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It doesn't help that Thea is determined to get Christopher back and does everything to make Louisa jealous. Although I do like some conflict I thought this one went on for too long. If they had just talked to one another many a misunderstanding and harsh words could have been avoided. Also the happy ending was a bit rushed as everything is solved in one final scene. Grade: B Aug 20, LuvGirl rated it it was ok Shelves: love-triangle , kindle , kindle-buys-from-amazon , hero-loves-someone-else , ow-loved-hero , ow-mistress-involved , 2-half-star.

This one wasn't as exciting as Lady Jane's Ribbons even though the other woman triangle kept things lively for a while. The misunderstanding was very annoying. I hated that the hero thought the heroine was having an affair with another man for practically the whole book and didn't believe her when she told him she wasn't. Especially since she was being mistreated by the guy. Instead of protecting her from the jerk, he was too busy discrediting her virtue. Nov 27, Susannah Carleton rated it really liked it. I have read this book before, but I enjoy it every time I read it.

Just okay Was expecting a good drama, a gut wrenching plot and see how H work hard to redeem himself after all this book on the list of 'Heroes who grovel and heroines that make them work hard for h forgiveness". And after seeing solid 5 stars so here I am writing feeling unfulfilled. The OW tries to win him back and h won't have it. Again just okay. Bergamont rated it really liked it Oct 01, Mari rated it it was ok Mar 04, Edna Araujo rated it liked it Apr 30, Lauren rated it did not like it Dec 26, Diane rated it really liked it Apr 07, Jeni rated it liked it Feb 22, Zanahoria rated it did not like it Sep 12, Cindy rated it liked it Oct 30, Susan L.

Linn rated it it was amazing Aug 21, Doris Kopfstein rated it it was ok May 16, Raamz rated it it was ok Jun 12, Hiker rated it liked it Jun 27, Janet rated it really liked it May 15, Kristina rated it it was ok Apr 03, Jogita rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Lynda rated it liked it Oct 16, Travelbug rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Biancaneve rated it it was ok Aug 13, Cindy rated it really liked it Oct 18, Road rage, already a popular British sport, will continue.

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A Matter of Duty

More up icon. Blighty Britain. Blighty Mar 1st by R. He has no idea how to go about finding his sister but figures going to the police and asking for their help is the obvious next move. Unfortunately 4 Stars! Unfortunately they are offering no help at all. They don't believe his sister is really missing. While going over his story he is interrupted by a very angry attractive man demanding answers of his own. Wei Tseng is the leader of the gang, The Dragons. The Dragons aren't your stereotypical gang. They protect their turf by keeping the people safe from drugs and crime. They're the robin hood of gangs.

They only turn to violence when others evade their territory and mean to do harm to their people. That is exactly what is happening now. Young girls from his hood are disappearing only to be found later dead by overdose with no record of ever doing drugs. So far four girls have turned up dead all dying of the same circumstances. Wei knows that this isn't any coincidence and that the police can't keep dismissing them as closed OD cases. So he charges in to demand that they do their job. This is where both MC's meet. Wei is pacing out front of the precinct having a smoke when he spots Noah coming out of the door looking defeated.

He offer's his apologies for his behavior and a ride to wherever Noah needs to go. But Noah declines because being close to this man has him feeling things that has him blushing bright red. He's not here for that. He needs to find his sister and can't be distracted. Both men come to same conclusion that a club that Wei's missing girls and Noah's sister both occupied most nights holds the answers to what happened to them. That's where they meet again, both looking for answers. The attraction is there and the pull is strong but it takes a backseat to their goal of finding Wei's missing girls and Noah's sister.

The romance side is a slow burn and isn't the main focus of the story and I wish there was more of it. It was the only thing I found lacking in the story. The cast of characters of this book are great and I can't wait to read some of their stories. Especially Winston and Steels. I look forward to Conroy's as well. I loved him. This was a great start to what will no doubt be a great series. Happy reading dolls! View all 9 comments. Mar 10, Alisa rated it really liked it Shelves: zz , m-m-read , interracial-couple , scattered-words. I liked this one a lot!

I really enjoyed this fast paced and entertaining story. I was hooked right from the prologue and the pace of the story didn't slow down until the end. I couldn't read fast enough to see what was going to happen next. I liked Noah right off the bat and I really felt for him as he struggles to find his sister in a country he's never been to before. And, Wei The mystery part of the story was really Oohh The mystery part of the story was really good but I especially loved the romance aspect of it.

The chemistry between the two men is immediate and it jumps off the pages at the reader. I felt like the author did an excellent job of balancing the mystery and the action scenes with the romance and the relationship development. There are a host of side characters and they all added to the plot. There is a subtle set up of the next book and the couple that will star in it. The world building was also well done and it set the atmosphere of Hong Kong in a way that let me picture I was there.

I'm going to have to go back and read his back catalogue. I had no complaints about this book and really can't fan girl it enough. It was really well done and it is a definite recommend from me. View all 3 comments. Jan 04, Heather K dentist in my spare time marked it as maybe-not. Was interested in reading this one, but, for some reason, this author blocked me on social media View all 7 comments. Shelves: action-adventure , romance , favorites , mystery , thriller , gangs. With out much of a plan, Noah Potter goes to Hong Kong to find his missing sister.

Little does he know that his path is on a direct collision coarse with a gang called the Dragons. The Dragons rule the east side, and are known to be bad asses. What Noah finds is a complex system of gang rule, corrupt police, and vengeful rivalries. To say I liked this book is an understatement. It was well written, with complex characters involved in a thrilling plot line. Having an affinity for all things Asi With out much of a plan, Noah Potter goes to Hong Kong to find his missing sister. Having an affinity for all things Asian, it left me wanting more, much more.

Review can be read at It's About The Book 4. I was hooked from the first page. It certainly sets the tone for how intense and dark the book is going to be. The playful brotherhood of the gang keeps things from getting too heavy. Their bond is well developed through the writing and promises more stories to come. Both from the larger plot and from some of the Dragons falling in love. The next couple is set up well and the plot thickens so to speak as far as the struggle for power on the streets of Hong Kong.

The fight to keep their people safe in this book is just the beginning. A Matter of Duty takes us to Hong Kong where gangs rule different parts of the city. Not all gangs run things the same way. This book revolves around the Dragons. A group of men who took back their neighborhood by force years before. They fought a brutal war in the streets to save their people from the gang who held them all hostage growing up.

Things they had to do. I personally love characters that straddle the line between good and bad. Their leader Wei takes his duty very seriously. He knows that someone is always waiting for a chance to take him out and take the Dragons down. When an American named Noah shows up flashing a picture of his missing sister around Wei takes notice.

A Matter of Duty (Hong Kong Nights, #1) by J.C. Long

Noah travels to Hong Kong all by himself looking for clues to her disappearance. The cops are no help. Bringing Noah into the life of the Dragons. I really liked this book. One that says you fight for what is right. The only real issue I had with this book is the guys get to the declarations of love pretty quickly. To be fair they go through a lot in the small amount of time they know each other. They have an intense case of insta lust too but that was super sexy. They try to resist it building up the tension.

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Wei throws out innuendo flustering Noah. The murder mystery was very good. Brutal and hard to read at times but it definitely sets the tone for how volatile the streets of Hong Kong can be in this book. Things are going to get worse before they get better. This is an addicting and memorable first book to a promising new series. I highly recommend! Aug 30, Reflection rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , read-to-review , dbml , read-in , romance , m-m , mystery , cops , angst , kidnapped.

One More Thing …

Noah finds himself constantly questioning whether he is making the right choices. Abroad, in an unfamiliar land he must rely on his intuition and chose carefully about who to rely on in his hunt for his sister. I was surprised at how quickly I was drawn into the story. I particularly liked the depiction of Hong Kong.

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Having received a frantic message from his sister Lianne, American Noah Potter decides to travel to Hong Kong and search for her there in an attempt to retrace her last known steps. Noah's guilt at taking some time out to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hong Kong whilst he searches for his sister also provides food for thought along with some welcome vignettes of day to day experience in Hong Kong.

His struggle to understand, and to assimilate some of the culture and language, adds to the sense of unfamiliar and foreboding.

A matter of duty

Early on, Noah contacts the police but finds them less than anxious to look for his sister, leaving him with the distinct impression that if he wants to find Lianne it will be through his own endeavour. Equally frustrated with apparent police apathy and condescension is Wei Tseng, the leader of vigilante gang the Dragons. Dedicated to cleaning up their streets and the neighbourhood where Lianne disappeared, Wei and the Dragons are concerned that a number of local girls are missing and subsequently found dead in their area.

The authorities seem content with a death by overdose explanation. What intrigues me most about 'A Matter of Duty' is the ambiguity between right and wrong and corruption and honour. These underlying principles interweave with integrity, justice and human worth.

Maine Hermit Faces Jail -- and Fame - The New York Times

The choices people make that can be the difference between life and death, disgrace, respect or disdain. Unsurprisingly, Noah and Wei's paths cross as they search for the catalyst behind the disappearances. This could have been a dark and tragic story, but it is saved by the comradery and humour of members of the street gang the Dragons, and the growing attraction between protagonists Noah and Wei. I find the story immersive and really interesting especially the different cultural experiences and perspectives of the protagonists.

The interplay between the secondary characters is affecting and the dialogue seems realistic interspersing Cantonese with English the glossary is at the back of the book. Altogether,this is an enjoyable and fast paced read, I look forward with some anticipation to reading the next book in the Hong Kong Nights series ' A Matter of Courage '. Feb 05, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: mm-read. A really interesting adventure and first in a series.

I look forward to seeing where it goes :. View 2 comments. Aug 01, Marion rated it liked it Shelves: dbml. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A Matter of Duty 2,75 stars This book was provided to me for free by the author in exchange for an honest review. This review contains spoilers! One the one hand I really liked the plot and the story and wanted to read more of it when the story finally got some kind of speed and drove me into it. But on the other hand there were those first chapters when it was really hard for me not to put the book away and the abrupt ending which really lef A Matter of Duty 2,75 stars This book was provided to me for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.

But on the other hand there were those first chapters when it was really hard for me not to put the book away and the abrupt ending which really left me kind of unsatisfied. Actually the book started really great and thrilling. But then there was this switch and everything went on so slowly… Which is not a bad thing per se. The thing is, both men are actually torn between the fight they have to struggle and fall in love at exactly this unfitting time.

This sounds like a lot of action and emotional struggles. And I actually hoped getting that when I started reading the book. But the thing is the girl is in Hong Kong and the brother home in the US. So when he finally arrives in Hong Kong three weeks have passed. But when he finally did he immediately felt that she was in real trouble so what the sh… takes him another two weeks following her without even having a plan? Okay I tried not to question this.

So when Noah finally arrives in Hong Kong he decides asking the police for help.

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  5. Maybe it were those many long descriptions of the different places the characters were which really took a lot of speed from the action. Suddenly the story gained momentum. It comes to a fight and eventually the two guys confess their love to each other. Maybe I should first explain that the story is told from different point of views but always in the third person. So the narrator is not an omniscient one, he is just telling the thoughts of one person per chapter.

    To summarise my opinion, all in all the idea for this story is a quite good one. But seriously??? Why not still having this bad conscience about taking three weeks to finally come to Hong Kong??? And then there is this ending. The two men totally lost me there again because it came far too quick and there was a real lack of emotions for my taste. May 29, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-netgalley , format-kindle , lgbt-gay , genre-crime-and-mystery , publisher-ninestar-press , topic-travel , genre-romance , setting-hong-kong , character-criminal-gang.

    This book was provided for free by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is one of those cases in which I really liked the story, romance, and writing but I still had some issues with the content choices. I'm going to review it fairly because of that. As a romantic mystery, this is a great read. The chemistry though bordering on insta-love between naive foreigner Noah and tough gang leader Wei is steamy, always taking the sexual tension to the next level.

    I This book was provided for free by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I also really loved the tight mystery plot about Noah's missing sister and possible ties to both a rival gang and a corrupt police department. It's a straightforward mystery, one that we've seen before in movies and TV, but it still works because it provides thriller-level tension without making it too complicated or convoluted. But the elephant in the room is the fact that this is a white American author writing a story set in Hong Kong with an Asian POV character.

    And sometimes, it got a little clumsy.