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John Thune R-South Dakota. Thune pushes the false narrative that Facebook censors conservatives and previously said he wanted to regulate the company. FOSTA claimed to stop sex trafficking and has utterly backfired.

How sex censorship killed the internet we love

San Francisco just released its crime statistics. These are not sex-worker arrests, which fall under a "vice" subcategory. Anyone could ask sex workers who they are, why they make the choices they do and what actual sex workers think about doing sex work. It was an incredible moment because before free blogging and social-media sites, the only way we heard the voices of sex workers and porn performers was through media outlets that portrayed them as broken rape victims -- or sex-trafficked children.

Adults having consensual sex for entertainment were not given a voice unless it validated a narrative of sin, of pain, of regret. I can feel my anxiety climbing as I type. Starbucks is filtering its WiFi with a secret porn blacklist. Patreon , Cloudflare , PayPal , Facebook, Instagram, and Square will eject you for getting near a sex business, linking to perceived sex sites, letting the wrong people use your online business.

Facebook recently banned sexual slang ; YouTube bans users for sex ed or LGBTQ content because it might be about sex; Twitter has a mysterious sex-shadowban that no one can get a straight answer on. Tumblr can't tell a potato from a boob. Guides on sexual self-censoring are popular — and necessary. Google Drive scans your files and deletes what it believes to be explicit content.


Apple just straight-up hates sex. It's critical at this harrowing juncture to understand that apps won, and the open internet lost. In , most users accessing the internet went to mobile and stayed that way. People don't actually browse the internet anymore, and we are in a free-speech nightmare.

Because of Steve Jobs, adult and sex apps are super-banned from Apple's conservative walled garden. This, combined with Google's censorious push to purge its Play Store of sex has quietly, insidiously formed a censored duopoly controlled by two companies that make Morality in Media very, very happy.

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Facebook, even though technically a darknet , rounded it out. Morality in Media was also behind Apple's massive "sexy apps" purge in And Google's AdWords sex ban was claimed by Morality In Media as a victorious outcome from their pressure and meetings with Google to crack down on porn. We are on the other side now. Like everyone I know, my anxiety climbs as I open any new browser window, check any app or news site. As corporations have scuttled the weird and the wonderful, the taboo voices and forbidden artwork, we wonder only What attacks await, now that the common rooms and public squares are the playgrounds of racist and anti-sex algorithms, of incels and Nazis, of advertisers and corporations ruling platforms with the iron fist of dated conservative values.

Because it is women, people of color, LGBTQ communities, writers and artists who compose the majority population of sex communities, it is everyone who pays the price.

Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex

It is a curtailing of our freedoms, period. The people who excised the erotic artists and photographers from Tumblr, who decided that sex talk on iTunes podcasts must not titillate, those who implement anti-sex language filters in anything Just not in the ways we'd like their pocketbooks, their conscience. They'll pay with a little piece of their soul when a young intersex girl can't find a healthy representation of pleasurable sexuality for her own body and decides that suicide is better than her oppressor's moralistic illusion of isolation. The ignorance behind the war on sex raged by the Facebooks, the Apples, the Googles, the advertisers, the algorithms, is not only dated, but dangerous.

As women fight for control of our reproductive organs, as trans people fight for the right to use a bathroom, the trolls have convinced the gatekeepers that sex must be silent, and 4chan — acting on the urges of right-wing populists — deserves a voice. I don't know what would've happened if the internet could've been allowed to continue without the war on sex. But I know it wouldn't be the terrible place of anxiety and fear we're in now. Mo Gill joined our Board in Mo has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors in a range of challenging roles which align well with the work of The Reward Foundation.

Mary Sharpe, Chief Executive Officer. Our Philosophy on Sexual Health. Corporate Sexual Harassment Training. TRF on Television and Radio.

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