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Astrid's relationship with Toothless is also shown to have a playful side, especially during Dragon Racing. Toothless and Astrid in Dragons: Race to the Edge. Toothless seems to have a good grasp on Hiccup's feelings for Astrid, and he even teases him about it, most notably in the first film and later on in " Shell Shocked, Part 1 ". He was also seen worrying about her in " Buffalord Soldier " and was quite displeased when Viggo showed up. He and Astrid also seem to share a common worry for Hiccup's well being and understand one another's importance in his life.

In " Out of the Frying Pan ", Toothless reacted to Astrid being in danger with immediate concern and straight away attempted to save her life by himself. In " Blindsided ", Astrid felt that Stormfly didn't want her and went to Toothless instead, and Toothless didn't seem to mind it in the least until Hiccup intervened, defending Stormfly's actions. In " Sandbusted " Toothless sought Astrid out when Hiccup was in danger. It was his first solo flight with Astrid. Toothless is initially distrusting of Valka until she shows her ability to communicate with dragons like her son.

He later becomes as docile around her as he does with Hiccup, most likely due to the family connection and her years worth of dragon taming experience. When they first meet, Toothless seems to enjoy Valka's company a great deal and tries to encourage her to come back to Berk so they can all be a big family.

In " The Terrible Twos " Gobber seems to understand Toothless and vice-versa, but doesn't like Gobber's comments that involve Vikings before dragons. Like Hiccup, Toothless shows some resentment towards Snotlout. While the two did work well together, Toothless growled at Snotlout when he said he might not give him back to Hiccup.

Toothless occasionally blasts Snotlout, usually when annoyed with him or helping him out when he's stuck. Knowing he needed a rider, he wasn't hesitant to put Snotlout on his back so he could rescue Hiccup from the lava of the Defenders' volcano. Toothless appears to be somewhat more gentle around Fishlegs than the other Riders. When Hiccup got attached to Meatlug , who began attracting metal to her body, Toothless showed no hesitation to let Fishlegs ride him, and didn't do any "scary" maneuvers because he knew Fishlegs wouldn't be comfortable with them.

Like everybody else, Toothless is showed to be annoyed with the Twins' antics. In " The Zippleback Experience ", he was a bit disgusted at the idea of the Twins riding him, but despite this, he allowed them to fly with him in order to save Hiccup. However, it was quickly proven that the Twins were not good at flying Toothless when they collided with Barf and Belch. Still, Toothless is shown to care for the Twins' safety, for he was the first to rush and save Tuffnut, when he almost fell off a cliff in " Bad Moon Rising ". He also never wants to have the Twins harm each other, which is shown when he smacks both of them with his tail as they charge at one another in " A Gruff Separation ".

Toothless was initially angry at Eret for capturing Stormfly but quickly forgave him and actively tried to help Hiccup persuade Eret over to their side.

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Toothless was happy to see Eret become a Dragon Rider and gave him a gummy smile when he and Hiccup caught up with Eret and Stormfly during the battle of the Bewilderbeasts. Toothless was comfortable enough to let her ride him, along with Hiccup. While his reaction to Heather's betrayal was not seen, he seemed to have forgiven her, as he let her pet him goodbye.

When Dagur offered Heather to join him, Toothless protected her from the Berserker chief. Toothless warmed up to Queen Mala instantly, much of the same nature as Valka. He was even willing to offer Mala a ride with him, something that he didn't do for anyone else. When the Great Protector's egg needed to be delivered inside the volcano, Mala chose Toothless for the mission, knowing that the Night Fury is faster and more maneuverable than other dragons.

She often scratches him under the chin when the Dragon Riders visit Caldera Cay , showing that she has a closer bond with him than with the Riders' other dragons. Throughout the franchise, Toothless and Stormfly share a very close friendship that rivals their riders'. They really seem to enjoy each other's company and can often be seen interacting on friendly terms. Sometimes Astrid's competitive nature can be seen in Stormfly, and that means that she and Toothless do occasionally get competitive.

Stormfly beckons Toothless to fly away with her to Dragon Island , but because of his disability, being unable to fly without a rider, Toothless could not lift off. After they exchanged warbles, squawks, and roars, Toothless watched her go. On Dragons: Race to the Edge , they are usually seen chasing each other and playing in the background.

Toothless' friendship with Stormfly is aided significantly by the fact that Stormfly's rider is Hiccup's closest human friend and girlfriend. As Hiccup and Astrid grow closer, so do their dragons. In Fishlegs' short imagined story of how Berk would be without the Riders leaving to the Edge in " Darkest Night ", Stormfly and Toothless are seen together. However, Stormfly hears the attack while Toothless is still asleep. When Toothless breaks free from the Alpha's control and calls other dragons to aid him, Stormfly is the first dragon shown to return to herself and join Toothless' side as he makes his stand.

After the Bewilderbeast's defeat, Stormfly acknowledges Toothless as the new Alpha Dragon by bowing down to him. Toothless and Hookfang bare a completely different relationship to that of their riders. However, at times Hookfang has seen to be pretty competitive with Toothless. They both share a mutual respect for each other. As far as can be guessed, Hookfang and Toothless met each other for the first time in the Dragon Killing Arena. Hookfang was attempting to kill Hiccup, and Toothless blasted into the arena in order to save his friend.

Hookfang and Toothless engage in a short yet brutal fight. Hookfang backs down but shoots Toothless an odd look of contempt. Toothless and Hookfang tolerate each other for most of the time, though they rarely have any friendly interaction. Occasionally they will get into fights, and when Hookfang went on a rampage, Toothless was quick to leap in and attack him.

They share a sort of rivalry, and this is most clearly displayed in the Thawfest games. The dragons openly growl at one another before the games begin. Toothless and Hookfang do not hate each other, but there is very little evidence that either of them has any affection for one another.

Toothless has shown to be close friends with Meatlug as he shows to concern when she feels depressed as Fishlegs was neglecting her over wanting to win the Terrible Terror training competition. Meatlug also seems to care for Toothless as she was willing to help him out in the process of which Hiccup and Fishlegs were trying to cure Toothless of the eel effect. They often play with each other by rolling around the place, as seen in " Living on the Edge ".

Barf and Belch and Toothless are usually good with each other, although Toothless looked angry and annoyed when they crashed him and Hiccup from the sky in " The Zippleback Experience ". Toothless usually will grab on their tails when they need to be stopped if they cause problems such as when they weren't with their owners and went crazy because the Twins were having a fight or when they were affected by the dragon root. Toothless did try to fight Thornado before he was trained by Stoick.

Toothless understood that Thornado had to stay on Dragon Island to look over the baby Thunderdrums , Bing , Bam , and Boom which Tuffnut originally called Darren and Lloyd , and the Thunderdrum roared a farewell to his friend. Toothless' arch rival is a Whispering Death from his past. He and this dragon have some sort of serious history, and they both are willing to fight to the death over the grudge. What the events were that started the feud are unsure, but the Whispering Death has a large bite mark from his previous battles with Toothless.

This Whispering Death shows up in Berk looking for Toothless. The Whispering Death soon discovers that his old rival is unable to fly, and he uses that to his advantage. The Whispering Death refuses to be trained by Hiccup and nearly eats the boy. Toothless is nearly killed when the Whispering Death attempts to blast him off of a cliff. Hiccup arrives just in time, and he and Toothless must work together to defeat this powerful enemy.

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Toothless had originally wanted to settle the score on his own, but Hiccup eventually convinced him to accept help. Whatever started the grudge was certainly serious.

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Toothless is so set on seeing the fight through that he actually fires a plasma bolt in front of Hiccup to get the boy to stop following him. Hiccup is deeply saddened by this, and Toothless realizes this, but he is still willing to hurt Hiccup's feelings for the sake of dealing with this past rivalry. Toothless cares for Hiccup deeply, so the fact that he would risk harming their friendship for the sake of revenge gives a tiny glimpse at the seriousness of his animosity towards this Whispering Death.

In the end, Toothless spares the Whispering Death after defeating him. The Whispering Death then quickly retreats, and Hiccup is proud of Toothless for sparing his foe that had only moments before nearly killed them both. It is possible that they are no longer foes and consider the matter to be closed. Toothless' experience with this dragon made him more aggressive towards some other Whispering Deaths, although, with some individuals, such as the Screaming Death's mother , Toothless has retained his aggression towards her.

From the moment Torch is discovered, Toothless instinctively didn't trust the youngling but knew the young Typhoomerang's mother was nearby and thus didn't want to risk angering her. Hiccup, however, ignored his warnings and took him to Berk anyway. From that moment, Torch began to irritate Toothless without mercy. He ate all of Toothless' fish , stole all of Hiccup's attention and took his bed allowing Toothless to become jealous of the attention the dragon got from Hiccup instead of him. Torch seems to be little brother that Toothless never wanted. When the two meet again, they're still not on the best of terms but are no longer as aggressive to one another.

Toothless met a new enemy: the Screaming Death.

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This large dragon goes after him and Hiccup more than the other dragons, most likely due to Toothless attacking the Screaming Death more often. Hiccup and Toothless were able to lure the albino dragon into colliding with a sea stack , and injuring its wing. The Screaming Death obviously remembered this when they met again, as Hiccup and Toothless were its main targets other than sinking the islands.

Toothless is happy to see the Screaming Death reunite with its mother. Though Toothless was a bit surprised that the Screaming Death had forgotten who he and Hiccup were three years later, and they became rivals again. Toothless has shown to dislike Fanghook as he was wild dragon and roar at Fanghook when failing to shot accurate at the target when almost blasting the Riders that were around.

Later Toothless was shown to be a bit thankful being saved by Fanghook from the trap. Like other Riders, Toothless had shown to be very annoyed with Fanghook as he was standing on his back as Fanghook was being playful with him. When Toothless came on good terms with this new member of the family, they were sometimes seen running around together. Unlike Toothless' playful personality, Cloudjumper is a more serious counterpart. The two appear to become friends after learning about the relationship between their riders and often observe the behaviors of each other during flights.

Toothless even act smug towards Cloudjumper when Hiccup reveals that he can fly on his own, unlike Valka. Toothless attempts to get Cloudjumper to play with him multiple times, only able to get a reaction of the larger dragon when he has snow dumped on him. After becoming the Alpha after the Bewilderbeast's defeat, Cloudjumper is the first to bow down to Toothless, showing his respects. He seems to have a "caring older brother" attitude toward Toothless, and when he bows at the end before Toothless he does so with a hint of being proud of Toothless, almost in a fatherly way.

Windshear appears to be comfortable around Toothless, as the two were seen nuzzling. When Toothless, Stormfly, and Windshear met up, the three were seen playing together. Toothless happily greeted Windshear when she and Heather returned to Dragon's Edge , but the Razorwhip growled at him, much to his surprise as she became a bit like Heather trying to stay her distance from others. She did seem to settle down a bit later on, but she attacked Toothless again during a training flight. Once Windshear finally accepted the others, the two got along again.

Toothless even regurgitated a fish for her, which she accepted. In " Family on the Edge ", Toothless has shown that he was helping this dragon to be trained by his new owner Dagur. Toothless even sees that Shattermaster was willing to give up his life to help his owner to defeat the Dragon Hunters. As they fight it occurs to Toothless that he was fighting for his life. Toothless manages to get the upper hand during the fight, and as Toothless was going for the kill, he saw Sleuther's eyes close and it reminded him of his past, as Hiccup had done the same in sparing his life.

Even Toothless wasn't able to calm his friend as the Triple Stryke even tried to attack him. Toothless unknowingly first sensed the presence of the Light Fury during a raiding mission, but he was unable to see her due to her camouflaged in the mist. He eventually sees her for the first time on Berk and the two dragons immediately form a mutual attraction. When the Light Fury flies away, Toothless tries to follow her but unable to do so when she vanishes into the night. After the encounter, Toothless starts to become lovesick and is determined to find the Light Fury again, and he eventually does when he and all of the Berkians are flying away from Berk.

Toothless becomes so distracted by the Light Fury's beauty that he almost forgot that she tries to toss Hiccup into the ocean and flies down to save his rider. Toothless becomes disappointed again when she disappears again. Not long after the Berkians settle on New Berk , Toothless meets the Light Fury again as she lures him away from the camp and into a nearby beach.

She tries to initiate a mating dance, but he is unable to respond properly. He eventually wins her heart when he uses a broken branch to draw her face on the sand. The Light Fury tries to make Toothless follow her, but the latter is unable to do so due to his missing tail fin. Hiccup eventually makes Toothless an automatic tail fin that enables him to fly on his own and find the Light Fury. The two dragons are reunited as they soar into a storm together. The Light Fury shows Toothless how she is able to cloak her entire body by flying into a plasma explosion and asks him to do the same.

After a couple of failed attempts, Toothless unknowingly channels lightning into his body to amplify his plasma blast, which allows him to become invisible. As the two dragons ascend above the storm, Toothless licks the Light Fury on her head, which prompts her to swoon over him. They then fly together towards the Hidden World. As the dragons of the Hidden World accept Toothless as their Alpha, Toothless and the Light Fury dance together to officially become mates. The tender moment is inadvertently interrupted when Toothless realizes that Hiccup and Astrid are being chased by the other dragons, forcing him to leave his mate behind.

Toothless is initially saddened that he has to leave the Light Fury behind, but becomes ecstatic when he sees that she has followed them back to New Berk. The reunion is cut short when Grimmel captures the two of them and forces all of Berk's dragons to surrender themselves to the Warlords. When Grimmel uses Deathgripper venom to enslave the Light Fury, Toothless and Hiccup chases after them but they are unwilling to beat the hunter while he is controlling her.

Toothless then uses his cloaking technique to fly around Grimmel as Hiccup glides off to rescue the Light Fury. Grimmel manages to sedate Toothless with an arrow filled with Deathgripper venom and Hiccup tells the Light Fury to save her mate before falling down with Grimmel. The Light Fury successfully rescues Toothless before coming back to save Hiccup. After Grimmel is defeated, Toothless and the Light Fury reunite as they lead all of Berk's dragons to the Hidden World so that their human friends will truly be safe.

The two eventually have three offspring, each inherit the mixed characteristics of their parents. Toothless is shown to be very caring towards his offspring, as he prepares to defend them upon seeing humans for the first time in 10 years. Before meeting Hiccup, Toothless viewed all humans as enemies. It took some time before he opened up to others. Even after the events of the first film, Toothless still has some humans that were his enemies. In " Midnight Scrum " Toothless growls at Savage so that the bounty hunter could reveal where Hiccup is being taken to.

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Not long after, Savage proceeds to insult Hiccup for being the one who brings everyone into the mess. Their antagonism towards each other continued when Savage started a coup against Dagur in " Something Rotten on Berserker Island ". Toothless has a deep hatred for the self-proclaimed "Dragon God", especially after witnessing the atrocities of his trappers.

After Drago uses Toothless under the Bewilderbeast's control to attack Hiccup and ultimately kills Stoick instead, Toothless shows no mercy in throwing Drago to the ground when he is made free and ultimately fights back against the madman and his Bewilderbeast. Toothless didn't hold back when facing the Outcast leader, almost threatening to kill him during a charger in the events of " We Are Family, Part 2 ". Resch shoots Garland in the head, escaping with Deckard back to the opera singer, whom Resch brutally retires in cold blood. Deckard uses the empathy test on Resch to confirm that he is actually human and then on himself, finding that he has a sense of empathy for the androids.

Deckard buys his wife Iran an authentic Nubian goat with his reward money. His supervisor insists that he visit an abandoned apartment building where the three remaining Nexus-6 android fugitives likely are. Experiencing a vision of the prophet-like Mercer confusingly telling him to proceed, despite the immorality of the mission, Deckard calls on Rachael Rosen again, since her knowledge of androids will aid his investigation. Rachael declines to help, but reluctantly agrees to meet Deckard at a hotel in exchange for him abandoning the case.

At the hotel, she reveals that one of the fugitive androids is the same exact model as herself, meaning that he will have to shoot down an android that looks just like her. Rachael coaxes Deckard into sex, after which they confess their love for one another. However, she reveals she has slept with many bounty hunters, having been programmed to do so in order to dissuade them from their missions.

He threatens to kill her, but holds back at the last moment. He leaves to the abandoned apartment building. Meanwhile, the three remaining Nexus-6 android fugitives plan how they can outwit Deckard. The building's only other inhabitant, John R. Isidore, a radioactively damaged and intellectually below-average human, attempts to befriend them but is shocked when they torture a rare spider he's found. They all watch a television program giving definitive evidence that Mercerism is a hoax. Deckard enters the building, with strange, supernatural premonitions of Mercer notifying him of an ambush.

Since they attack him first, Deckard is legally justified as he shoots down all three androids without previously testing them. Isidore is devastated, and Deckard is soon rewarded for a record number of Nexus-6 kills in a single day. When Deckard returns home, he finds Iran grieving because Rachael Rosen arrived while he was gone and killed their goat.

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Deckard goes to an uninhabited, obliterated region of Oregon to reflect. He climbs a hill when he is hit by falling rocks and realizes this is an experience eerily similar to Mercer's martyrdom. He stumbles abruptly upon what he thinks is a real toad an animal thought to be extinct but, when he returns home with it, his wife discovers it is just a robot. In , Hampton Fancher and David Peoples wrote a loose cinematic adaptation that became the film Blade Runner , featuring several of the novel's characters. It was directed by Ridley Scott.

Following the international success of the film, [3] the title Blade Runner was adopted for some later editions of the novel, although the term itself was not used in the original. It was produced and directed by Sasha Yevtushenko from an adaption by Jonathan Holloway. The novel has been released in audiobook form at least twice. A version was released in that featured Matthew Modine and Calista Flockhart. This version, read by Scott Brick , is unabridged and runs approximately 9. These official and authorized sequels were written by Dick's friend K.

Of those critics who focus on the novel, several nest it predominantly in the history of Philip K. Dick 's body of work. In particular, Dick's speech "The Human and the Android" is cited in this connection. Jill Galvan [13] calls attention to the correspondence between Dick's portrayal of the narrative's dystopian , polluted, man-made setting and the description Dick gives in his speech of the increasingly artificial and potentially sentient or "quasi-alive" environment of his present.

Summarizing the essential point of Dick's speech, Galvan argues,"[o]nly by recognizing how [technology] has encroached upon our understanding of 'life' can we come to full terms with the technologies we have produced" Christopher Palmer [14] emphasizes Dick's speech to bring to attention the increasingly dangerous risk of humans becoming "mechanical". In a departure from the tendency among most critics to examine the novel in relation to Dick's other texts, Klaus Benesch [17] examined Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

There, Lacan claims that the formation and reassurance of the self depends on the construction of an Other through imagery, beginning with a double as seen in the mirror. The androids, Benesch argues, perform a doubling function similar to the mirror image of the self, but they do this on a social, not individual, scale. Therefore, human anxiety about androids expresses uncertainty about human identity and society.

Benesch draws on Kathleen Woodward's [18] emphasis on the body to illustrate the shape of human anxiety about an android Other. Woodward asserts that the debate over distinctions between human and machine usually fails to acknowledge the presence of the body. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Blade Runner. Novels portal s portal. Retrieved 28 November While the flavor was nice, with the gravy reminding some of chicken pot pie, the chicken itself was dry.

The chicken had a nice kick to it, and we thought the salad itself was unique and continued the theme. The cold entree features shrimp on top of marinated noodles and vegetables. The pork ribs were served with a blueberry corn muffin on top of a cabbage slaw. We were disappointed with what should be the best dish on the menu. The red cabbage slaw was uninspired and the savory muffin was dry and really added nothing to the dish.

The biggest offender, however, were the ribs themselves. While the sauce was tasty, with just a hint of heat, the ribs were dry and just a little tough.