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Gehry's set. A platform supports two dancers, while eight dancers, plus Miss Childs, who comes and goes, dance below. But this platform, supported by five cratelike hollow pillars, juts forward in a diagonal, while the crates remain parallel to the proscenium. Conceptually, the variations are exciting.

Available Light – Manchester International Festival :Manchester International Festival

On the top, it is easy to see one dancer or both, performing the basic movement phrase of each section. Below, the same phrase is meshed into a group design. In typical Childs fashion, the phrase is repeatedly played with, augmented, spliced or performed by dancers in different directions. Another formal element is important.

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On the lateral stage floor, the dancers dance usually on a diagonal. On the upper diagonal form, the dancers often move laterally. These elements are also juggled. The result is an occasional bold asymmetry. In Los Angeles, the audience was seated on two sides, leaving it with different views of the contrast in angles between the two levels. A huge chain-link transparent backdrop by Mr. Gehry also filtered light from the warehouse's skylights.

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In Brooklyn, we get a conventional frontal view, although Miss Emmons's lighting changes are effective. Similarly, the costumes are also striking, with podlike trousers that split to reveal the dancers' legs. Four men are in red, four women are in black, while Miss Childs and two men are in white. Adams's taped score resembles modules bathed in an Impressionist pond. It peaks and fades with delightful richness, its initial water imagery as clear as the composer probably intended.

Clarity is what is so marvelously achieved in ''Available Light. Yet the five sections of the first part and the three of the second four were listed are hardly reductionist in scope. To those who question the work's meaning - the applause was mild - the reply is that ''Available Light'' is a dance whose structural underpinnings are responsible for its ultimate beauties.

The ideas behind it tell us something about the artists and our lives. Gehry and Miss Childs, for instance, are at one in their use of ordinary materials. The huge cratelike forms and chain-link scrim suggest a transformation of industrial elements into an artisan's art. Miss Childs's skips, simple steps and straight lines also embody a display that makes obvious the nature of her materials.

She and her excellent dancers have opened our eyes in ''Available Light. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. View page in TimesMachine.

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Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. While in the picture above the intimacy of the image and reduction of the content are at the forefront, this picture captures all the dynamics of a stage performance. Light sources from all sides focus on the singer — colourful spotlights from left and right, and a warm light from the front. The photographer was placed below the stage for this picture. The stage lighting was sufficient to reveal the right amount of background. Using a flash would have destroyed the whole atmosphere and pushed unimportant details to the forefront.

Available light photography is always a question of playing with light and shadow, with brightness and darkness. This photo is an excellent example of how, through the reduction of picture content, you are able to create an intimate and intense mood. In this case, the photographer specifically used the available light sources on the stage, to take advantage of the contrasts and to isolate the musician from his surroundings.

As a result, the universal aspect of this motif — the musician and his instrument — is brought to the forefront.

In this case, the photographer is standing to the right behind the musician. For the picture, he used the only light source — a spotlight that was falling on the musician at that point. With these parameters, only the brightest elements of the picture are visible; in other words, only the instrument and the musician. The room, the audience and the stage — everything else disappears in the darkness. Experience the magic of Available Light in our Leica Stores around the world.

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With its high-speed lens and the image stabiliser, the Leica Q is excellent for spontaneous, available light pictures. The Leica Look Available Light.

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