living. If that's your thing, then give this one a go. Jul 01, Jolene rated it it was amazing. Loved it. I never found Grey to be annoying with her feelings as Molly wrote the emotions and what Grey's character was going through perfectly. Jagger, well he was the best Hero character you can get. Loved how he didn't sleep around, how patient he was and how he never crossed any lines when Grey was in a relationship with Ben. The storyline to this flowed and things along the way made it hard to put down. The only thing that I found predictable was who the 'someone' was that was wanting to ke Loved it.

The only thing that I found predictable was who the 'someone' was that was wanting to keep them apart, also would of liked to have known what happened to them too. But otherwise this is a story that won't be forgotten quickly and will be a re read book View all 8 comments. Nov 21, Mitchii rated it it was ok Shelves: drama , reads , chick-lit , realistic-fiction , myreads-so-far , new-adult , contemporary , romance.

Funny how Gray made it a huge deal when she found out that Jagger had loved her even from before. But she got over it quite easily. So they tried.

Letting Go Series by Scott Prussing

Although it was the guy who tried more. Interesting stuff but hardly memorable. Jul 01, Jennifer Lynn rated it really liked it. View all 6 comments. Apr 23, Mallory rated it liked it Shelves: emotional-romance , contemporary-romance. Taking Chances , so I was a little nervous going into this book, but I am glad to say that this was a really great book. It is an emotional read but I don't think it will tear your heart out like her other books have.

I think the reason this book wasn't as heart wrenching is because we didn't get time to gain a connection to Ben Grey's Fiance', who dies right before the wedding Ben's part of the story ends pretty much right in the beginning and the rest of the story is about Grey and her learning to move on and opening her heart again to love with Jagger. I really really liked this book. I thought Molly created likable and relatable characters. Her story telling was flawless and flowed well.

Like I said the blurb really drew me to this story, because I love a book when the heroine loses a loved one and has to learn to move on and find love again, but what I didn't expect was the story would also be full of suspense and secrets. That definitely kept me on my toes and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. We meet Jagger and Grey in this story and to say that their road to happiness was a rough one is an understatement. They had a lot of mountains to climb and rivers to cross before they found their correct path.

I was a little surprised as to how quick their feeling for each other came out in the story, I kind of expected to have to wait for most of the book to be over, but I have to say I am actually really glad that it happens when it does because we got to see how these two deal with their feelings and everything else that comes their way. I was also glad to see that these two stuck together once everything was out in the open…. Yes they each had their secrets but even once those are revealed they work through things together. Jagger has to be one of the best book boyfriends out there.

He was patient, kind, loving, and loyal. He stuck by Grey through everything even when she didn't know about his true feeling for her. He was willing to set his own happiness aside so that Grey and Ben could be happy. To me that takes a strong kind of person. Letting go doesn't mean forgetting.

It's accepting, forgiving, and being emotionally ready to keep moving. That statement to mean is the underlying meaning of this story. I think it truly sums it all up for me. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. If you are a Molly McAdams fan then you don't want to miss this book….. I think it is one of her Best!!!! Nov 06, The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-hearts , reviewed , blog-tour , jo-s-reviews , november , arc-received-for-honest-review.

Molly McAdams has always been one of my favorite author's. She is one of my go to authors, always trusting that if Molly writes it, I will love it! As such, I didn't read the synopsis of "Letting Go" so I didn't have a clue what this story was about. Despite this, I pretty much guessed early on in the story what was going to happen. Although the beginning of the story was a little predicable, I was enjoying what I was reading. Grey was left heartbroken following the sudden death of her Fiance, Ben, days before their wedding. The only person who appeared to be able to comfort her and support her through her grief was Jagger.

Jagger was Ben and Grey's mutual best friend so he too, was left brokenhearted. We just need to take them with the good days, and keep living. I took an instant liking to both of them. My heart went out to Grey. Her life had been ripped apart, all of her hopes and dreams cruelly taken away from her. I admired her for the way she continued her life and her education whilst attempting to cope with her loss.

Jagger was a truly nice guy. Although dealing with the loss of his best friend, he was always there for Grey, always putting her needs before his own and supporting her every step of the way. As the story continued, I realized that his feelings were stronger than he was letting on. I felt sorry for Jagger because of the difficult situation he was in. Falling in love with your deceased, best friends girl was something that a lot of people would frown upon. Jagger appeared to be in an impossible position however as I read on, I began to wonder if maybe Grey felt the same way.

The pair were so perfect together that it was easy to see that something was definitely developing between the two. I assumed that this was the story and now finally Grey and Jagger would get their beautiful happy ending. But I was totally wrong!! What followed was a series of twists that I did not see coming and had me wondering what was going to happen.

I found myself suspicious of every character in the story, even Grey and Jagger! It's accepting, forgiving and being emotionally ready to keep moving. It pains me to say that I was a little disappointed with this one. Saying that, I did love how the story was wrapped up. The epilogue ended things perfectly but for me this was not my favorite story by this author.

Sorry Molly! Dec 08, Once rated it it was amazing. Grey and Ben are set upon their happily ever after, not realizing how short that actually is. Three days before the wedding Ben dies of a heart condition that he didn't realize he had. When faced with the grief of losing the love of her life Grey turns to her best friend Jagger for comfort. Unsure when the line between friendship and romance started to blur between them Grey worries that Jagger may want more than she can offer. I am in love with these characters. There is honestly no other way fo Grey and Ben are set upon their happily ever after, not realizing how short that actually is.

There is honestly no other way for me to put this. I started this book last night November 4 while I was laying in bed. Had no intentions of getting too far within the story. Next thing I knew it was 4 am and I had only or so pages left of the book. This morning right when I woke up I started reading it as quickly as I could. I love when a book does this to me, because it is so rare for this to happen, for me to actually hate to put it down so I can go to sleep.

If there's one thing you should know about me it's that I love sleep more than anything else-so when a book can keep me up until the wee hours of the night and then wake me up 6 hours later to finish it, it's a fantastic read. Molly McAdams-I hadn't read anything of hers before and now I want to read everything and anything that she writes. She brings a rawness to the characters-I was in awe of how I was able to connect with Grey and Jagger so easily.

And one of my absolute favorite things about this book, and mainly Jagger, is that usually in romance books you're excited for the girl because she has finally gotten everything she's wanted for years. With this it's the other way around, and it's so rare to get an insight on the male perspective when this happens. It gives me more butterflies than if Grey had known she had loved Jagger since they first met.

And because of this I feel that is why Jagger is one of my new book boyfriends! I had seen reviews saying that Jagger was perfect and that he would win my heart, but I didn't realize how much of my heart he was going to win. There's only one aspect of this story that kept bugging me, Jagger and Grey are so perfect for each other-why didn't Grey realize this sooner?!

I understand that she loves Ben too but from what she says of her relationship with Ben you can tell right from her first kiss with Jagger that this relationship was where she was meant to be. But I feel that this really does show that sure everyone has their one true love out there, but there are others that they can love just as well-they could marry their Ben's and live a happy life, but it wouldn't be as full if they married their Jagger's. And while I am a true romantic and want to believe in one perfect soul mate for everyone it is nice to see a book that doesn't show just one soul mate for its characters.

I loved loved loved this book. Its definitely has all the ingredients that nap up a Molly McAdams novel. The Feels!!! Must read!!! Nov 02, Book Junky Girls rated it really liked it. Except Grey was never really alone because Jagger had always been there for her, taking care of her. Two years later after finishing college both come back to their small town to live their lives. Jagger has loved Grey since she nine years old, a secret everyone seemed to know except her, but once she finds out she was to decide if she can move on from her first love.

Jagger would do anything for her go at any 3. Jagger would do anything for her go at any pace she wants even if things never mooved foward, because that's how much he cares, but once he gets her he knows he'll never let her go. This story was interesting, but as it unfolded I became more and more confused. Two characters so obviousily meant for each other and no one cared enough to tell Grey the truth about Jagger or his feelings, including Sufficed to say that over all by the end of the book things turned out for the best for Grey and Jagger, while shattering the positive veiws I had of many of the other characters.

Jagger is the perfect guy and he was definitely my favorite although I did feel for him that he never told her the turth about his feelings before she accidently discovered them herself. One of my bigger points of contention about her was actually something some might think of as stupid, but Grey worked so hard to graduate from college and the story never told what she went to college for or what her asperations were and then she just ended up working a a coffee shop.

Here she is paying off student lones just to be a barista? The story was so focused of her relationships that it left her character beyond that seriously lacking. Overall there was enough to the story to make it interesting there were just several points in the book that left me wishing for more. Letting Go is only the second book by Molly McAdams that I have read and what I love is there is drama, suspense and twists to her stories. In the first book that I read by Molly McAdams she really made me ugly cry.

Molly does know how to bring out emotions. Grey was in love with Ben, her high school sweetheart but, then Ben dies. I loved Jagger from the beginning and until the ending! He waited a long time to get the love of his life. Molly McAdams is fast becoming a must read author. Of course it helps when one of your bloggers insists that this reviewer give this author a chance. So much so that she bought this book for me because she absolutely believes in this author. BTW I love my friend and fellow blogger when she believes in someone she goes all out for the person that she believes in and she believes in Molly McAdams.

I give Letting Go 5 stars. Jul 19, Paige rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars. Another awesome novel by Molly McAdams. First off Jagger is the best hero. He is so selfless, kind, smart, sweet, the list is endless. What a weird and difficult situation he is put in, loving his best friends girl. He handles it very well. Never once does he push Grey and is more than happy to talk about Ben.

He always has put Greys feelings before his own and I loved that about him. He pulled them both through a difficult time and was Greys rock. Sure it did take awhile for Grey to realise her feelings, but this wasn't just all about her moving on a having trouble doing so. There was other drama taking place and it definitely made the story more interesting and less repetitive. Towards the end of the book a huge secret comes out and oh boy did not see any of those twists coming.

While I can understand the reasons for keeping such a thing hidden my mind was boggled with all the 'what ifs'. I was glad to see Grey grew and healed towards the end.

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Overall it was a very captivating emotional story and I loved every minute of it. Nov 04, Naomi rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , kindle. Absolutely loved this story! I highly recommend this book to all New Adult romance fans out there! Aug 12, Natascha Housen rated it liked it Shelves: on-wish-list. Apr 27, Dark Faerie Tales rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-by-bridget. I would highly recommend this to new adult fans looking for a fast, sexy, heartwarming story! The Review: Two years ago twenty year old Ben Craft died from an unknown genetic heart condition.

One minute he was playing golf and talking to his best friend Jagger and then he suddenly died. It was three days before he was to marry his childhood sweetheart, Grey. Grey and Ben had been together since they were thirteen years old and they figured that they would have a lifetime together.

But instead of getting her happily-ever-after, Grey was left alone and devastated. For the last two years she has been going through the motions of life, but it has been a struggle. There is no way she would have made it through her grief without Jagger by her side. Jagger, Ben, and Grey have been friends since they were kids and Jagger is the only person that can understand what Grey is going through. They both lost someone they loved and they have forced each other to keep moving. Jagger will always be there for Grey no matter what.

Unknown to Grey, he has been in love with her since they were kids, but he knows that her heart will always belong to Ben. But when Grey finds out that Jagger has always had more than friendly feelings for her she realizes that she might feel the same way for him. If they have any chance of making their relationship work they are both going to have to come to terms with the past and learn to move on together. Grey was a great heroine that I connected with instantly. It was heartbreaking to see how broken she was for such a long time after the death of her fiance, but watching her learn to deal with it was very inspirational.

The type of loss she experienced is something you never quite get over, but as the days turn into weeks and the weeks turned into years Grey slowly started to live her life again. Many might see her as weak or whiny with how she deals with her grief, but to me it made her feel more realistic.

There were a few times that I got annoyed with how she would treat Jagger, but nothing that bothered me too bad. I am glad I got to read her story and enjoyed getting to know her character. Jagger is hands down my favorite part about this entire book. He is a sexy guy that has a heart of gold. He is respectful, kind, honest, and a great listener.

He seriously has the patience of a saint when it comes to waiting and being there for Grey. Not only is he dealing with the grief of losing his best friend, he is helping Grey deal with her grief as well. In many ways they both feel like they are betraying Ben and his memory. But as things between them heat up it is undeniable that they have amazing chemistry. I loved every minute of their relationship and thought that they were perfect for each other. Jagger put a stamp on my heart right off the bat and I loved his character.