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Murph sent one last text. He summoned his ships in waves—first the Carriers, then the Dreadnoughts, then the Supercarriers. This allowed him to bring in replacements faster than Sideous could take them out, buying him time to have his Titans target a single Pandemic Legion Titan. They pulverized the behemoth ship just 30 minutes after the battle started, giving CFC an early advantage. This has tactical implications, because it determines how often Doomsday cannons are used. The massive weapons require 10 minutes in real time to cool between blasts; time dilation expands that to nearly two hours.

Murph summoned supply ships to make repairs as the gargantuan ship took damage. Meanwhile, Murph's fleet—almost 1, ships in all—destroyed five more enemy Titans. It was the biggest in Eve's history, involving 7, players belonging to corporations and 55 alliances. More than 20 million soldiers were killed aboard the or so Capital-class ships that were destroyed. The previous record for most Titans lost in a single battle was It proved to be costly in both the digital world and the real world.

More than 11 trillion Interstellar Kredits worth of ships, munitions and equipment were lost.

The Halloween War goes on, and Sideous vows to seek revenge. As thousands of players tally their losses and prepare for the next fight, many wonder how Pandemic lost sovereignty in B-R5RB to begin with. It appears someone forgot to check "Automatic Bill Pay" in his game settings. Pandemic Legion insists the box was checked, raising the possibility an inattentive player, a spy or even a bug in the game was to blame. The biggest battle in the history of forever started with a clerical error.

Click image for high-resolution. Screenshot: th3l33k via Reddit. Screenshot: opelwerk via Reddit. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. But Why All Dressed in Black? More culture. Author: Julie Muncy Julie Muncy. Digital Culture. Streaming Wars. Author: Angela Watercutter Angela Watercutter. The Monitor. Book Excerpt. Author: Kate Eichhorn Kate Eichhorn.

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He explains that Mr. Takizawa draws everyone to the roof, ordering them to suggest a countermeasure for the approaching missiles. Juiz summons the JSDF to intercept the missiles. Takizawa, knowing he will be unable to pose as a terrorist, asks Juiz to make him the "King of Japan", erasing his memory once again, but he slips his cell phone into Saki's pocket beforehand.

Six months after the events of the anime, Takizawa has disappeared, while Saki searches for his whereabouts. Juiz sends Saki a message he recorded before erasing his memory again, Takizawa instructing her to meet in their "special place".

EDEN Airship

Eden also learns Takizawa's last name has been changed to Iinuma, the same as the recently deceased Prime Minister of Japan. Tsuji spreads rumours that Takizawa is Iinuma's illegitimate son. She discovers a gun has been smuggled into her luggage, her cab driver fleeing with Takizawa's phone in the back. Saki eventually finds Takizawa, who does not recognize her. They retrieve her purse and Takizawa's phone from the cabbie, Takizawa accepting his lost identity.

Hiura is alive, his memory erased by the Supporter. They later discover that Mononobe has hacked their systems, forcing them to shut Eden down. Takizawa hopes to find out what became of his mother, traveling with Saki to a carousel where they find a golden ring left there by his mother.

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Kuroha aids Takizawa, informing him that he must return to Japan to confirm his illegitimacy as the Prime Minister's son. Mononobe begins targeting a series of trucks , actually housing the individual Juiz supercomputers, with missiles. He destroys the Supporter and Tsuji's trucks, while Kuroha sacrifices her own to keep Takizawa in the game.

She leaves while Takizawa and Saki fly to Japan. Takizawa is separated from Saki, asking her to track down his mother by identifying his pet dog through Eden. Takizawa later escapes his escorts by swapping places with one of the NEETs. He contacts Eden, who have retreated to the university campus, informing him of the Juiz trucks.

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Saki and her friend Satoshi Osugi track down Takizawa's mother, Aya, who runs a bar. She admits she lived in New York and had a fling with Iinuma, but does not confirm or deny the identity of Takizawa's father. Aya flees when Mononobe sends police to interrogate her. Takizawa tracks down his Juiz truck, meeting up with Eden members Micchon and Sis, who hijack Mononobe's truck. Takizawa and Eden arrive at Iinuma's house, where Mononobe meets Takizawa. Mononobe asks him to retire from the game so he can win and take control of the government.

Takizawa agrees as long as Mononobe becomes Prime Minister, but the latter declines. Takizawa goes ahead with his own endgame, addressing Japan using the "Airship" phone app, roleplaying as a terrorist but encourages society to change their country for the better. In a final act, he gives all the recipients one yen each. As a farewell gift, he erases their memories of the game over the phones. However, Takizawa is unaffected, immune to its effects.

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Takizawa checks the DNA test, discovering he is unrelated to her husband. After a year of planning, it was finally time to launch the full invasion. The Initiative partnered with Goonswarm Federation and fielded nearly ships. While Hard Knocks refused to speak to me about the event, we do have various sound clips and a recorded leak of their communications channels during the initial infiltration. To their credit, they handled it well.

Past the initial shock, they immediately got to work on bringing more pilots home and scouting out the invasion.

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Despite their quick response, however, there was little that Hard Knocks could have done on such short notice with the combined forces of two of EVE Online's biggest empires armed and ready for a siege. Brisc told me that their first task was to "destroy a number of [smaller star bases] that were in the system" to replace with their own. Fielding fleets of bombers, The Initiative was able to demolish each of them in seconds and create a beachhead. In conjunction with those freighters that seeded the system so many months ago, the invasion team started setting up in earnest. Some or so stealth bomber pilots discarded their vessels in space and transferred into much larger Raven battleships, each almost a kilometer long and outfitted with cruise missiles capable of hitting a target km away.

With the system in almost complete lock down, it was time to focus their efforts on Fort Knocks itself. Against such overwhelming odds, Hard Knocks decided not to sacrifice ships in order to mount a proper defense, leaving their Keepstars to hold their own. Even so, the Keepstars destroyed more than 60 ships during the first attack. But it wasn't enough. If you love the tales of war, subterfuge, and betrayal that EVE Online consistently creates, then check out the greatest stories of EVE Online , our hub that connects you to over a decade of amazing EVE Online adventures.

With its home overrun by, at this point, over a thousand hostiles, Hard Knocks had a major problem. It did the only thing it could have done and blew the proverbial Horn of Gondor for aid. Despite the anarchy that is wormhole space, the people who live there do tend to stick together and defend each other usually. Elly Artrald is a director and fleet commander of the alliance Of Sound Mind. As one of the first groups that Hard Knocks reached out to, she helped coordinate a rescue fleet. Hard Knocks allies formed around pilots and were determined to give it a shot.

If they could just find an entrance to Rage they stood a small chance at defending the wormhole and its precious Keepstars. The rescue fleet was on its way. The first step was to begin "rage rolling. Some 35 hours later, well into the invasion, the rescue fleet breached through and made its connection to Rage.

Friendly ships poured in, rushing to rendezvous at Fort Knocks with Hard Knocks. They all knew that facing The Initiative head-on was never going to work. Instead, they had outfitted hundreds of Muninn heavy-assault cruisers. These ships boast extremely long range artillery capable of harassing The Initiative's fleet. Given the relatively light armor plating on the The Initiative's Raven battleships, it was a good choice.