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Have mercy on me, Lord, bless and bring it regain health. Heal me, O Lord. Heal the body, heal the heart, heal the soul. Give me life, life in abundance. I ask for the intercession of Blessed Mary, Your Mother, the Virgin of Sorrows, who was present, standing at your Cross, which was the first to contemplate your holy wounds, and that you have given to Mother. You have revealed to have taken upon yourself our pains and for your holy wounds are healed.

Today, Lord, meet with faith all my troubles and I ask you to heal completely. I ask you, for the glory of the Father of heaven, even the sick to heal my family and my friends. Grant that they may grow in faith, hope and restoring their health for the glory of your name. Why your kingdom continue to spread deeper into the hearts through the signs and wonders of your love. I am so sure of your love, that even before knowing the result of my prayers, I say with faith: Thank you, Jesus, for all that you do for me and for each of them.

Thanks for the sick who are healed now, thanks to those who are visiting with your Mercy. Emiliano Tardif. Father of goodness, Father of love, I bless you, I praise you and I thank you for the love you gave us Jesus, Thank you, Father, for the light of your Spirit, we understand that He is the light, the truth, the Good Shepherd, who came so that we might have life and have it abundantly. Today, Father, I want to present in front of you as your son. You know me by name. Turn your eyes to a loving Father in my life. You know my heart and the wounds of my life. You know my limits, my mistakes and my sin.

Been traumas and complexes of my life. Today, Father, I ask you, for the love of your Son, Jesus Christ, to pour upon me thy Holy Spirit, because the heat of your saving love to penetrate into the depths of my heart. You that heal the broken-hearted and beams wounds, heal here and now, my soul, my mind, my memory and my whole spirit.

Join me, Lord Jesus, as you joined in that house, where were your disciples fearful. We know that love casts out fear. Passes in my life and heal my heart. Change my heart and give me a generous heart, a heart friendly, full of goodness, a new heart. Makes me tick in the fruits of your presence. Give me the fruits of your Spirit which are love, peace and joy. That upon me the spirit of the Beatitudes, so she can enjoy and seek God every day, living without complexes and traumas together with others, to my family, my brothers. I thank you, Father, for what you are doing now in my life.

I thank you with all my heart, because I heal, because it set me free, why break my chains and give me freedom. Thank you, Lord Jesus, because they are the temple of your spirit and you can not destroy this temple, because it is the house of God I thank You, Holy Spirit, by faith, to the love that you put in my heart. How great you are, O Lord, the Triune God! May You be blessed and praised, O Lord. Lord Jesus, I love you and I thank you for the faith you have given me in Baptism. I welcome you and adore you, Lord Jesus, in my heart and in my life: You must always be my only Lord, my hope, my joy.

Forgive me my sins, as you forgive the sins of the paralytic, adultery and many others in the Gospel. Cleanse me with Your Blood live, inebriate me with your divine Spirit. I lay at your feet my poverty, suffering and my illness. Heal me, O Lord, by the power of your mighty Word, for your glorious Wounds, by Your holy cross, for your precious Blood. You are the Good Shepherd and I am one of the sheep of your flock: have mercy on me and save me.

So I ask you the healing of my body and my soul. You are always the same, You have the same power, because You live forever and you are always in our midst. I believe that you can heal because you have the same compassion you had for the sick who meet you. You are the resurrection and the life. Thank you, Jesus, for what you do: I accept your plan of love for me, because all you do is good. Even before knowing how you will intervene, I thank you and praise you. You are the love of my life.

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You are great, O Lord, You are God, You are our Father, we pray for the intercession and with the help of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, because our brothers and sisters are freed from evil. Anguish, sorrow, obsessions. We pray, deliver us, O Lord. Hatred, fornication, envy. From thoughts of jealousy, anger, death. Any thoughts of suicide and abortion. From all forms of sexuality bad. By the division of family, friendship from all evil. From every form of evil, invoice, and any evil witchcraft occult.

Through Christ our Lord. Beseech for our child the Lord Jesus, who has loved and blessed children whith a special love. You declared that to such belongs the kingdom of heave, we pray you for our child.. You said that the mysteries of the heavenly Kingdom were not revealed to the wise and the learned, but to the children, we pray you for our child..

You have ordered your disciples to take care for the sick and to pray for them, we pray you for our child.. Your teached us the prayer of children, help us to say : Our Father.. If the minister is lay, especially if he is the father or the mother blessing his child, he draws the sign of the cross on the forehead saying the prayer of benediction :. Father full of tenderness, God of all consolation, You take care with a boundless kindness of your creatures and You give the salvation for soul and for body; snatch this child from disease, … who You gave to us, so that he grows up every day of his life in wisdom and grace before you and men, may he serves You in righteousness and holiness and never ceases to give thanks for your Mercy.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. You felt compassion for the crowd of men. Your passed in doing good and healing : Christe , eleison. You ordered your Apostles to lay hands on the sick : Kyrie, eleison. If the minister is lay, he draws the sign of the cross on the forehead of everyone saying this prayer of benediction :. In your love, Lord our God, save us, You who never cease to keep in your boundless kindness those you have created, look these sicks : raise them up by your right hand, reinforce them by your power, bring to them the remedy, heal their sufferings ; they expect of You relief, may they achieve this hapiness.

God, , Almi gh ty Father , renews us and reinforces us at all st ag es of life by the youthness of His grace. You have revealed your Son, the child Jesus, to two old prophets who were waiting for the redemption of Israel ; grant your servants to see your face with the eyes of faith in the joy of the Holy Spirit. In your Son, You have promised rest and peace to all those who are overwhelmed by fatigue and by trouble; give to your servants the courage and the patience de to take up their cross every day.

You draw aside no one from your Fatherly love, your heart is only goodness for everybody; grant your servants the courage and the patience with their families and their friends. You show more love to those you find the most deprived ; teach our society to recognize and to respect the dignity of elderlies.

If the minister is lay, he joins his hands. Lord, grant them to find around them benevolence and comfort, let them have the joy to be in good health. May they not be afflicted by the disease, but Thy blessing give them the force to spend this time of their life to praise Thee. Lord, God Almighty, you gave to your servants a long old-age. Grant them your blessing : let them feel your presence near them; while looking back the past, may they rejoice in Your mercy, and while looking forward the coming years, they persevere in confidence and hope.

God eternal and mercyful, I bow humbly in the presence of Your infinite Majesty. I adore You with all my beeing and all my strength. I offer You what I am and what I do. I place my trust in Your love with filial abandonment. I ask you forgiveness for my sins. I beseech You to assist me each moment of my life so that in the shadow of Your wings, I feel constantly protected. O Divine Eternal Father, by your almighty love, deliver me from the snares of the devil and from any other evil. Give me the force to walk on the way of your commandments and of Gospel teachings, for your glory and the salvation of my soul.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and always, and unto the ages of ages. O firstborn Son of the Father, Jesus our Savior and our adored Lord, by your Passion and your Death, deliver me from the snares of the devil and from any other evil. Make me resist the temptations of the infernal enemy, and sustained me by your body and your blood, make me live everyday, following you faithfully.

We have noticed an improvement of many patients with the recitation of this prayer, especially in case of gastric ulcer, diabetes and overweight. This is true for type 1 diabetes insulin-dependent or type 2 fat and adult onset diabetes as well as degenerative complications of this painful disease : nephropathy renal problems , neuropathy, angiopathy cardiac problems , retinopathy, high cholesterol and hypertension.

A diabetic person as any diseased person may also unite his sufferings with the sufferings of Christ on the Cross and patiently hope. LORD JESUS, if someone has hurt my soul, my body, my work or my family, may your Power, your mercy, and your benevolence permit me now to receive again the fullness of grace, to get all my health back, and return back to a full union with the will of the Most Holy Trinity.

I demand it to You by Your infinite merits, by your precious blood spilled out on the Cross, by the pain of the Virgin Mary, and through the intercession of Saint Joseph the Patriarch, for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity. This prayer is very efficient for those who are suffering malefices or thos who are tormented by the devil. We can say it fifty times, as a chaplet. The evil spirit is defeated by the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. This powerful prayer brings a great assistance, particularly to the persons blocked by the action of the Evil-one , and those who refuse to see an exorcist.

On her way to the river, she passed a shrine erected in honor of the great orator and miracle-worker, St. Anthony of Padua. She stopped to pray, one last time. As she prayed, she saw St. News of this miracle spread, even to the King who asked the woman for the Brief. He placed it with the Crown Jewels of Portugal, which was fine for the King, but bad for the woman. After the Brief was no longer with her, she began to weaken and lapse, so the King made a copy for her that restored her to her healed state.

Other copies of the Brief were spread to help the faithful fight the Evil One and remind them that Christ has conquered. Beginning of a deliverance prayer I place myself at the foot of the Cross of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, who came in the flesh, and I cover me with his precious Blood. His light envelops me. I ask that the protection of the Blood of the Lamb of God descend on me and on all those who are present here. May his Blood cleanse us of our sins and of our faults and protect us from all evil, from all attack and from all influence of the spirit of darkness!


May the Blood of Jesus cover also my family, my friends, my relationships, my house, my properties and all what belongs to me. He manifests the victory of Christ in this place! May he move away from us Satan and prevent all disturbing demonic spirit to manifest. May all what we will say or do come from the inspiration and the motion of the Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, by Your most holy Name, by the merits of the holy Virgin Mary and the intercession of all the saints, our patron saints and our guardian angels, prevent us from every dangers and every spells from the bad spirits.

Viirgin Mary, cover us with your mantle of Sovereign Mistress of the angels and introduce us in the victory of the Risen Christ. I clothe the armor of God to resist to the maneuvers of the devil Ep. That is why, because of my authority of christian, disciple of Jesus, I forbid you, evil spirit, unclean spirit, to speak through anyone here. I commend the conduct of this meeting at the sole direction of the Holy Spirit. Before saying this prayer, it is recommended to prepare spiritually ourself with a priest, especially for the spiritual warefare that means to know and to be prepared to say specifics prayers, like prayers of protection, of deliverance, or the Rosary,..

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, of saint Michel the Archangel, th e Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, the saints Charbel and Benedict, of a nd all th e saints, by the grace of our baptism , I move forward in complete safety with the boldness of the Holy Spirit, under the protection of the Blood of Jesus, to attack infestations of the evil force. O God, we have heard with our ears, our fathers tell the wonders that you did for them. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Our help is in the name of the L ORD , the maker of heaven and earth. L ORD , hear our prayers; let our crys come to you. Let us pray the Lord : Lord, You are the father of all men. Your son Jesus taught us not to curse, but to bless, to love our ennemies to love our enemies and those who make us suffer, to do good to those who curse us.

Give me the strength to forgive and bless those who use occultism and witchcraft against me. I pour Your precious Blood on them and forgive them their sins. Inspired by Satan and evil spirits, they sow disease, destruction, terror and death. By poison and evil, they destroy the mental and physical health of people, their business, their trade, their cultures, understanding and peace of families.

Lord, put an end to the insolence of Satan and his servants and her servants, wizards and witches, for fear that they destroy those who hope in you.

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Break their infernal power and remove all force of their spells and their poison, we beseech You, for us who have been baptized in your name and to whom you have make this wonderful promise:. They will pick up serpents [with their hands], and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not harm them. Bring back to You these wizards and witches give their names if you know them true servants of Satan and death. Lord shakes the reign of Satan in our country, in the persons attacked by wizards, in this house infested, in the victims who cry to You. Shamed and despised be the devils hidden behind the geniuses, the divinities, the voduns, or those operating in satanic sects, in esoteric orders, and who are served and worshipped instead of God, may they be bound by the blood of Christ.

May they be chased from hearts, houses, celestial spaces, rivers and from the sea, from rocks and forests. May the Blood of Jesus Christ whashes and purifies Thy servants infested tell their names infested by demonic forces. Snatch them or me from witchcrafts and from spells of fetishes, wizards and sorcerers. Introduce them or me and keep them or me in the Kingdom of Light of Your Son Jesus Christ, the Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, unto the ages of ages.

Go to the Cross of Jesus and do not come back! Wizards and witches who aggress us, may God turns against you your spells if you do not abandon them! May God crush those who want to crush the children of God! May He bless those who bless the children of God. May He reprove those who curse the children of God, according to his promise to Abraham Gn 12,3. Brothers and sisters threatened or attacked by witchcraft, May God give you peace, joy and freedom! May He give you security, health in your homes, in your families and in your services!

Amorth, Fr. An Exorcist Tells His Story. San Francisco: Ignatius Press. Lord Jesus, You came to heal our wounded and troubled hearts. I beg You to heal the torments that cause anxiety in my heart; I beg You, in a particular way, to heal all who are the cause of sin. I beg You to come into my life and heal me of the psychological harms that struck me in my early years and from the injuries that they caused through my life.

Lord Jesus, You know my burdens. I beseech You—by the merits of the great, open wound in Your heart-to heal the small wounds that re in mine. Heal the pain of my memories, so that nothing that has happened to me will cause me to remain in pain and anguish, filled with anxiety. Heal, O Lord, all those wounds that have been the cause of all the evi that is rooted in my life. I want to forgive all those who have offended me. Look to those inner sores that make me unable to forgive. You Who came to forgive the afflicted of heart, please, heal my own heart.

Heal, my Lord Jesus, those intimate wounds that cause me physical illness. I offer You my heart. Accept it, Lord, purify it and give me the sentiments of Your Divine Heart. Help me to be meek and humble. Heal me, O Lord, from the pain caused by the death of my loved ones, which is oppressing me. Make me an authentic witness to Your Resurrection, Your victory over sin and death, Your living presence among us.

Our Lady of a happy Death , Mother of Jesus and our Mother, with the simplicity of little children we come to you to entrust to you in our last moments and our death. With Jesus, you have comfortes Saint Joseph, your spouse at his death. At the foot of the Cross, you have received the last breath of our Savior, your divine Son. Henceforth we are assured that you are with each of your children with the solicitude of your maternal Heart, to make him cross the verge of death and to introduce him into eternity.

But, to help us to face in peace this ultimate trial, so rough for our nature, be also for us, Our Lady of a happy life. Help us, we beseech you, to remain faithful, day after day, to the commitments of our baptism, to the teachings of the Faith, to the practice of charity. In order to achieve this, we base ourselves, with the certainty of the hope that does not disappoint, on your all-powerful intercession. This prayer to the Virgin Mary is related to a twelfth century statue venerated in the abbey church of Fontgombault. We ask Her, to receive the grace of a good Christian death, and we pray for the conversion of sinners and the healing of the sick.

The ravages of jealousy are comparable to those caused by magic. When we know what a great power it gives the unclean spirits, we must do everything to defend ourselves resist any temptation to use it. If it happened to our friend something of this kind, if his beauty, courage, happiness or whatever has been the object of jealousy or envy — this disease has been caused by a written letter or by bad effects of the evil eye — Your, Lord friend of men, stretch toward them your mighty hand, your vigorous arm that can all, come to help your servant … Send him an Angel of peace whose force will preserve his soul and his body, so that he pushes back from him and banish any perverse idea and any bad effect of envious eyes.

You, Almighty God who created the prayer of your prophet Elijah and the cries of those who you were calling for help, You who sent Saint Gabriel the Archangel to Nazareth to announce to the Virgin that she would carry your Son in her womb who turned water into wine at Cana, You who created man in your image and likeness, You who created his Guardian Angels, stand near your servant … Protect him from the spirits of malice, from visible and invisible enemies, give him rest of sleep, move away from him all fantasy and all satanic spirit.

We ask this through the intercession of Our Lady, Mother of Light, and of all the saints and angels of light. On the face of the medal is the image of Saint Benedict. In St. Benedict is the poisoned cup, shattered when he made the sign of the cross over it. On a pedestal to the left is a raven about to carry away a loaf of poisoned bread that a jealous enemy had sent to St. Above the cup and the raven are the Latin words: Crux s. On the margin of the medal, encircling the figure of Benedict, are the Latin words: Eius in obitu nostro praesentia muniamur!

May we be strengthened by his presence in the hour of our death! Benedictines have always regarded St. Benedict as a special patron of a happy death. He himself died in the chapel at Montecassino while standing with his arms raised up to heaven, supported by the brothers of the monastery, shortly after St. Benedict had received Holy Communion. Crux Sancti Patri Benedicti.

Crux Sancta Sit Mihi Lux! Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux. Vade Retro, Satana! Non Suade Mihi Vana. Ipse Venena Bibas! Cross of our holy father Benedict Let the Holy Cross be my light! Let not the dragon be my guide Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities What you offer me is evil You drink the poison yourself! Draw three times the sign of the cross before going to sleep :. In the name of Jesus, I cover myself and all my property with the blood of Jesus.

I take authority over all demons of the night, bad dreams, nightmares, and sex dreams, and anyone or anything trying to get into my dreams, and I command them to stay away. I ask for giant warrior angels to protect me and my property as I sleep, through the night and the day. I ask for a fiery wall of protection around me. They act on them by sexual relations during the night. We have an example of this in the Book of Tobit, where the demon of lust, Asmodeus is linked to Sarah and causes the death of all her successive human husbands before the archangel Raphael come to chase him.

By the intercession and support of St. Benedict and St. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, me say my name , daughter or son of Abraham, child of God by the grace of baptism, child of Mary by the will of Jesus, I challenge you, demon Asmodeus, spirit of jezabel and mammy wata, all right on me. I denounce any contract, occult marriage that would bind me to you.

By the Power of liberation of the Blood of Jesus, I divorce with you , I untie myself, I break definitively all relations with you. I do not like, I reject any practical action, or contact you impose on my sexual parts in my dreams or when I am awake. In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over you unclean spirits, who violate my sexual intimacy, who violate my sexual intimacy, block my marriage, make me sterile or disturb the privacy of my couple. I push back all impure practices that you impose on me: prostitution, adultery, alcoholism, idolatry of money and sex.

May his blood break any sway you hold on me. Jesus of Nazareth chase you and command you, and in His Name, I also command you : go away at the foot of the cross of Jesus so that he has you as He wants, and do not come back to oppress me in my private parts, in my body and in my life, because in the Name of Jesus, you are defeated. You no longer have any power over me. Jesus saved me and gave me the victory over you. May the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of blessing and power, fall on me!

They will notice their improvement in their own condition on many points as well as the disappearance of links. Note also that the demon who controls the magic does not support the recitation of the Creed. I also thank you for having sent the Holy Spirit who gives me strength, guides me and sanctifies me. Purify me, O Jesus, by the living water that flowed from your Heart and envelop me in your holy light. Our Heavenly Father, please go back in time let the water that has washed me in my Baptism go back in time, through of my father and my mother generations, so that my whole family is purified of sin and Satan.

Humbly prostrated before You, O Father, I ask You forgiveness for myself, for my parents and my ancestors : for all invocations of occult powers that could have opposed them to You, and offended the honor of the name Jesus. In the Holy Name of Jesus and by the power of this name, I declare today that I put under the sovereignty of our Lord everythings that belongs to me, both material and spiritual and which was subject to the jurisdiction of Satan.

By the power of your Holy Spirit, show me, O Father, anyone who would need my forgiveness, as well as every sin that I would have not confess. Make me realize what displeased to You in my life, and make me know these breaches that could have given to Satan the possibility to enter. Holy Father, I give You all my unforgiveness. I give You all my sins. I give you all these pathways that have allowed Satan to get into my life. Be thanked for your forgiveness and your love. In the Holy Name of Jesus, I break, I shatter, I cancel every curse, betrayal, deviation and influence of evil spirits, misfortune, hereditary blockage known or unknown , any enchantment, spell, trap, lie, link, obstacle, prediction and evil desire so as any disorder or illness, regardless of their origin, including my own faults and sins.

In the Name of JESUS, I cut and I sever all possible links and their consequences with all astrologers, soothsayers, clairvoyants, mediums, sheiks, fake healers, palm readers, followers of new age and those who practice the occult or divination in : crystal ball, tea leaves, coffee funds, cards, tarot cards; and also all links to guid spirits, magicians, witches and all those engaged in any magics : Voodoo Macumba or others.

I reject and destroy all the consequences and implications that may come from participation in mediumistic or spiritist sessions, consultation of horoscopes, from the practice of dowsing pendulum , from automatic writing, and from any kind of recipes or occult preparations, and at last from any kind or form of superstition that does not honor Jesus Christ and does not give the glory due to Him.

Je vous salue Marie. I command you in the name of the One who defeated you and triumphed over you on the gibbet of the Cross and whose power you has bind you forever.

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We beseech you, Lord, visit this home, and chase far from it any snare of the enemy. May your holy angels dwell therein, keeping us in peace, and may your blessing be always with us. This prayer is particularly indicated when witches or bad people came to our house, when we have accepted from them talismans, when we have worn amulets or lucky, or when there has been in the house practices of spiritualism, dramas of blood or violence murder, suicide, blasphemies etc.

I put on the armor of God so that I may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. I stand fast with my loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate… In all circumstances, I hold faith as a shield, to quench all [the] flaming arrows of the evil one. And I take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Also abolish the influence of any lost or wandering soul who would be here, sos as of any messenger of the satanic power or any witches group, magicians or worshiper of Satan that can be present in a preternatural form.

I invoke the Blood of Jesus in the air, the fire, the wind, the earth and all its fruits, in the abyss and in hell. Lord Jesus, in your name, prevent enemies that I named communicate with each other. Not let them communicate with me, and do anything that has not been commanded in your Name. Lord Jesus, seal in your Blood : this place, all who are present, their families, their friends, their properties and resources. May Mary Immaculate me coat me with light, power and with the strength of her faith. Holy Father, I beseech you to give your angels and saints the order to help me.

I give thanks to Christ who is my wisdom, my righteousness, my holiness and my salvation. Et I trust to the ministry of the Holy Spirit so that He heals all my lineage. Shadow Fencer Wind. Snow Hare Gardens up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Shadow Knight Wind. Shadow Armsman Wind. Lightning Resurrection. Dust Soldier Earth. Dust Warrior Earth. Grudge Fighter Earth.

Grudge Knight Earth. Iron Giant Earth. Abyssan Buster Earth. Shadow Fencer Earth. Security: Titan Squad. Shadow Samurai Earth. Shadow Fighter Earth. Cold Front up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Guard Hound - Earth. La Valse. Dust Soldier Light. Dust Warrior Light. Grudge Fighter Light.

Grudge Knight Light.

Everything you need to know about sleep paralysis

Abyssan Buster Light. Shadow Paladin Light. Shadow Samurai Light. Shadow Knight Light. Guard Scorpion Mk. Eclipse Contact Eclipse Contact Returns! Fatal Calling. Invaders from Outer Space. Grudge Fighter Dark. Grudge Knight Dark. Abyssan Buster Dark. Shadow Fencer Dark. Shadow Fighter Dark. Shadow Armsman Dark. Dust Sorcerer Fire. Grudge Shaman Fire. Grudge Wizard Fire.

Abyssan Druid Fire. Security: Ashura Squad. Shadow Sorcerer Fire. Shadow Hermit Fire. Ghastly Hills up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Security: Kurohabaki Squad. Eclipse Contact Returns! Dust Sorcerer Water. Grudge Shaman Water. Grudge Wizard Water. Abyssan Druid Water. Shadow Sorcerer Water. Shadow Warlock Water.

Hoarfrost Way up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Locations with Shiva , Ifrit Boss fights. Sahagin Prince scroll. Locations with Famfrit Boss fights. Security: Mermaid Squad. Guard Hound - Water. Dust Sorcerer Wind. Grudge Shaman Wind. Grudge Wizard Wind. Abyssan Druid Wind. Shadow Adept Wind. Blanc Lake up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Shadow Hermit Wind. Shadow Wizard Wind. Security: Ramuh Squad. Faerie Lights scroll. Locations with Adrammelech Boss fights. Security: Manticore Squad. A Moment's Respite.

Cruel Sirocco. Dust Sorcerer Earth. Grudge Shaman Earth. Grudge Wizard Earth. Abyssan Druid Earth. Shadow Mage Earth. Avalanche Gorge up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Shadow Warlock Earth. Ultima, the High Seraph. Shadow Wizard Earth. Ultima, the High Seraph scroll. Legendary Hargon scroll. Locations with Hashmal Boss fights. Security: Ghost Ship Squad. The Gigantuar Initiative.

The Illusion Called "Hope". Occult Whispers. Dust Sorcerer Light. Grudge Shaman Light. Grudge Wizard Light. Story Digest: Chapters 4 to 6: Despair and Illusion. Abyssan Druid Light. Shadow Adept Light. Shadow Sorcerer Light. Shadow Hermit Light. Tamamonomae scroll. Security: Evil Eye Squad. Guard Hound - Light. Dust Sorcerer Dark. Grudge Shaman Dark. Grudge Wizard Dark. Abyssan Druid Dark.

Shadow Warlock Dark. Shadow Wizard Dark. Security: Acheron Squad. Grudge Ranger Fire. Grudge Assassin Fire. Abyssan Raider Fire. Shadow Scout Fire. Asphro Fields up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Shadow Hunter Fire. Shadow Thief Fire. Security: Mateus Squad. Dream Within a Dream. Grudge Ranger Water. Grudge Assassin Water. Abyssan Raider Water. Shadow Scout Water. Bianco Range up to three occurrences, without chance for material Recommended. Shadow Ranger Water. Shadow Thief Water. Oblitzerator: FFX scroll. Tidal Circus. Grudge Ranger Wind.

Grudge Assassin Wind. Icicle Crevasse without chance for material. If Simon can demonstrate that their traditions include widespread mastery of sexual magic, he could leverage that into cooperation between Yhilin and Zirantia as they help the Zirantians reclaim their ancient birthright. And what if the orc isn't the pharao's servant, but the pharao himself Maybe they ruled Ziranthia before.

And we already know that a dead orc can make a living and reasoning skeleton. A dead pharao skeleton or perhaps lich , perhaps infused with Simon's powers, can be a good idea. Maybe also he can master some mass command magic that helps to rule orcs armies. I did consider the possibility, but, if this is a pharaonic tomb with servants, my guess is that the pharaoh is located on the lower level. Simon can organize a cleverness contest between Wynn and Qum.

If Qum wins Wynn will be so disgusted that she will recognize the utility of dumb people. Honestly I doubt even Wynn is particularly committed to her "plan", it's just a nice fantasy to live by, she doesn't have the patients or desire to govern so it comes down to wishful thinking and being callous in her interactions with fools so bandits that come to attack her can expect no mercy, that sort of thing.

Simon already hit the nail on the head when he asked her how long she had been alone with her research, a decade of isolation has probably just made her a bit less reserved in expressing these wild fantasies of culling the ignorant. She has all this stuff she could do in theory and it might appeal to her, but at the same time she knows it'll never going to be that simple and the effort needed to make it work will make even trying pointless in her mind. Just going to throw it out there: Uyae is adorable. She's so passionate,sincere, and just Where did you find this one?

That being said, boy did some Not, as you might think, the whole isolating their troops and essentially That is actually an effective way of training a loyal military force, the Janissaries are a good example of this. What I'm talking about is what happened to Uyae after she couldn't control her heat.

That, based on what she said was done to her and the ways it made her feel afterwards as well as the asides from the twins, reads to me as she was essentially gangraped as punishment for not being able to 'control herself' as the twins would prefer. Plus, that would also fit with how they were having their proxies, the National Action Party, treat Simon. I imagine that they would lose face if it was discovered what they did to the girl. Not a lot, as they could easily explain it away, but it would definitely keep them from taking advantage of any weakness as the crazies get more so the People's Action Party that is.

If Simon supports them, I feel like he'd be paving the way for another Yhilin with the country so factionalized and divided that it would take the invasion he was contemplating in order to set things right. Wynn is basically the moral psychopath. She doesn't really get the whole "people" thing but still tries to do the right thing, it's just that "the right thing" doens't include following the philosophy wherein the greatest number of people are happy. Or it possibly actually does, just in the most draconian way possible idiots are causing more suffering than happiness so they should be removed.

So far it just seems that emotions to Wynn are what colors are to a blind person, you can tell them about it and they can understand, but they'll never really be able to see for themselves. Her devotion to Wendis can be misleading here but when you read her actual dialogue about it she is utterly and overly pragmatic about it. She lost something dear to her that she's not willing to lose, so she'll do whas she can to bring it back. All this actually closely follows a type of autism that I'll freely admit I might just be projecting though. And my thoughts are that if things change in the current situation that'd just lead to the Divine Claw taking control, as the New Unionist which we want to support simply don't have the clout to take control Simon himself mentions this several times.

The most positive scenario I can envision for the further destabilization of Zirantia is that the many factions trying to take control will render Zirantia utterly inert due to infighting. The People's Action Party and National Action Party both have enough leverage to take control and Trin taking over Yuanon hasn't had any time to take effect yet, and we don't really want either of them nor the Divine Claw to take control. Zirantia falling apart is the perfect preface for the Divine Claw to intervene and actually get "involved" with politics.

Thinking of Leonardo da Vinci that came from Vinci, maybe Qum D'Umpe came from Umpe a succubi town somewhere that we may visit one day. If the answer is the former, I see no problem in that but if is the latter that opens another question: Why? I have the feeling that if she was helped, it was with the goal to manipulate her. If that is true, it has to be related to the Divine Beings and the Tower, so I think that is pretty significant. Also the sword sounds a bit like a Shining Sword.

And seeing that the Chosen was distracted by So if Simon is right, who needs the Chosen's energy so bad, that once they can no longer complete the goals or whatever , they are discarded so swiftly? It's a bit amazing that so far in the game we know so little about them. I hope that we learn more about them at one point. Lostone2 wrote: So if Simon is right, who needs the Chosen's energy so bad, that once they can no longer complete the goals or whatever , they are discarded so swiftly? It could be about energy, but given the conversations leading to that event, I think the primary reason is to prevent enemies from studying the Chosen and learning much about the power behind them.

Fluid-decanter wrote: No idea about Ginasta, but the thought that she was given a Shining Sword is interesting. The thing is, if your hypothesis is right, why did they wait so much to kill him? As Simon orders to have him investigated and Robin acknowledges the order it pass quite a span of time until he is killed.

Maybe the process take some time Any speculations about Qum's research project and its likely effects? To me, "make everyone happy" sounds rather dystopian. MailleKerchief wrote: Any speculations about Qum's research project and its likely effects? My first thought is that it was some kind of new Skill for Qum, but seeing that it was just one time chance, that was shot rather quickly.

Now, I'm more inclined to think that it will give some boost to the Acceptance Hidden Stat or maybe will help you when you finally visit the IK's domains to rescue Riala hopefully it will happen soon. Yeah, while "make everyone happy" would normally set off a warning bell, Qum has been pretty reliable so far and tends to be rather insightful and capable even if she can't always explain herself clearly to others.

With that in mind, her comment back at the Gathering about Ginasta- "Cumdump confused - not power like Chosen, it was all explodey This gives me the impression that unlike the Chosen, who are basically conduits for some external source of power, Ginasta's power is a lot more internal, where she basically generates and releases her own magical power in large and forceful quantities. When the party beat her, she was basically exhausted and out of power and Simon had Robin attempt to "bind her in this weakened state".

The other thing that came to mind is after dealing with the elves, Robin and Orilise have a conversation about magic in Robin's room where Robin discusses the benefits of looping a spell to diffuse local energy and extend the spell's life. Putting that all together makes me wonder if when they locked down Ginasta in a weakened state she was still "on" and basically built up steam possibly through a loop or so and started putting out more and more energy than Robin's spells could diffuse, overloading the system in a magical explosion and allowing her to blast her way out using a sword made of magical energy to cut through the bars.

And since Ginasta spent a few months doing nothing but the magic version of resistance training unconsciously, if nothing else , she's going to be able to put out a lot more magical power the next time she clashes with Simon's group and maybe she'll get to take her second turn this time. I like to think of Ginasta as more of a magical force of nature like a tornado rather than anyone operating under the guidance of a higher power- she just wanders in and wrecks shit according to the limits of her abilities and understanding.

I like her as a relatively heroic and well-meaning obstacle and source of resistance to Simon's plans rather than someone who's being manipulated into going against him because that makes her harder to brush aside and means Simon has to prove himself to her and thus reassure both himself and the audience. I wonder if Ginasta could have extracted enough power from the Chosen just beside her to make a weapon and therefore making him dying fast. Yeah, it does sound dystopian and as Whismas said, would set of a major warning bell if it weren't Qum who's doing the project.

As for what the effect of it will be But I have a feeling that whether Qum was whored will play a part in what the end result is Since I can't remember if SL has publicly confirmed it before - here she says that TLS will not break the fourth wall, which reduces the possibility space for what exactly is going on with King Alonon. I think that Alonon discovered that the Divine beings were guiding him during the war, making him a great commander but when he discovered the truth, he realized that nothing was really his will and feels irrelevant.

I may have mentioned this before but Alonon is rather speciific about events during Simon's ascent, so he definitely realizes there's some greater puppetmaster s in the game, noting his immense magical awareness and power forcibly teleporting Simon out of the room it's entirely possible that Alonon himself carries something resembling a shard, which would also explain why he refuses to procreate- knowing your children will die while you don't age seems like a wholly unwelcome prospect. That said the main issue with that theory is that Alonon does't seem too burdened by lust, so while the power he has might be something comparable to a shard there's definitely something off about it.

Maybe it's the Soul Shard of another God, if the origin of the Shards is correct and they are indeed fragments of the Lustlord's soul, then it's possible that another God that died fragmented his souls into shards. If I remember right the dwarves said their earth Goddess had died, perhaps osmething along those lines? Due to a goof from my part in the Equipment page sorry AFU , I just discovered that the Aramite version of the Shining Armor can be used by some Party members and that is the intended behavior.

That's surprising to me, to be honest. My first idea is that the mentioned Armor could be useful for the Abbey target, with Simon impersonating a Chosen What do you think? Who be where is a good question. I will send Megail to vineyard just in case we can loot the place. Questions about the deep tunnels and what the captian wants done?

Is that going to be in the next update or was there no plans for us to be able to do either? Sierra Lee Those were red herrings to help the plot twist work. I'm not sure we'll go to either of those locations We might actually be back in Yhilin for What are those targets you guys are mentioning Abbey, Vineyard, Capital? I don't remember anything like that being mentioned in latest release. Did Sierra leave some info on one of the forums? Simon, Neranda and company discussed near the end of the chapter when they took out the map how to turn Arams army towards the Incubus Emperors domain, they discussed those locations as places suitable to sabotage in ways that would turn Arams attention that direction.

Chapter 3 final boss even. But now that somebody has kidnapped his succubus he may attack anybody that he feels guilty of that. If Simon's team can prove that Aram is guilty of the succubi abduction, and pass the information to Iris, the Arsehole Emperor may attack Aram first. This treaty breach will start the conter-attack on Aram Land and may result in a good blow on Arsehole Emperor Army. The blow taken by Aram may be enough to stop their belligerent envies.

The blow taken by the Arsehole Emperor may be enough to take back vinario kingdom and maybe some lost kingdoms, the next step being his core kingdom. Of course meanwhile Simon will have to counter Iris' plan with corruption seed but that's also a way to increase Simon inner power. Maybe Riala has convinced Iris to do this, or maybe Iris is sabotaging the arsehole emperor's war efforts and is planning a military coup against him. She was given all the powers by the Arsehole Emperor during the transition scene. I feel that the deed if you got it will come into play during the war, there is also the concern of how far will the corruption seeds go because there is only one of simon, it will all depend if this a full scale invasion or a contained conflict.

I don't think iris is sabotaging his plan it's just like she said during yarra route that she gave up hope in something better and just trying to make it work in the Emperor's land, also she probably wants to get revenge to what happened to the Succubus that got stolen and tortured because she cares for them the most. I wouldn't buy Iris planning a military coup against the Emperor. Plan F might inclue widespread launches of Seeds Of Corruption, though. I feel that the High priestess in Aram are making a chosen army for their own personal use due to all the political clout going on in Aram and their conflicting fractions could also be why there is problems at the abby.

Are the aramite style Shining Armors just "fake" Shining Armors though? Since the real thing can only presumably be equiped by the Chosen and you don't have a Chosen on hand, so you don't really know, if they are. And if they are fake, what does that mean? Do they want a "fake" Chosen army? Since a literal Chosen army would kinda be scary to an Incubus Kings, no?

That's at least, what the game implies at the beginning. Would make sense, since as we found out, they planned just to show force, not actually fight Yhilin cos you know, Chosen are kinda weak fighters. Like peasants unable to fight in the first place? But the armors are quite expensive just for show. OK, this theory doesn't make much sense, gonna post it anyway No, it's decent. If Aram plans to mass produce those fools IK could suffer a serious setback. Well they basically have bonus dmg against sexual magic users, but are also weak to sexual magic My problem with my theory is, why the fuck waste 2k market price on that Shining Armor, when you can for 2k buy Steel Armor that's kinda better and you don't have to bother with developing it, because it already exists.

Because even if it was for an actual Chosen army, as we know from the start of the game, the Chosen can use their powers regardless of equipment they wear. Unless the Shining Armor is the byproduct of the transformation process of "making Chosen" lets just say, that even their equipment would "convert" or change , but then if it's just a byproduct, why would you sell it for so much, when you know it's so bad compared to Steel Armor, the original Shining Armor is objectively worse , not to mention at least the original version can only be equipped by Chosen All I'm saying is, based on what we know so far, it makes no sense or I can't make any sense of it.

Especialy if the armor bearer is lust immune this can be a bad surprise to the attacker. That's why I don't really think it makes much sense. Because, while you can argue the cheaper Aram Shining Armor is a bit better than Iron Armor, you can also argue it's worse statswise. Yes, it doesn't shine or whatever, so what? Where is the benefit in that? I mean you can take the saved up money and buy actual soldiers, that don't suck in combat.

Or more soldiers. Or you can make Steel Armor that looks quite a bit better statswise for 1k more than the Shining Armor. I simply see no actual benefit in buying that Shining Armor for your army. And while the game implies an army of Chosen would be effective against an IK, honestly, I have seen no proof of that whatsoever. Chosen didn't pop up until after the war, let's say aram high priestess has figured a way to contain the stupid chosens in grinding on rats or maybe monsters instead of rushing into death because if you can guide the chosen they get exp like crazy then you might have over powered chosen with powerful attacks against IK troops along with let say with fake troops in a big army, or course we don't know if the armor they are buying is for fake ones because if you remember the chosen in the beginning could be equip with other armor.

Also their chosen might be different in personality because during Ardford we met a unique chosen so far that wasn't stupid but a young man who actually thought and had a decent personality wonder if he will show up again , and they might have a different breed of chosen because it's odd how they usually act and talk the same like they have a production area of them somewhere. Now you got to remember it's not the actually aram but the high priestess that are ordering this armor in aram. Anyway wanted to throw this out there. First thing first. Are you certain they didn't have at least a few Chosen during the first war?

I thought they did. Was it mentioned somewhere how or when they started to show? I guess if it was, I don't remember, that's why I'm asking. You are actually on point, that's the one thing that would make this whole strategy viable! Now the question is, can they actually last that long, because the Chosen Simon got captured died on his own, right.

Was it because their lifes are "timed" or their bodies simply go through a drastic transformation that means they die eventually in that case getting an army of Chosen would pretty much be impossible. But we don't know that. So if that is not the case, you are certainly correct Bladestormx in the fact that you just need to keep them somewhere safe grinding a few easy fights and they can become monstrous warriors at least level wise, so I guess that counts, right?

Though with the mentality of most of them But then again, perhaps in Aram they figured out a way to make them more reasonable Well suddenly, this strategy makes at least some sense! I believe it was mentioned sometime when they showed up, I ll play the game over again and find the exact point. We got to understand that the chosen didn't die until we decided to examine his power it is a possibility that someone or something took the power that he was given back. I mean it is almost certain to me that Ivala has nothing to do with the Chosen heresy I know , so obviously whoever is behind it doesn't want to get revealed, but that doesn't change the fact that their lives MIGHT be timed I don't really believe that either, but you can't ignore things just because they seem inconvenient.

I played the game from the beginning somewhat recently, so I don't plan on doing so anytime soon, so it would be nice if you updated the Chosen section of Religion page with whatever you find so more people could find it in case they forget. I'm fairly sure Chosen didn't start appearing until after the war, but I can't remember how I came to believe that.

Probably from a line during the meeting between Simon, Janine, Sarai, and Riala. When Simon starts self-flagellating, Sarai says something along the lines of "That's not true. After the war, before we had any Chosen, you threw the Incubus King out of Zirantia". Or maybe it is Ivala, but Ivala is the being that the other two called Zelica, or just a being that is held captive, and thus forced to give her power to idiots called the Chosen.

I don't think it's too unrealistic to believe it's not Ivala or at least not voluntarily her who gives the Chosen their power. Also, Simon was with most of the Chosen since after the war. It's reasonable to believe if their lives were timed, Simon would witness them dying like that, at least one over what at least ten years of serving the Church and those brats. Also, realized maybe the High Priestess doesn't need the Chosen as warriors. It might be a move to show political superiority by dressing up normal soldiers in Shining Armor to show she has the backing of Ivala?

As it is Aram was more interested in war with Yilhin than with Arsehole of Arclent. If they were making an army, it was for infighting or against Yilhin, and for the latter normal soldiers do. Oh, if that is what Sarai says, it would indeed indicate, that there were no Chosen at least as far as Sarai is aware of. Does that mean no Chosen at all though?

Or just on Arclent? What if Aram already had a bunch, that's how they got so many IF they have many. What about the fallen Chosen in Rodak? When did that happen? Also, their lives be timed could mean they die in like a year or a few months an example. You do realize no Chosen Simon had lasted longer than a few weeks, right?

And I doubt they waited long before going straight after him. For the guy above me, Simon could do Chosen strike because he mimicked the exact strike that the Chosen with him did. I mean basically it is a hit with a sword blessed with a bit of a divine magic. There are many divine magic users, unless your theory is all of them are directly connected to a god? Lamsey is right, we also know how chosen are made because at the beginning it says church of Ivala has a divine channel making humans into chosen warriors.

Wendis was a theoretical divine mage, she was interested in the functions of divine magic not the religion itself but yes she didn't believe or worship any of the gods. TLS clearly blurs the boundaries of atheism. Simon and Wendis acknowledge the existence fo deities who have divine powers that manifest themselves on the world of TLS, but they do not worship them. I think you have misunderstood Wendis's theories.

She believed that divine power manifested from the worshippers, not that deities or anything confusable for deities exist independently of those worshippers' active casting of divine magic. Wendis definitely did not believe in gods, and neither did Simon. I'm pretty sure Simon said something to Yarra about how Ivala's power definitely exists but if she is the goddess she is is debateable, right after the killin the new Chosen, in Feroholm. The closest conversation to this that I remember is the conversation with the nun at Stineford's Academy, in which Simon says "The Church's magic is real.

So is the Incubus King's. The rest is all stories.

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  • It's not the same as saying Ivala's magic is real. It doesn't attribute it to a being. That's actually the one I don't know why I was thinking Yarra, maybe bc the conversation they have with a nun inside the Feroholm church , but I'm hesistant to think that Simon discredits the existence of a diety, just believes it is better not to invest faith in a incomprehensible being.

    Clearly both him and even Sarai believe most of the religion is suitably applied propaganda with maybe a sliver of truth to them. Simon never believed there were gods what he said is this, "Growing up I could never believe in things like gods. I wasn't sure how to explain the Church's power, but I assumed there was a non-divine answer. Huh, well enough. I remember that actually, I guess I was just unconsciously omitting information to fit my view. But well enough. If we're on the subject of theology, does anybody else feel there's a divine explanation to Qum's aptitude to magic?

    I would like to sort of get a grasp of how everyone is feeling about a real end game for Simon and the story's conclusion. Robin Reveal: We know at this point prior to entering Aram that none of the harem members have discovered Robin and Simon's little secret. The big question is, how will this be revealed to them? Much the same way they have, up until this point, said that she has no shadows binding her.

    That kind of ending is just out of the question. Too many women already in the harem, none of whom would be down for that, and Janine is kind of old and also a target for assassination. Esthera and Simon: Their battle will end with Simon, quite literally, screwing her to death. Since the shards clash and they respect each other already and she has acknowledged him, I do not foresee a slugfest between them, but rather a battle between their shards for the consolidation of their soul fragments in preparation for the final battle.

    This was seen during the succubus hunt and her confrontation with the AoA and also the conversation about her age and lifespan during the regroup after the split. I believe she will shield Simon and the others from what would have been a fatal blow, and, much like Wendis, have the flesh torn from her bones. Conclusion: Simon brings peace to the world by consolidating all the soul fragments, and becomes the new Lustlord.

    He therefore will have climbed descended the tower, which those who can see clearly the nature of the world, often describe Corrupted elf, King Alanon. While his harem persists and prays to him for guidance, he and the spirit of Yarra live out the rest of eternity, where he is eventually joined by the rest of the harem upon their deaths. As for Iris, I'm not sure what she'll do during the war.

    On one hand she care for fellow IK sucubi and sabotaging IK or assisting Simon would help their situation. On the other, she seems loyal. I think she might fight for IK until his end and only after that Simon will recruit her. As for the ending, I'm kinda hoping for something like Utawarerumono.

    Simon uses his powers to make the world a better place but it corrupts him and turns him into a monster. Harem and other allies kills him and then continues his work on their own. I kinda It'd upset too many players to counterbalance whatever it might contribute to the story.

    Janine isn't old. She's a young woman with naturally grey hair. Much like Aka is a young woman with naturally white hair, as is joked about in the Uyae conversation in the tomb. Iris is loyal to her people, but she sees AoA as an inevitable part of their lot - she says "Rebellions have been tried before, you know. He just fucks them into submission and everything gets worse. So she'd only turn traitor when she was convinced that IK had no tricks up his sleeve that could possibly save him. If he's truly conquered our formidable Riala, that may take a lot of convincing. As for the ending, I think it's given away in the title.

    Guide: Best Farming Location

    Whether he means it or not, Simon becomes the only remaining Incubus King, and in fact the only king of any kind, ruling all the world directly or through agents. As sole head of the world's power structure, who won't die or be overthrown, he becomes Also I think anyone who hits affection is probably getting immortality too. There've been hints. Thank you all for the info on Janine, I never bothered looking her up, and the way she spoke it always made her seem so old, always talking about how her late husband left her a long time ago and such.

    Scol I can't invision Simon becoming a monster as an ending. I believe at some point he will have a part of a chapter dedicated to learning more about his powers at a deeper level. As part of that, much like varia or altina, we will be given a choice, after a fierce internal struggle, to either reshape his soul or "cockwhore" his soul making him embrace the darkness. This will likely be due to the absorption of the first major soul fragment he takes up.

    Fluid I can see what you mean about the affection, but see it as unlikely. Assuming a similar system is in place for the other shard bearers, do members of their harems not die if they have reached a similar affection level with their IK? And also, this raises some serious questions as to the nature of the soul fragments, which the characters themselves have asked, I believe Yarra, about whose soul those fragments belonged to, if indeed they all share a common origin.

    This person would have had all these abiltiies, and more, amplified to the max, including immortality for himself and harem members. This person's soul was fragmented, meaning the world must have come together against a common enemy, so what is there to stop that cycle from repeating? VisionController wrote: Thank you all for the info on Janine, I never bothered looking her up, and the way she spoke it always made her seem so old, always talking about how her late husband left her a long time ago and such. Neither, actually.

    I suspect no such system is in place. Immortality may become possible for the others after Simon allows his mages to deeply examine his soul and do experiments, making himself vulnerable in a way no other Incubus King ever would.