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If you guys could like make Doritos that taste like cheeseburgers! That would be so awesome! There in the store, I read the ingredient list and my eyes lit up. At the time, Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger chips were made with pork enzymes, to give them a unique flavor. Pork enzymes! Enzymes are necessary to turn milk into cheese, and traditionally those have been cow enzymes.

But pork? More to the point, people who follow the kosher or halal dietary rules are forbidden to eat anything derived from pork. Would they notice the pork in these corn chips? Obviously, this pork enzyme thing was something I had to speak to the folks at Doritos about. After finally reaching the right person, I asked them point-blank about the pork enzymes that can be found in the ingredient list. One day, I called them up, fully expecting to go through the same Kabuki theater we had been playing for the past weeks.

Instead, the person I spoke to feigned complete innocence of any knowledge of pork enzymes. I told them that there were. I promised to call back. I went to the store and grabbed a bag of chips. There were no pork enzymes listed.

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Later, while I was actually researching this article, a Frito-Lay spokesperson confirmed that pork enzymes had been part of Doritos but were no longer in use. Was my persistent questioning the reason for the change? No matter; there were still loads about this product to write about.

No problem, he said, Doritos is all natural, we have no secrets. We both shared a sarcastic laugh. Interestingly enough, my soup did not come out as thick, I did not do any of the extras in step 8. Thanks for the recipe, a winner! I made this soup today with high hopes and in hopes of making lots and freezing it. It was horrible though. Very one dimensional and unfortunately a big waste of all of the broth and carrots I put into it. Peanuts introduced soon after 6 months is now the recommendation to avoid allergies!

You are nuts the soup was amazing and the other 10 people who made this soup thought it was delicious. You should try making something simple like baby food. You can give it a try! Although, it will definitely alter the flavor. Maybe try cashew butter first if possible!

I love peanut sauce and peanut butter, so this soup was a healthy treat. It will probably get made at least once a week in my house now. Thanks so much for a great recipe! You should try malaysian food. I love this soup and have been making obsessively for the last several months. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. This soup is so different, in a good way! I added a little more chili garlic, some honey, and a splash of rice vinegar. I want to make this again but instead roast the vegetables. Thank you for another simple but delicious recipe! Making this soup yet again tonight.

I made it, after dinner, to have tomorrow, but after tasting it, I cannot stop eating it! This is my new favorite soup. I altered the recipe a bit based on what was in my fridge. Instead of vegetable stock, I used coconut milk. I squeezed some sriracha sauce into the mix to blend in. And I added an extra giant scoop of peanut butter.

I made this for dinner tonight and it nearly made me weep! We have had to go peanut-free damn allergies , so going to a Thai restaurant my favorite is OUT! I swapped out sunbutter for peanut butter. I added the coconut milk and garnished with more basil and kaffir lime leaf. Did you hear the cheers from the Pennsylvania mountain top?

The green and red curry pastes do not list peanuts as an ingredient, or as a manufacturing cross contamination, but I made curry with the green curry paste and my daughter was very sick within minutes of eating it. If you know what those magic herbs are, sans peanuts, I would love to be able to make my own.

Thanks for the carrot soup. Ahhh…I just saw your brand of chili paste, and it does not list peanut! Every time I am looking for a recipe or inspiration, I somehow always end up on your website.

Thank you so much!! I added with the peanut butter and also a wedge with the soup. When I follow your recipes, I can lie to myself and believe I can actually cook. Thank you for the beautiful illusion, I adore you for it. This soup is incredible! Just made it for the first time and it tastes as beautiful as it looks!

This soup was so delicious! My boyfriend and I absolutely loved it! We are actually planning on making it for our family Christmas Eve! I made this and substituted sunflower seed butter for the peanut butter I am allergic to peanuts. I accidentally cooked it waaaay down, but it turned out to be delicious! Highly recommend. This soup is amazing!!!! Added a few more tsps of the chili garlic sauce and a tbsp of maple syrup. It was so creamy, peanut buttery and flavorful! Yummy on a cool day. I did add a thin inch long slice of ginger and blended it along with the rest of the soup.

I just made this soup tonight and it was absolutely delicious! I just made this and it was wonderful! I added some Old Bay to mine Maryland girl, here! This soup is fantastic. This fit the bill but I will definitely be making it again. This tasted like peanut butter. Just peanut butter.

Without any other spices to balance it the result was one note and underwhelming.

Flourless Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies {vegan, gluten-free & healthy}

I just made this soup and it was absolutely delicious! This is really good and felt good on this rainy cool day. Yum, thank you so much for helping vegans find wonderful, easy to make foods. I made this to freeze so I had some Gluten free dairy free options for an upcoming house guest. I cut down the peanut butter based on other reviewers suggestion and tasting. I loved the extra peanut butter. I could taste the carrot, hot ginger garlic sauce and lots of peanut goodness.

Delicious, I will make again. Great use for a whole bag of baby carrots I had left from a party. I added a few splashes of fish sauce and it upped the Thai flavor! I love this recipe! Trying to become a vegetarian, I came across this recipe and I knew I had to try it. Instead of chili I added a teaspoon of curry paste and it came out super tasty. I love the touch of peanut butter.

Great recipe :. Thanks so much for the recipe. Made it as a starter for a dinner party. I loved it! A definite keeper! Thanks for posting.

Ai Weiwei – Sunflower Seeds - Tate

We try and keep them vegan and this looks to die for so I will be making it next week and cant wait! What chili garlic sauce do you use? Is there a brand you prefer? The soup looks good. Adding it to my list of future recipes to make. This one! One of my guests asked for the recipe, and a week later invited me over for her variation. She used chicken stock instead of vegetable stock. We live in that swath of the South where boiled peanuts can be purchased along roadsides all summer.

These peanuts add an almost crunchy bite in the soup. She included a variety of hot sauces on the table for us chili heads, including my favorite, naga chili oil. I asked her for the recipe in return. Really love the simplicity, elegant photography and concept of this soup. I would love to reduce a bit of the peanut butter to suit my taste. It was quick and easy to prepare and super duper flavourful! We are not vegan, and added in a splash of cream; also a healthy dose of sriracha and garlic salt. Mmmm… definitely a soup to try! So disappointed and a waste of veggies and time. Made this exactly as stated.

Served it with a drizzle of agave, a swirl of coconut cream and slivered basil. The favors were amazing. I also used a generous amount of sir racha which bumped up the heat again. After dinner, everyone kept going back for cups of soup to drink. I would like to thank the creator of this recipe.. It is truly delicious and amazing.

Looking for something? Search here!

I added raw pumpkin seeds for garnish and it was amazing. Thank you for creating something so perfect. My taste buds are weeping with joy. I just made this soup and it is delicious! This recipe is great as is! This is delish!!! I bought a bunch of carrots from our local farmers market and it was perfect! I accidentally used 2 tbsp of chili garlic sauce instead of 2 tsp, but luckily I love spice! I will definitely cook this recipe again!!! Loved this! One suggestion I have is that the garlic seems to be over cooked and bitter in this soup.

I suggest cooking the garlic separately until just barely browned and then added to the rest of the ingredients when pureeing. I wonder if others have run into problems with the garlic becoming bitter? I made the soup today but just tweaked a few ingredients and it was spectacular!

The Chronicles of Nat: September

I used chicken stock instead of veggie stock and I topped it with chopped up crunchy bacon. The soup was so easy to make and absolutely delicious. Thank you for posting! I made a couple of changes — added fresh ginger and used veggie stock for all the liquid because we just made a fresh batch. At the end of the day, the flavor was nice but a little too subtle for me. I added half a can of coconut milk and that made it perfect. Thank you for the recipe! I love PB and am happy to find another way to incorporate it into my cooking.

Thank you for the great recipe! Tried it and loved it. I made this for lunch today! Can I just say D-Lish! This is definitely my new go-to carrot soup recipe! Really loved this! I did not have the garlic sauce so cut up a small chili and added that for some heat. Will definitely make this again soon!!! Did not rate because I changed it a little to accommodate my two year old.

Absolutely fantastic!! Thank you. I made this tonight. I used PB2 instead of real peanut butter to lower the fat content and it is wonderful. I also added the tiniest splash of liquid smoke. This is fabulous and will be amazing over chard or kale or spinach or any greens. I love peanut butter and this is a great way to enjoy it with some hot sauce. I am making this tonight and believe it will be good. It is tamarind sauce and there are just peanuts on top. It is like saying that steak sauce is parsley based, because there is parsley on a steak plate.

I made this but used chicken stock instead of vegetable and fresh cilantro instead of basil. Sounds weird carrots and peanut butter , but tastes sooo gooood. This was delish. Using input from my 10 year old, I cut down on the pb and added more chili garlic sauce, he approved. My dad had 2 or 3 bowls. Clearly, it was a hit, and will be made again. As soon as I saw this recipe, and read how easy it is I decided to make it right away. I ended up adding some agave syrup too. This recipe was so delicious.

Next time I will make even more so I can freeze some, great recipe, thanks for sharing! I just made your Thai carrot soup. It is so delicious!!!! I used soy butter since we are a nut free home. I also blended some coconut milk with the soup. I was searching for a new carrot soup recipe when I found this and it just seemed so strange to add peanut butter that I had to try it.

So good, peanut noodles without all the carbs. I have a whole list of variations I want to try now. This looks incredible — I will definitely be making this next week! So nice to see a delicious new recipe with ingredients I already have in the kitchen. Thanks Dana! This has easily become one of my favorite recipes!

I absolutely love this soup. I make two changes to the recipe when I make it: I leave out the onion because I hate them and toast some coconut to mix in. I always half this and just use a big spoonful of peanut butter. This soup is getting me through this winter! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe :.

Great recipe! I made a few changes- added fresh ginger, lemon, and chili oil. I used only about a teaspoon of peanut butter. Thanks for the base recipe. I definitely suggest the lemon juice! This made all the flavors feel deeper and brighter. The color and flavors are incredible. I have a broken arm and I needed a simple recipe for a cold winter evening. This was great! Dropped everything and made it, even though I only had 3 of the ingredients the third being garlic. In the end, it tasted a lot like dipping a carrot into a peanut butter jar—without the peanut-buttery knuckles.

All good. I could not get enough of it!! And I had to keep reminding myself about how healthy it was!! I toned down the PB but added some coconut flesh and ginger : beautiful! This recipe is delicious! I made it for dinner tonight and my boyfriend loved it! The soup was so simple to make but had such a dynamic flavor. I really think the key ingredient is peanut butter.

Thank you for sparing this recipe! I made this for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it! I tend to over season, so I love the minimal ingredients! I will say that using coconut oil is key to the savoriness. I made this today and I really like the flavors. There is one problem with the recipe, however — at least according to my calculations. One pound of carrots which I weighed yielded 3 cups — not 4 cups. I have a bunch of roasted carrots left over from the Thanksgiving meal. Who eats carrots when there are 20 other sides laden with cream and butter? So what a perfect use for said carrots!?!

I have some homemade almond butter. I think a carrot almond coconut milk soup is soon to have the Vitamix whirring. Thanks for the inspiration. Mmmmm just made this soup. I had all the ingredients thank you, saved me a trip to the grocery super easy and I liked the adaptable spiciness and toppings. I am enjoying this soup so much especially after having implant surgery soft foods only til december.

I believe I am going into a food coma—oh yes it is that good. I will be making this soup a lot. Thank you for making my dinner tonight a hit. Will be making this to share with my work mates. Is there something you would suggest to go along with this, rolls, crackers, celery sticks, etc? A fresh kale salad like this one would be lovely! Either that or naan, pita, or veggies. I made it completely vegan with just a drizzle of agave nectar mixed in. Served with whole wheat toast and topped with fresh basil and coconut milk.

Thanks so much for yet another incredible recipe! I made this today with crushed red pepper, curry powder and turmeric in place of chili paste. Also used coconut oil for the oil to add to the Thai theme. Nothing can go wrong in a world where I can drink peanut sauce through a straw.

This soup is all that is good and bright and amazing in this world. You can definitely make it the day ahead. This sounds heavenly. I did sub the sunbutter for the peanut butter and it was totally fine. I also tried some with lime juice and really, really enjoyed that. Will have left overs with lime and cilantro tomorrow. Lovely recipe! I was going to make a roasted cauliflower soup, found your recipe and decided to combine recipes.

Thank you!! Hey, I have just found your website, and am currently eating this carrot soup! I must say, this is freaking delicious!!!! I made this soup last night and oh my gosh it was so yummy!! And so simple to make! Thankyou thankyou! I will be making many more of your recipes in the future, I love your posts.

This soup was also approved by my partner!! Thankyou for sharing your amazing recipes with us. You are doing a wonderful thing! Cheers, Leah. I knew by the photos this soup would be fabulous but there is nothing like the velvety mouth taste and sweet, carrot, spicy, peanut butter deliciousness after you make it yourself. It actually looks just like the photos too!

Thank you, Dana, for another great recipe. Thanks for all the great vegan food ideas :. It was SO good. Just perfect! I just made this and it was amazing! Do you know of anything I could substitute? This recipe was delicious! When I saw this post over the weekend I immediately wanted to make it. It was quick and easy! I dipped some gluten free bread for the perfect Monday lunch. Thank you sharing this wonderful recipe.

I am definitely going to add this to our list of go-to recipes. Could you tell me what is chili garlic sauce and where it may be found in the store? Thanks soooo much! Use 1 large clove minced garlic and tsp sriracha instead. Chili garlic sauce looks like this and you can find it in most Asian sections of the grocery store.

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I have actually wished that I could do that! I put nut-based sauces on anything these days. I also make soup a couple of times per week and nothing beats a creamy carrot-based soup. Drinking peanut sauce through a straw? Oh yay! Thanks for sharing our recipes with friends!

We so appreciate it. I just made it and its yummy! But the consistency is more of a drink than soup. Maybe it will thicken as it chills more. So a few months ago I was eating my Costco pack of baby carrots obsessively and loved making carrot peanut soup…but one day as I was working out I noticed that the soles of my feet had turned orange!

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