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Although my wife loved me very much, I did not love myself. By failing to accept my own weaknesses, I could not allow myself to be loved by anyone. I felt undeserving of that love. However, it should not be written off as a book simply for those who are suffering from addiction, as it has a much broader application. In the introduction, the author includes a list of questions the reader should ask him or herself to determine whether or not this book could be of help.

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Basically, this book could be helpful to anyone who wants to break the cycle of self-defeating thoughts and self-destructive behaviors. Gagliano has also been a high profile leader in addiction and self-help therapy, developing unique methods and procedures which have helped numerous institutions and individuals in the greater New York area. Today he is back at school, attending Rutgers University and completing a Masters degree in social work. Abraham J. Twerski, MD , author of Addictive Personality and numerous other books, has been referred to as "Pittsburgh's most famous psychiatrist.

He has served as medical director of psychiatry at Pittsburgh's St. Francis Hospital, and in founded the Gateway Rehabilitation Center for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

The Problem Was Me: How to End Negative Self-Talk and Take Your Life to a New Level

He was the medical director of Gateway for 30 years, and is currently medical director emeritus. He is the author of numerous books on addiction, self-esteem and spirituality. Twerski collaborated with Charles Schulz , creator of the Peanuts cartoon strip, on four books. Twerski has lectured world-wide as well as in many cities in the United States. Show More Read an Excerpt One of the most powerful messages I ever received came from my nine year old son.

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Whenever someone made me feel defective, he would come out swinging. The Warden instilled in me a peculiar definition of intimacy. Intimacy meant pain, and should be avoided. The Warden was trying to protect me from getting too close to anyone. This imaginary guy on my shoulder has been with me a long time, as far back as I can remember. His motive for using the bat is to take a swing at me should I ever get the idea that I deserve to be happy or if I stumble and make a mistake.

He permits me no margin for error.

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The little voice keeps us imprisoned by reminding us of the intrusive messages we received in childhood over and over again. Childhood wounds are reopened, isolating us from others.

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In many ways, we play roles in our lives that can bring harmful consequences to others and to ourselves. We wear masks to hide who we really are. The little voice makes us feel ashamed and unworthy. We become self-centered causing us to feel that we have the right to something regardless of the harm it causes others. We call this destructive entitlement. His voice leads us to sabotage happiness when it comes our way. He is so powerful that even though he imprisons us to destructive roles in our lives, we listen to him.

The Warden keeps us emotionally shackled and orders us to keep our doors locked, so no one can enter. This book provides the key to unlocking the locked door and allowing happiness into our lives. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Overview The Father's Day message in this book is loud and clear: As parents we are our children's first heroes, whether we want the responsibility or not. About the Author Thomas Gagliano is a highly motivated and successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in small business ventures. Show More. Read an Excerpt One of the most powerful messages I ever received came from my nine year old son. Average Review. The frank assessment of his challenges come after a number of top staffers on Hickenlooper's presidential campaign left the team, after Hickenlooper failed to gain traction in early polls and has struggled to raise money in the first few months of his campaign.

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