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Ignorance breeds Fear. Fear breeds Hatred. Hatred breeds Ignorance. Break the chain. Originally Posted by bigeard Hi bigeard, and welcome to tz-uk. I've had a couple of diaboliq straps in the past and I was very pleased with them. Use the search function and type his name I'm sure you'll find plenty of happy customers. No idea on canvas, but I've had a couple of his leather straps in the past, and they've been good.

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If you're looking at canvas though, don't rule out Eddie's own straps. Originally Posted by Tahiti. Great straps, I have one for sale PM me if your interested.

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Midnight Blue Black with orange stitching. Last photo his cousin in Whisky tan. It works. The three best things in life.

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Seiko, coffee and vintage Italian leather from diaboliqstraps. And sometimes the best things come put of nowhere. Really enjoy this selvaggio combination in green.

Selvaggio polished leather. Followings: Followers: Posts: Industrial designer.

Photos of private life and work. Specialized in wood and leather materials. Picta Metric Porfile Analyze.


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