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Annie joined Dr. Whether your teen is moving up to middle or high school or just returning to their old stomping ground, Annie is here to give parents advice on transitioning and cutting down on the drama and anxiety many teens face. Click to view.

In today’s picture books, the kids are in charge.

A fifth grader hanged herself, a year-old hanged herself in January and a 9th grader jumped to her death. All were victims of bullying. And that is just a sad sampling of what has been going on with our kids. Could anything be sadder?

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And it needs to stop - NOW. Annie Fox, M. Different parenting styles, youthful defiance, and parental concern may seem like recipe for disaster. Lee Rosen StayHappilyMarried. What can we do to save our kids from this cultural trend? Encourage Your Children hosted by Dr.

10 Ways To Be A New Old-Fashioned Parent

Sue Hubbard, M. Pediatrician, discuss what parents can do to effectively guide their teens through dating and relationships. The Family Coach hosted by Dr. Join Annie Fox as we talk about moms top five tips! Single parenting has its own special built-in challenges. Annie talks to single parents about how to be the most effective leaders in their families.

The Defiant Ones

Annie shares tips for parents on how to help your child navigate middle school, and the challenges that friendships and peer groups bring to young teens. Learn what you need to know to help your young teen make good choices. By encouraging them to sit down and think it through, you can play a major role in helping them make informed choices. Helping parents guide middle schoolers. Because apparently most of the seventeen sophomores who got pregnant at Glouster High did it intentionally. You heard it right. The girls were trying to get pregnant! The idea of a summer camp filled with potential friends and lots to do probably popped into your mind — and you might be headed in the right direction Terese talks with Annie about helping your child through the crisis of a broken heart.

Fox, the quickened pace, advanced communications technology and media saturation characteristic of the 21st century has resulted in a generation of children who are much more stressed out than prior generations. None of my friends are in any of my clases. Soccer try outs are this afternoon, and I forgot my shoes.

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And my mom wants me to baby-sit my brother tonight. Maybe you use it a lot yourself. But what does it actually mean? Experts fear epidemic of witchlike, bullying behavior in schools. Teens In Relationship Dr. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content.

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  • Please contact support fatherly. Like fatherly on Facebook. Something went wrong please contact us at support fatherly. By Andy Kryza. Arm yourself with consequences prior to engaging in the discipline. Follow through with the limits you set, regardless of how difficult it feels.

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    Use tools like timers to keep you from caving in during consequences. Understand punishment does not need to be harsh to be effective.

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