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Almost every blissful married man or a woman will tell you this — happiness is being married to your best friend. And studies confirm it.

My Mom Is Getting Married To My Best Friend. Yikes!

The benefits of marriage multiply when your spouse is also your best friend. So, why is it that having the best friend and your spouse all wrapped up in one person makes your life so joyful?


Here are some insights. People are creatures who feel the need for profound relationships. So, for those who married their best friends, it is truly like having all-in-one when it comes to their emotional needs. The best thing about marrying your best friend is how incredibly relaxed you get to feel with your wife. You can be yourself and never think twice about any of your flaws.

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You know she will never abandon you. Best friends know each other and accept every aspect of their friend, which is sometimes entirely opposite in marriages. What I mean is this — a friend will call you out if you overstep the line.

I Married my Best Friend

I knew that we would talk long before noon the next day, which was part of our routine. I have a great posse of girlfriends and decided to bring some of them in on my dilemma. My dearest pal is my college roommate, who lives in Los Angeles and has known Mike since the time I met him. I told her I had a secret that she needed to keep — blood oath, as we always jokingly referred to our confidences — and that I wanted her advice on a matter of the heart.

What could be better than dating your best friend, she replied without an ounce of hesitation?

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My second sounding board, a famous television presenter, was equally enthusiastic. If you are even considering making this move, she argued, you must be ready. Once I had decided to go out with Mike, there were the simple superficial concerns any woman might have. How could I possibly lose 10lb in the next week, before undressing in front of a man I adored for the first time? My sleepless nights of worrying about the decision to date Mike brought on the dark circles under my eyes. And should I invest in new lingerie? I credit my former roommate — married to a man she met when we were at college — for the wisest suggestion.

I found a picture of us from that first autumn in — my brown hair, mini-skirt and youthful long legs alongside Mike in his bell-bottom jeans. For several months, we had been meeting for breakfast every week at a local coffee shop. On a Monday morning about a week after Mike first broached the idea, I told him — over coffee and toast — that I was delighted to accept his offer of a date.

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Some of my friends were curious about whether sparks had ever flown between us throughout all the years together. But they had not. He was a newlywed when we met and I was awash in young gentleman scholars at a time when the law school gender split was pretty extreme. I was one of a dozen women in a class of students and I think only a handful of them were married.

That idea never occurred to me. He has a great sense of humour and a razor-sharp edge, so whenever Mike criticised my hairstyle or nail varnish or clothing choice over the years, I never thought there was the slightest frisson or hint of sexual tension.

10 'If We're Not Married By...' Pacts That Actually Panned Out

I just thought it was his direct nature and cutting tongue, not a sort of flirtation. This feeling was new. We made a plan for dinner on Friday evening. He told his adult children that we had made a date, and they were most gracious about the idea.

What happens when your best friend is getting married | Wedding Ideas magazine

This is going to be the best day EVER. The day is officially here! Back come the desperate thoughts of joining Tinder or circling engagement rings in magazines for your boyfriend to see around the house — she just looks so beautiful and happy! Then the post-wedding and honeymoon sadness kicks in, but for you, not her. You find yourself waiting on Facebook and Instagram for any sign of a honeymoon status or photo so you can like it immediately! Of course you will! Cocktails are in order!

How silly were you to think a boy would ever get in the way of you two?