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La Plaza from Le Magnifique. Tatiana from Le Magnifique. Who Are You?

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Full Speed from Qui. Last Judgment from The Awakening. Old New Orleans from Louisiane. Dixieland from Louisiane. Graphic Title from Race for the Bomb. Joliot-Curie from Race for the Bomb. Szilard-Teller and the Japaneses from Race for the Bomb. California from California Suite. Love Theme from California Suite. Mona from La Gitane. Dalton's Musical from La Balade des Daltons. Main Theme 1 from " Borsalino " I'm a Poor Lonesome Cowboy Theme Valentin 4 from " Les Brigades du Tigre " Concerto pour piano, tueurs et orchestre from " Le Magnifique " Who Are You Full Speed from " Qui " Theme 11 from " Flic Story " Main Title 12 from " Trois Hommes a Abattre " Last Judgement 15 from " The Awakening " Old New Orleans Louisiana Waltz Dixieland from " Louisiane " Graphic Title Joliot Curie California Love Theme from " California Suite " Caramba Main Title Mona from " La Gitane " Dalton's Musical 27 from " La Ballade des Dalton " General Music THEME Kinda sad tbh, working overtime as hell prolly, fighting the ppl you should protect not going into who started what now and suffering from the same problems as many of these protestors The sound from that pocket trumpet is good enough for my purposes.

I need the ID especially if its cheap. Get a p-trumpet instead. Better quality, way cheaper, lower maintenance costs, and available in bright colors if you so wish. On one end it's comedy gold. On the other I feel bad for well intentioned police not tripping on their power or jaded by the job. No human should have that role but someone needs to do it.

Don't forget, if it wasn't for Obi Wan, Luke was about to be a pilot for the empire. Because he was bored. Let's be real, a lot of young men join the military having no clue what they are supporting or what they're getting themselves into. Yeah, and the death star was like Also cafeteria workers. Those had to be there right? One moment you're making space mashed potatoes and another you're stardust. I think you've got it wrong. If there were no rebels we wouldnt need any of our brave heroes in white to protect the galaxy from terrorists.

Most of the initial force was clones who were involved in a high level government coup and by the time storm troopers became a thing it was less a hostile take over and more a change of hands in who ran the galactic government. By the time of rebels and stormtroopers storm trooper was just another job, no different than any other soldier in any other universe. People loose respect for the cops when they aren't punished for the wrong doing they do most notably the illegal use of flashball. Almost all cops come from medium and lower wages families, no rich class kid is going to pursue that career.

Cops protect the interests of the ruling class, look at the response times on neighborhoods with different wealth. Agree, we need some way to protect us from crime, but the way police is now used and overseed is wrong. Basically, we need a complete redesign of what should be the duties and structures of the police force. This kind of "police" is used right now against the people, not to protect them. They even got a raised of euros to keep doing it. If anyone should feel bad it's those who give the orders.

I'm French, I'm not conservative. But these yellow vest protests are completely out of hand. Vandalizing the arc de triomph and over half of all speed cameras in the country? What the fuck are they thinking? Are they really so upset about changes made to the speed limit that it results in this? They don't even know what they're protesting for at this point.

Bunch of opportunists. It's absolutely disgraceful. They really know what they are protesting for. You might disagree with their demands but saying that is dishonest. The two main points are :. Citizens Initiative Referendum RIC : basically the possibility to call for a referendum if a big enough part of the population agrees on it. This could be use to add a new legislation or to remove someone from office. Pleading for fiscal justice and social fairness : reinstating the tax on wealth, more tax thresholds edit : to clarify they want to add more tax brackets.

We currently have 5, and they want up to 14 brackets so it's more progressive , raising minimum wage, more contribution from big corporations, fighting tax evasion, less VAT on first necessity products, etc. This is why Macron popularity is now more or less equal to his first round voters. Because of all his little sentences. And because of the scandals around him. The Benalla affair, one of his aid that was caught on video hitting demonstrators in the streets while impersonating a police officer.

Yeah, the body language of the second last cop to walk by looked totally defeated. Reminded me of George Micheal. I'm a Bot bleep bloop Contact Info Donate. That second to the last guy looks so dejected. Can almost see his brain working. I remember when I guy was blasting the imperial march as Westminster MPs who came up to Glasgow to sway the independence vote.

The novel was filmed again, as Quick Change , with Bill Murray starring and co-directing. Plot Dressed as a clown, the clever rascal Grimm holds up the most secure bank of Montreal and takes 30 hostages. While confusing and ridiculing the police with his strange behavior, he calmly manages to rid the bank of a fortune. But then an unsatisfied companion arouses trouble It is a remake of the American war film Kelly's Heroes[3].

Plot In French Tunisia, during the Second World War, a convoy of the French Foreign Legion is charged to recover gold bars of six billion francs from a bank in El Ksour in order to bring them into a safe place for the French government. On 4 April , a contingent of the Foreign Legion enters the seemingly abandoned and partially destroyed town of El Ksour.

Unbeknownst to them, a German platoon holds the town and ambushes the FFL convoy - killing most of them. Only five legionnaires survive the attack and take refuge in a hotel in ruins. At night, legionnaire Borzik heads out with Adjudant Mahuzard Michel Constantin to recover arms and ammunition. But Borzik is killed.

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Le Solitaire is a French crime film directed and partly written by Jacques Deray. They are toying with the idea to quit police service in order to run a hotel on the Antilles. Single father Lecache has already asked his son Christian about it. But at the very evening when Lecache tells Jalard that his son approves of their plan, Lecache is murdered by the professional killer Charly Schneider. Jalard changes his mind. He dedicates his life all the more to police work.

After two more years he has been promoted but he had no chance to get Schneider yet because Schneider disappeared. Eventually Schneider returns to France and commits crimes. Moreover, he threatens Jalard on the phone and later devastates his flat. He even sends somebody to shoot Jalard and his godson Christian in the street. Jalard identifies Schneider's new accomplices and puts them under pressure. Step by step he closes in on him until he c. When she arrives it is not the same woman in the photo, but he marries her anyway.

They became acquainted through the personals colum. He began his career as a stand-up comedian in Paris before guest starring in comedic television programmes and films. Dujardin garnered international fame and widespread acclaim with his performance of George Valentin in the award-winning silent movie The Artist. The film is based on a book of the same title by Georges Darien. The film had 1,, admissions in France. Plot In the opening scene, Georges Randal, the thief of the title, breaks into a big house and begins to steal the valuable objects on display.

A series of flashbacks with occasional reversions to the present then narrates the story of Randal's life. An orphan, he is raised by his uncle along with his cousin Charlotte, who grows into an attractive young woman with whom he falls in love. When Georges reaches twenty-one. Le Magnifique is a slapstick spoof of B-series espionage movies and novels.

Christine Jacqueline Bisset is a sociology student who lives in Merlin's building and is interested in the novels, but in the writer's imagination she becomes Tatiana, his paramour, while the pompous and rich publisher of his novels, Pierre Charron Vittorio Caprioli , doubles as the great villain of the spy novels, the Albanian secret services head Karpov, who in a memorable scene of. He was known as the Emperor of Marseille. He attended school there and was a hard-working pupil. When Carbone was 12 his father died and he left school to support his mother and two younger brothers.

He took any job that he could find to bring money into the family. Much of the mon. It tells the story of Abel Davos Ventura , a French mobster who tries to make his way from Italy through Marseille to Paris, hunted by the police, and Eric Stark Belmondo , who turns out to be the only person willing to help Davos. Now widely considered a masterpiece, at the time of its release it was somewhat overshadowed by the French New Wave. It did however influence the French cinema, especially Jean-Pierre Melville's work.

Plot French gangster Abel Davos, having been tried in absentia and sentenced to death, flees to Italy with his wife and their two children. After a successful holdup in Milan with an accomplice Raymond, they try to re-enter France by boat, but while landing at a deserted cove. Plot The swindler Alexander Dupre Jean-Paul Belmondo is released from prison ahead of schedule for good behavior, and immediately rushes to make up for lost time during his incarceration.

Posing as an Indian prince, he goes on a cruise ship with the jet set, during which he meets with dazzling beauty Pamela George Eagleton Mirella D'Angelo , a rich lady, the wife of a diamond mines owner, who has ended up in a difficult financial situation. As an honorable man the "Prince" could not refuse to offer his assistance to the lady in need and agrees to buy her diamonds.

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After paying in fake bills, Alexander prepares to remove the stones from the frame and discovers that they are also fakes. The couple leaves together from the ship. Sophie was supposed to seduce him, and. The 71st annual Cannes Film Festival was held from 8 to 19 May It is the second time the festival poster was inspired by Godard's film after his film Contempt at the festival.

According to festival's official statement, the poster is inspired by and paid tribute to the work of French photographer Georges Pierre. Retrieved 28 August Le Parisien. Retrieved 24 July Schneider, PE 7 May New York Times. Barry, Joseph 21 June Le Film Guide. Archived from the original on 15 August Retrieved 12 September Grenier, Cynthia 15 May Thompson, Howard 25 February Thompson, Howard 5 August Archer, Eugene 6 June Box Office Story.

Clifford, Terry 5 June Chicago Tribune. Blume, Mary 17 April Los Angeles Times. Box Office story. Riding, Alan 14 March Retrieved 14 March Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, Volume It Happened Last Night. Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Belmondo topic Belmondo is a surname. Plot Michel Jean-Paul Belmondo is a youthful dangerous criminal who models himself on the film persona o Folders related to Breathless film : French black-and-white films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Self-reflexive films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain French crime films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

The night before they go, Cesira sleeps with Giovanni, a coal dealer in her neighbourhood, who agrees to look after her store in her abse Folders related to Two Women: Films set in Lazio Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films set in Rome Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fish described in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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Laura Antonelli topic Laura Antonelli 28 November — 22 June was an Italian film actress, who appeared in 45 films between and She moved to Rome, where she became a secondary-school gym teacher and was abl Folders related to Laura Antonelli: 20th-century Italian actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Italian Roman Catholics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Cardiovascular disease deaths in Italy Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

After a long, unfair trial, during which Beaumont is injected with drugs, he is sentenc Folders related to The Professional film : films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films scored by Ennio Morricone Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Screenplays by Jacques Audiard Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Following Marianne into her apartment and finding a corpse, Ferdinand soon discovers that Mar Folders related to Pierrot le Fou: Postmodern films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films based on American novels Revolvy Brain revolvybrain French avant-garde and experimental films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

After 1,5 months pass the guards can Folders related to Ho! Jean-Paul topic Jean-Paul is a French given name. The alpagueur is a trick made up by a state employee to be above the cop's rout Folders related to L'Alpagueur: films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s crime thriller films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s action films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Ursula Andress topic Ursula Andress born 19 March is a Swiss film and television actress, former model and sex symbol, who has appeared in American, British and Italian films. She went to school in Berne until she was 16 and Folders related to Ursula Andress: Actresses of German descent Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 21st-century Swiss actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 20th-century Swiss actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Gary claimed that Seberg "became psychotic" after the media reported a false story Folders related to Jean Seberg: Missing person cases in France Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American expatriate actresses in France Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Actresses from Iowa Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Mike's luck begins to improve as he gets offered a high salary to do the stunt Folders related to Animal film : Screenplays by Michel Audiard Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films about stunt performers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films directed by Claude Zidi Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Rappeneau's film version is the most elaborate film version of the play Folders related to Jean-Paul Rappeneau: French male screenwriters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Male screenwriters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain People from Auxerre Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Stavisky topic Stavisky Firs Folders related to Hold-Up film : French crime comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Canadian crime comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s crime comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Step by step he closes in on him until he c Folders related to Le Solitaire: Films directed by Jacques Deray Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s crime thriller films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain French crime films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. They became acquainted through the personals colum Folders related to Mississippi Mermaid: French neo-noir films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films based on works by Cornell Woolrich Revolvy Brain revolvybrain films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Christine Jacqueline Bisset is a sociology student who lives in Merlin's building and is interested in the novels, but in the writer's imagination she becomes Tatiana, his paramour, while the pompous and rich publisher of his novels, Pierre Charron Vittorio Caprioli , doubles as the great villain of the spy novels, the Albanian secret services head Karpov, who in a memorable scene of Folders related to Le Magnifique: French parody films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Screenplays by Jean-Paul Rappeneau Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s spy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

After a successful holdup in Milan with an accomplice Raymond, they try to re-enter France by boat, but while landing at a deserted cove Folders related to Classe Tous Risques: s domestic films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s buddy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films scored by Georges Delerue Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Sophie was supposed to seduce him, and Folders related to Le Guignolo: Comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Italian crime comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain French crime comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Revolvy Site Map.

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