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We even train our children to fear, and this started years ago.

That was the era I was raised in, and today little kids have to walk through metal detectors when they go to school. Fear is now embedded in our society. The terrorists are getting what they want, or so they may think. If we all learn to live in fear, they have won. If we instead live with some caution and leave the suffering behind, we will win. The same is true for your personal life. The things that scare you must be faced head-on, and you have to remind yourself that you do have this inner strength that has performed miracles in the past and is ready and willing to do it again.

You just need to control your own mood a little better by reminding yourself that you have gotten through much worse and you will survive this current situation as well. Make the choice that you are going to enjoy life and live it to the fullest even though there may be something that is ready to pull you down.

Ten Ways to Live Free From Fear

This is true for all of us. Our worries are always there when we stop to look at them.


Barton Goldsmith, Ph. Throughout their lives, HSPs must look for coping tools.

7 Ways to Live Without Fear

Communication is the most important element in any relationship. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Psychology of Creativity. Gender Segregation at Work. Barton Goldsmith Ph. Follow me on Twitter.

How to Stop Living in Fear – Prevent Your Panic

Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Living Through Fear and Anxiety The world has gotten scary. It makes you fee like you should constantly be looking over your shoulder, waiting for something bad to happen. When your life is being controlled by something you can't see, you begin to question whether life is worth living. Fear brings out the worst in us; we revert back to our comfort zone and become insecure in who we are and our current surroundings.

It makes us feel weak and feel like every new opportunity, experience or adventure is a threat in disguise. Living in fear limits our ability to achieve something great in our lives. We are constantly questioning our every move, every decision and every choice we make in our lives, worrying that we are going to fail miserably. I see living in fear as constantly looking over your shoulder; always waiting for something bad to happen.

It's like you can't accept anything good in your life without expecting something horrible to happen, and that's no way to live life at all. I don't want to live my live in fear, but sometimes it can be difficult suppressing your thoughts when there is so much danger that occurs in the world.

Fear can destroy anything in its path; it roams like a fire and if you can't control it, it can consume you.

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This is why I'm thankful that I have a loving God in my life because without Him, fear would continue to control my life. It's normal to get scared, be afraid or be fearful.

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  5. Its just part of human nature and something everyone experiences. What's not normal is questioning everything that exists and looking at the glass half-empty.

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    God has the ability to make me feel safe and secure because I know that I am in His arms and that He will never let go. Even in my loneliest and darkest hours, where I feel so vulnerable and weak, He still holds me close. I know that I can share all my anxiety and fears with Him and that He will take care of all my problems.

    His love is greater than any love I have ever known and his perfect love casts out all fear. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!