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Heartsick about the young boy's death, and questioning her judgment as a police officer, Angel joins forces with Detective Callen Riley to fight the mounting charges against her. En lire plus En lire moins. Livres Amazon Original. En savoir plus. The Shadow Doctor English Edition. Adrian Plass.

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Angel Delaney is a police woman, she has returned to her native Oregon and found her place in the local brigade. Her parents and siblings are loving, everything seems well when her world shatters. She is caught in a shooting, a boy is killed.

Her career is on the line Beyond the instant attraction between those two, there is a real police story with meanies, dead people, and the story unfolds well. This was an enjoyable entertaining read I recommend. Voir le commentaire. Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon. I really hope that the following books are just as good if not better than this one.

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About half way through it did seem like the writer was spinning her wheels and kind of stuck repeating stuff she had said before. But after a few pages she got her momentum back and continued on. A good police detective story without all the groosim that could have been and a splash of romance without any sexual scenes. This book also has a splash of characters dealing with their faith in the Lord which to me was a plus. I will be reading her books more. Oh my goodness!!! Drama, drama and more really fake drama!! This girls seems to be a drama Queen of note.

Spoilers and an explanation of why I say this: 1- She came from the big city to the small town because of a bad experience Yawn, yawn and old hat 2-Some years ago her favourite brother just disappeared; he was a lawyer.

Deadly Aim (Angel Delaney Mysteries Book #1)

He is also in the same police department as her, but seems to feature nowhere else in the happenings. This is very lengthy and exhausting and it all happens in just 2 days!!!!!! None of it makes sense or is even remotely believable. This is the second time I have attempted to read this book. Looking through my book titles an Kindle, I decided to see if I remembered reading some of the books I had read a few years ago.

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I didn't remember this one but it was on my list of having purchased it. For some reason I have deleted it from my device. After reading for a while I realized why. The way the officer shooting was handled was way of base from any critical incident should have been treated. The meeting of Angel and her counselor, who had a prior relationship with her seemed a little questionable, but that was not the main issue.

As a Clinical Chaplain and License Professional Counselor, I am well aware and have practiced critical incident debriefing. This is what any officer involved shooting would need to have. The first training I attended was while serving as a chaplain in a state prison. This was back in the eighties.

When a police shootout results in the death of a year-old boy, Officer Angel Delaney is blamed, convicted, and condemned by the media and the Sunset Cove community before the case even goes to trial.

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Angel will have her day in court, but before she has the chance to defend herself, the situation spirals out of control. Key evidence is missing, evidence that could have verified her claim of firing only one shot in self-defense. In short order, the body count rises, and suddenly Angel is a suspect in more than one murder investigation. Heartsick about the young boy's death, and questioning her judgment as a police officer, Angel joins forces with Detective Callen Riley to fight the mounting charges against her.

A good read! I enjoyed this book.

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Deadly Aim Patricia H. Rushford has written over fifty books, including five mystery series. Patricia conducts writers' workshops for adults and children and has been the director of the Oregon Christian Writer's Summer Conference and co-director of Writer's Weekend at the Beach.